Bird Bike Review: What Can I Say About This E-Bike?


Popal Mobility Group (PMG), which recently joined Bird as a distributor, is going to take its relationship with the up-and-coming e-bike brand seriously. PMG claims that Bird’s electric bicycles are built for thrilling rides and offer excellent handling and performance.

For instance, these urban e-bikes have a 250W Bafang rear-wheel motor with five support positions, as well as other safety features. The Bird Bike will be sold by PMG for € 1999 at retail. The marketing specialist of PMG, Miriam Cirkel, adds that “The Bird Bike is full of creativity.” There is a Bafang engine in the back wheel, a recessed display on the handlebar’s stem, illumination built into the tube, and In App controls accessible through the Bird app on a mobile device.

The information and experience they have gained with the electric scooters are used in this software, which was specifically created for the Bird Bike. Because of this, the app is simple to use and is thought to be a useful addition to Bird’s e-bikes. Circle adds that PMG is creating a dealer network for Bird Bike and that interested dealers may register. “Consumers also receive updates for the bicycle via the app, the possibilities are unlimited,” says Circle.

Brand NameBird BirdBike
Frame Material‎Aluminum
Suspension Type‎Rear, Front
Special Feature‎Lightweight, Aluminum Frame, Electric
Included Components‎E Bike Accessory Kit, Electric Bike, Charger
Brake Style‎Disc
Style‎Man Design
Model Name‎Man Design

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Bird Bike: Design and Build Quality

A or V versions of the Bird Bike’s replaceable 346Wh battery are available with an aluminum frame. As the display and LED lighting are also a part of the frame, integration is a fundamental feature of this e-bike. The illumination is waterproof to IP65+ standards. International Protection is indicated by the IP in an IP rating. This technique identifies the level of protection offered by LED lighting or other things. The IP ratings show how well the LED lighting resists the entry of items, water, and dust. 65 denotes that the illumination is impervious to spray and dust.

The user can get data like speed, distance, and battery status through the integrated, crisp LCD screen. Bluetooth can be used to connect to the Bird app. The rider can review the trip statistics as well as turn on or off the alert and lighting.

I couldn’t wait to put Bird’s promises to the test after learning that Bird Bike has been meticulously engineered by the company’s in-house team of aerospace, automotive, and micro-mobility engineers for a smooth and powerful ride.

Each bike’s frame is built of aluminum alloy, and it comes with front and back mudguards as well as front and rear LED safety lights. The bikes weigh about 23.4 kg and come in a variety of very attractive colors.

What I found most pleasing about the aesthetics of the designs is how well Bird has incorporated their ideas into a new, fashionable e-bike aimed at consumers.

The sleek and streamlined form of the Bird Bike draws attention. Even in complete darkness, you are always visible thanks to the integrated front and back lights. The bike is “vandal-proof” since the electronics are neatly hidden in the sturdy steel tubes. The bike may readily take a beating in this manner. Deep dark blue and jet black are two elegant color options for the Bird Bike. The bicycle bell being hidden in the brake grip is another lovely touch. Another subtle concealment of the welds on the frame is pretty unusual for an e-bike.

The Bird Bike has 28-inch wheels and only 22 kilos of weight. The bike is incredibly appealing for commuting in the city because of its large tires. The A frame and V frame are the two frame styles offered for the Bird Bike. Do you measure 1.65 meters or less? Consequently, the electric bike is too large for you. The bicycle will be too tiny for you if you are taller than 2 meters. A third size or special size for smaller people, in our opinion, would be a welcome addition.

Bird Bike: Motor and Driving

I had the perfect assistance for climbing the hills in the Kent countryside thanks to the strong 36V 250W Bafang rear hub motor and the gear shifters (Shimano Tourney 7 Speed & RapidFire Plus Shift). However, there was one particularly steep hill that both the bike and my leg power struggled to get me up, but to be fair, it was toward the end of my ride, so my legs and battery were still relatively fresh.

At this point, though, I did realize how much I wished the bike had a drink holder and a bell to alert others that I was approaching. I’m sure you can add these in as optional extras, but for the price of the bike I would have expected both to be included as standard.

I won’t go into detail about how fast I was going when coming down the hill, but I’m delighted the Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes did their job! The clever built-in display clearly displays you your speed, distance, and battery life.

To be quite honest with you, I am not the most enthusiastic cyclist, but on lazy, hazy Sunday afternoons, I do enjoy taking a ride out on the rural roads, much to the displeasure of many drivers out there. I also admit that I detest cycling up steep slopes since I always appear to be about to fall into a neighboring ditch.

Therefore, the thought of riding an e-bike with the intention of zipping me uphill in twice as little time sounded exceptionally very enticing to me.

The Bird Electric Hybrid Bike boasts best-in-class safety features, including a fully integrated backlit handlebar dash display, to capture the joy of the ride and deliver premium performance.

I really enjoyed how the BirdBike’s speed sensor instantly engaged when you started pedaling, turning the motor on smoothly. The shifting of gears up and down the gears was quite smooth.

So the electric Bird Bike will be ideal for your daily use, whether you want one for your commute, leisurely riding, or anything in between.

Bird Bike: Battery and Range

The Bird Bike’s 346Wh detachable battery catches your eye right away. Because you don’t need to bring the entire bike with you to charge the battery, this is incredibly convenient. The battery is removed, brought inside, and charged there. The battery removal process does require some caution. It takes a little getting used to at first.

With an e-bike, Bird claims that you can travel 60 to 100 kilometers on a full battery. It’s beneficial that they give this margin of error because your actual success with an e-bike depends greatly on the situation. For the Bird Bike review, we traveled roughly 90 km through North Holland in a light breeze. In our opinion, it’s a remarkable distance. Note that the engine essentially shuts off at 7 or 8 percent battery. Then, just like on a regular bicycle, you have to peddle an increasing amount yourself.

The average number of miles I was able to cover on each of my trips while in ECO mode was about 60, although the actual distance traveled will vary depending on the rider, any additional luggage weight, the power mode setting, and riding technique.

Bird Bike: Conclusions

The design of the Bird Bike and VanMoof differs significantly. The specifications don’t differ significantly. One distinction is that the VanMoof lacks gears while the Bird Bike has them. The displays also differ from one another. If you ask us, the Bird Bike display is much prettier. It is sleek and fashionable and fitted into the steering wheel. In contrast, VanMoof has a prism screen with tiny dots that is harder to read in the sunlight. VanMoof, in contrast to the Bird Bike, does include an integrated lock. Therefore, it is about minute details and variations. According to us, it’s a personal preference.

Everything an electric bike should have is there in the Bird Bike. modern design, a powerful engine, and gears. The unique feature of the Bird Bike is its built-in, sunlight-readable display. With a VanMoof, the variances in specs are quite minor. The Bird Bike is an impressive addition to the e-bike market despite small improvements. We love it! Would you like to try out the Bird Bike for yourself?

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  1. I already texted you about the one you have on sale for $1,000 $9.99 with a 500 watt motor I have a few questions do you still have it on sale and I have questions about other things it was on the internet but now it’s gone help me

  2. Do not buy the Bird Bike. My bike got rained on when driving to go out on vacation. Let it dry out for a day or more. Battery stopped working after 10 minutes of riding. Company won’t warranty their product cause it they sold it to a third party for them to resell. Sketchy business practices. Do not waste your on this, It likely won’t last longer than a year. If you already bought it, return it or make sure water never touches it. I’m going to have to take the battery apart and try to replace the cells.


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