Babymaker 2 Review: The Second Generation of E-Bike!


Single-speed road bikes, or fixies, have gained a lot of popularity recently. The FLX Babymaker 2 transforms the flat-bar road cycle into an e-bike. Or, to put it another way, it takes time and gets better. In our FLX Babymaker 2 review, we’ll examine the how and why.

A 350W Aikema brushless, geared hub motor and a 360Wh Samsung battery power the FLX Babymaker 2. In terms of absolute numbers, the motor and battery are indeed quite modest. But while a motor’s power is absolute, how much work it can accomplish depends on how much mass it is moving. A 350W motor can suddenly provide fantastic acceleration and sustained speed if an e-weight bike’s is cut in half, say to 35 lbs. from 70 lbs., and we’re delighted to announce that the Babymaker 2 has both in spades.

The FLX Babymaker 2’s ride experience is its main draw. The sporty handling, covert appearance, and spirited acceleration of this fixie-styled e-bike are its tradeoffs.

But how does this all work out for a biker using the roads? Explore the main portion of our FLX Babymaker 2 review below to learn more.

BATTERYSamsung Lithium Ion (36V / 10AH)
RANGE20-70 Miles (mileage will vary due to rider conditions)
MOTOR350W Aikema Geared Rear Hub
DISPLAY FEATURES5 Assist Modes, Speed, Battery Life (5 Bars), Average Speed, Max Speed
TOTAL WEIGHT35 lbs (15.84 kg)
BATTERY WEIGHT2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
RATED WEIGHT CAPACITY275 lbs (124.74 kg)
FRAME6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
ACCESSORY MOUNTSSeat Tube Bottle Cage Mounts, Rear Rack Bolt Holes

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Babymaker 2: Design and Build Quality

The simplicity of this e-bike is one of its main advantages. Its lack of derailleurs reduces weight, and using a Gates belt drive reduces weight even further. Additionally, the belt drive never wears out and needs no lubrication. As a result, there won’t be any black markings on hands, legs, or clothing, saving money on replacement costs.

Despite not having fenders, a rear rack, or lights when it is shipped, the FLX Babymaker 2 is compatible with those attachments thanks to mounts on the fork, dropouts, and seatstays. FLX is able to save costs and keep the Babymaker 2 within the $2000 mark by leaving them off.

Riders have a wonderful experience on flat-bar road bikes like the FLX Babymaker 2, which we are now examining. The FLX Babymaker 2 concentrates on the thrilling feel of an e-bike with the heritage of a racing bike thanks to its quick-handling demeanor. The Babymaker has been redesigned with a bigger battery for longer range.

Who is this bike for, then? It is fundamentally a fixie, so anyone who appreciates using some leg (albeit at more fun speeds thanks to the motor). E-bikes, however, have the advantage of casting a wide net. Anyone can utilize the Babymaker 2 if they want to do more than just move about. This bike is supposed to be sporty, which accounts for its rapid handling and concealed battery, but it has other capabilities as well. It’s fantastic for commuting, having fun on the weekends, running errands, and more.

Babymaker 2: Motor and Driving

Using a 350W Aikema brushless, geared hub motor, the FLX Babymaker 2 operates. Once more, while it may appear modest in comparison to some other e-bikes we’ve evaluated, the fact that this bike weighs only 35 lbs means that a smaller motor doesn’t negatively affect it. Similar to this, a 360Wh battery—Samsung or not—would force many bikes to remain in their area and refrain from exploring the city.

Many bikes would find it challenging to accelerate once they have a gear large enough to propel them above 20 mph and a hub motor, but the FLX Babymaker 2 has one of the better cadence sensors we have come across; the cadence sensor engages the motor after just a quarter turn of the pedals.

Our circuit test demonstrated that the motor often only assists in PAS 1 and 2 up hills and off the starting line. However, PAS 3, 4, and 5 saw increases in aid that were evenly spaced apart, allowing for more assistance and faster speeds. Despite being marketed as a Class 3 e-bike, in practice assistance stops around 22 mph; some riders may feel a little more muscle if they are going downhill.

It’s also important to note that the brake levers lack a motor cutoff switch. We frequently fault that omission, but in this e-bike, it’s helpful. This is due to the fact that the simplest method to ride this e-bike at low speeds—say let’s below 10 mph—is to brake while pedaling. By applying the brakes, a rider may maintain their low speed for however long is necessary, and as long as they pedal, the engine will remain powered up. Once the rider releases the brakes, the rider can rapidly regain top speed.

Although there are e-bikes with sharper acceleration, the FLX Babymaker 2 balances the size of the engine and battery with reasonably quick-rolling tires, making for an exciting but not frightful ride.

On our infamous,.3-mile-long hill known as Hell Hole, we did not run a throttle test because the FLX Babymaker 2 is a throttle-free Class 3 e-bike. It’s simple to imagine that an e-bike won’t have much power because its motor is “only” 350W, however this is a mistake. How incorrect such a presumption can be is demonstrated by this e-bike.

The FLX Babymaker 2 flew up Hell Hole in in 67 seconds at an average speed of 16.2 mph during its PAS 5 climb. As though riding a fixie, our tester who conducted the hill evaluation did approach the hill while out of the saddle.

In order to find out what this would be like if I didn’t feel like standing, I went up Hell Hole. The motor gave me the best assistance it could, but the bike had some difficulty climbing the hill.

