December 4, 2023
Kakuka K70 Review: Minimalist Urban E-Bike!

Hey it’s me, Martijn and this stylus electric city bicycle is the Kakuka K70 and looks, if you ask me completely ordinary, that look is achieved by the hidden battery in the frame and tossed without any visible cables or display mounted on the steering wheel. This electric bicycle has it almost all, an integrated display, a carbon belt instead of a metal chain, amazing looks and so much more. In this article review I will share what to expect of the Kakuka K70.


The new Kakuka K70 ebike is an elegant and sporty electric bike that was specifically created for urban daily commuting. If you want to get around the city in style and you don’t like to blend in, you should definitely give it some thought.

Brake LeversAluminum alloy comfort grip levers with motor cutoff switch
FrameAluminum alloy
SaddleRacing Saddle
DisplayIntegrated digital LCD display with USB charging
TireCST 700C*32C
MotorRear XOFO motor 250W, 50N.m
RangeUp to 40 miles
Net Weight39.6 lbs / 18.0 kg
IP RatingIP rating 54
BatteryLithium Battery 36V 7.5AH
Pedal Assist0-5 Levels

Video Review of Kakuka K70

Kakuka K70: Design and Build Quality

The new Kakuka K70 2022 e-bike uses cutting-edge, high-tech solutions, such as an integrated electric system and a carbon belt transmission.

These options enable you to obtain a stylish, light electric bike that is enhanced by a contemporary “retro” design.

When compared to the Kakuka K70’s typical chain drive, the wheel is noticeably quieter. There are five different driving modes that can be selected using two easy buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. The display is of the LCD type and embedded in the frame, and it is worth mentioning that the electric motor only alerts the rider when cranking the pedals becomes too difficult, so there are no gears or warnings. Of course, you can set this mode exactly according to your own preferences.

There are no mud guards pre-installed or in the box, but there is a hole to attach one later yourself. Speaking of the box, if you want to pick one up, a link will be available in the article subscription to the manufacturer’s website now once you get your bike. The braking distance is rather 6 meters at full speed, which is primarily due to the fact that the millimeter mechanical disc brakes are pretty standard and the tires are relatively slim.

Using the given tools, I quickly installed the front wheel. In summary, I can say that the Kakuka K70 is a very nice and stylish electric bicycle that is also enjoyable to ride. It’s also comfortable to ride because the saddle has enough cushion to ride longer distances, which is also easily possible thanks to the sufficient battery. Installing the steering wheel was also completed in a matter of minutes. Last but not least are the pedals and of course the seat post.

The K70’s frame is made of lightweight, high-quality aluminum, and as a result, the entire bike weighs less than 18 kg.

The wheelset features high-profile, nimble 700C rims that mix looks and functionality. Semi-slick tires on the wheels complete the vehicle’s quickness and responsiveness on the road.

Mechanical disc brakes with a Power Off sensor, which stops the engine’s assistance when a lever’s pressure is sensed, are used for braking. The disc system guarantees secure braking in any weather.

There are a few things worth mentioning that you have to take into consideration or would have been nice to have, such as an app for more detailed information regarding, for example, your battery status or the possibility to track your bike. It is undoubtedly a city bike with a nice horseshoe kickstand and no suspension, but some more bumpy roads are not a problem at all.

The 32C section CST rubber slick tires are mounted on the 700C wheels. For a long life, these tires provide a high level of smoothness and a high level of abrasion resistance. To improve visibility on the road in low light, the sidewall of the tires is reflective.

It has almost all the bells and whistles except for a rear light, which is required in many EU countries so keep that in mind. The tires are 27.6 inches wide. There are also no unnecessary buttons and switches on the handlebar, making the overall picture pleasingly clean. On the right side, there is one more button, but it allows you to turn on or off the throttle, making your ride even safer so you don’t rotate the throttle handle by accident.

Let’s now look at each component that has been selected for this contemporary urban ebike.

The hydro formed tube and high-quality weld finish on the aluminum frame help to further purify and elevate it. There are two color options available for the Kakuka K70: a Black frame or a Silver frame.

The mechanical disc brakes are fine in case it ever gets stolen, but at this price point, I think they should have chosen hydraulic brakes. Even though the range is adequate, a replaceable battery makes the bike more future-proof, and because it’s well integrated into the frame, I would have expected to see an official ip rating. With all of that in mind, I don’t see these as drawbacks; rather, I see them as a fantastic business opportunity that Kakuka has by developing this product.

Finally, parking is simple because of the useful, sturdy, and steady central stand. A set of reflectors and a white (external battery-powered) front light round out the apparatus.

Kakuka K70: Motor and Range

The Kakuka K70 is propelled by a brushless rear motor built into the hub; the manufacturer used a 250W, 36 Volt XOFO motor. The engine produces a remarkable amount of torque for the class, with a peak output of 50 Nm. Thanks to a contemporary speed sensor that precisely controls the power delivery to the wheel, efficiency and power are achieved.

I was able to travel about 35 kilometers in purely electric mode, but the distance you can travel will also depend on your weight, the weather, and the road conditions. It uses a 7.5 m power one and is efficient enough for you to achieve up to about 55 kilometers of range with a fully charged battery. Its 250 watt motor is concealed in the back wheel hub; astonishingly, it has an out-of-the-box top speed of 32 kilometers per hour.

With 50 newton meters of torque, the motor generates sufficient power to accelerate you swiftly. The belt drive is what distinguishes the cooker K70 from other products of its kind. The old-fashioned chain drive has been replaced with a super-strong carbon strap, so you no longer have to worry about oily pants or any type of maintenance, thanks to the belt drive.

The traditional hand crank accelerator, which enables you to switch on the full electric mode, is located on the left side of the handlebar. For a vintage aesthetic, the handlebars are embellished with faux leather grips with visible stitching. The Black model combines a classic saddle with brown colored grips.

For use in nations with different rules, the speed can be unlocked, and in this case, it quickly approaches and exceeds 30 km/h while unlocked.

The manufacturer claims that the Kakuka K70 is equipped to handle maximum slopes at an angle of 20 degrees, as we can see from the tech sheet. An outstanding outcome for an urban ebike.

The 36V and 7.5AH lithium battery has a total capacity of 270 Wh; according to the manufacturer, the range with a single charge ranges from approximately 30 to 70 kilometers depending on use. Of course, these parameters fluctuate depending on a wide range of variables, such as the cyclist’s weight, the type of surface, the slope, etc.

Although it is built into the frame, the battery can be taken out and replaced. This is a simple procedure, but it is left out when replacing the battery pack, which is offered as a spare.

The battery charger that comes with the bike must be plugged directly to the charging 

Kakuka K70: Conclusions

This is the end of the article, I hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe if you have any questions drop them down below because I would love to help you out. Thank you for reading and see you in the next one. If you want to own a bike that has even more city bike looks or maybe this typical dutch city bike look then continue on by reading this article over here.


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