That finest exemplifies a general rule about single-speed bikes: they work well in areas with gentle slopes rather than steep ones like San Francisco. In comparison, it’s a superb hill-climber if you’re riding it in line with the bike’s style.

Even though the FLX Babymaker 2 has a top speed of 28 mph and is a Class 3 e-bike, riders will still feel the need for strong brakes. The 180mm rotors and Magura hydraulic disc brakes do an excellent job of controlling the Babymaker 2. When someone experiences the acceleration of this item for the first time, that sense of control may be helpful.

In our brake test, the FLX Babymaker 2 came to a respectable stop in 18 feet, 1 inch. We value brakes that offer broad modulation and a light touch, and these Magura brakes performed admirably.

The FLX Babymaker 2’s nimble handling and temperament are not merely a result of the frame geometry. The bike feels nimble thanks in part to the tires’ tiny 28mm width and extremely firm aluminum fork.

The FLX Babymaker 2 isn’t the most comfortable bike to ride when all of these characteristics and the aluminum frame are taken into account. Imagine it as a sports car’s rigid suspension. It’s challenging to create a bike that combines the comfort of a cruiser with the racing bike’s lightning-fast characteristics. They are essentially opposite attributes.

Now, a word about the saddle: Most of the saddles we see on e-bikes are spacious, padded, and generally comfy. The FLX Babymaker 2’s saddle is typical of the saddles we see on fixies: a racing saddle with less cushioning than a startup’s budget. The key here is to purchase proper biking shorts—not just stretchy Lycra shorts, but ones with the pad sewed into the shorts—for long-term comfort on the Babymaker 2. The padding should be placed directly beneath the rider’s caboose, as this is where it should be.

Although the FLX Babymaker 2 comes in two sizes, which usually thrills us, it would have been lovely to have even more options. The problem is that the top tube and seat tube, which determine a bike’s size, are rather long on this type of bicycle. The Small/Medium is unlikely to be suitable for anyone less than, say, 5-feet-7 or so, whereas the Large/XL is likely to fit many taller guys. That’s primarily attributable to the top tube’s 31-inch step-over height, which is present even on the smaller frame.

The FLX Babymaker 2’s tiny display is one of the few things we have to say about it. The display is situated out towards the grip, and the further away it is from the stem, the more difficult it is to read. Compounding that is the fact that almost nothing else can be read while riding aside from the present pace.

Babymaker 2: Battery and Range

Prior to discussing the range of this e-bike, it is important to note that the battery’s concealment and the rear hub’s size make the bike appealing in general. Is it necessary to conceal the battery? Of course not, but it does give the appearance of being stealthy.

Our test rider completed 45.2 miles in PAS 2 in 3:32, with an average speed of 12.8 mph. In PAS 5, the FLX Babymaker 2 traveled 21.5 miles in 1:23, an average speed of 15.5 miles per hour.

What kind of bike would this be if FLX hadn’t decided to conceal the battery? is a reasonable inquiry. Would the extra range that comes with a larger battery that is merely integrated be beneficial to the bike? The bike’s agility, which is one of its best qualities, would probably be diminished.

Babymaker 2: Conclusions

What conclusion can we draw from this review of Babymaker 2? It is possible to create an e-bike that honors the fixie ethos thanks to the hub motor and the hidden battery. We adored this bike’s agility and rapid acceleration. Additionally, we were grateful that hydraulic disc brakes were chosen over rim calipers because this is an e-bike rather than a true fixie. With e-bikes, you want to be ready for anything, and hydraulic brakes’ better braking power is a benefit.

A powertrain with a Gates Belt Drive requires almost no maintenance and won’t ever become dirty that they were able to do this while keeping the bike’s weight at only 35 pounds. 

FLX provides a “touring” kit that includes fenders, lights, a rear rack, a bottle cage, and even a mini-tool for anyone looking to combine exhilarating performance with the convenience of commuting. This makes appeal more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

This bike is designed for the road with tires that are 28mm wide. This bike is designed for cycling in metropolitan areas.

This e-advertising bike’s is targeted towards younger adult audiences, thus it might not first be appealing to everyone who might otherwise like the design. This e-bike, however, can’t help but amaze anyone searching for a quick-handling bike that’s excellent for pedaling and traversing a city if they look past the bike’s moniker and focus on its actual performance. An e-bike like this wasn’t even conceivable ten years ago, and it is so advanced that our team asks, “With e-bikes this good, why wouldn’t you consider about getting one?” This is a victory of technology and ingenuity.

Our testers found the FLX Babymaker 2 review model to be really popular because it can make any ride thrilling. Would you like to purchase one? You may order one and have it delivered right to your door by clicking the button above.

Happy riding! Please let us know in the comments area if you have any queries or if you feel that we have missed anything in our evaluation of the FLX Babymaker 2.

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  1. I have the Babymaker II and have ridden it as a commuter over 1000 miles. The review is pretty much spot on. For the mileage test, it would be helpful to know the size of the rider, the terrain, and the remaining battery. I’m 195 lbs. With properly inflated tires, I get 33 miles on PAS4 over a course with mild inclines and declines. Starting with five bars on the battery indicator, I’m down to two at mile 33. You might get another five or six miles but are risking an analog ride at that point.
    The article is well written, that is, until you get to the line that begins, “this makes appeal more accessible….” The editor and proofreader appear to have left the chat at that point.


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