Eahora Azaria Review: Full Suspension Folding E-bike 2022!


Since 2019, Eahora, formerly known as Energy ahora, has produced e-bikes under this brand name. Over the years, Eahora has created a number of dual suspension folding electric bike models with the industry-standard in-frame battery. The Eahora Azaria, on the other hand, boosts speed and range in this market by combining a high-powered seat post battery with a 750 Watts rear hub motor.


The Eahora Azarias and Eahora Azaria are two of their newest models, and what makes them so exciting is Eahora’s attempt to create a full suspension folding e-bike with a seat post battery.

The battery is built into the seat post, there are no visible cables other than on the front handlebars, the bike folds up safely, and the torque-sensing mechanism provides smooth support. I heartily recommend the Azaria if you’re searching for an e-bike for commuting around town.

MOTOR 750W Brushless Hub Motor
BATTERY 48V 18AH / Lithium Battery with 3A charger
RANGE 45-55miles (E-bike) | 90-100miles (PAS)
PEDAL ASSIST 5 levels of PAS, Walk Assist and Cruise control
MAX SPEED 28 mph
FRAME 18 inch aluminum alloy folding frame
GEARS Shimano 7 Speed, 7-speed cassette
RIMS 20-inch Mag rims
TIRESCST 20″ ×3″
WEIGHT 56 lbs
FOLDING SIZE 34″ x 15.5″ x 27.5″

Video Review of Eahora Azaria

Eahora Azaria: Design and Build Quality 

The Eahora Azaria arrived in a big flat box rather than fully folded, unlike other folding e-bikes I’ve tested.

The front stem was folded down along the right front of the bike, the frame was stretched, and both wheels were fastened.

Assembly was necessary for the pedals and fenders, with the fenders taking me a little longer than anticipated due to the small nuts and some awkward hand acrobatics needed to fasten the mounting brackets for the fenders.

As e-bike riders’ needs have changed over time, folding e-bikes with suspension options have become very popular. Even with a bouncy suspension seat post and underinflated fat tires, trails and off-road e-biking can be taxing on a rider’s physique. The upgrading to a suspension seat post is no longer an option because the seat post in your ebike doubles as your battery. By giving the Azarias a front suspension fork with an optional lock out and a rear suspension with a HLT-100 rear shock absorber, Eahora met the rider’s needs for suspension.

The CST 20 x 3 inch tires from Eahora Azaria are the best fit for this folding e-bike. For some riders, four-inch fat tires can make the bike scary since they stand out so much on city streets. Although 3-inch tires are a great compromise for both street and trail riders, sales of fat tires have dominated the industry for the past few years.

Since the seat post doubles as the bike’s battery, the seat was also out of place. Cables are not necessary, however, to connect the battery seat post to the bicycle. The battery seat post is simply inserted into the frame’s slot at the back, and the clamp is then locked into place. We’ll talk more about this really creative design below, but the opening is intended to connect the battery to the bike’s electronics.

The Eahora Azarias full suspension folder weighs an astounding 25.4 kg even when equipped with all of its capabilities. Lighter is always preferable for folding e-bikes, and at 25.4 kg, the Azarias will be a little more simpler to maneuver and pedal in higher gears.

You must first enter the unlock code on the tiny keypad hidden beneath a cover below the tail light in order to start the bike. It takes some practice to get the technique down, and if you turn the bike on and off frequently, this step could grow tiresome. The bike demands that you follow the method exactly; else, nothing will get done.

The same unlocking procedure must be used to remove the seat post, with the unlock button – the bottom left key on the keypad – being pressed as the final step. Because of this technology, it is impossible to remove the battery and start the bike without the security code. Although it won’t stop theft, the fact that the thief can only ride the bike in manual mode may deter them from doing so.

Eahora Azaria: Motor and Driving

The handlebar cockpit of the Eahora Azarias features a center-mounted display that houses the usual information. On the right side, next to the gear shifter that manages the 7-speed Shimano gearing, is where the thumb throttle can be found.

Mechanical brakes with 160 mm rotors are used. Although this will offer adequate braking, switching to hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors will significantly increase the stopping power for a 750 Watts motor capable of 28 mph.

The majority of the bikes I’ve tested in recent years had a throttle and pedal assist. The Eahora Azaria doesn’t have a throttle, but it does have a seven-speed Shimano shifter to assist you climb hills. It offers the smoothest assist of any bike I’ve ridden so far thanks to the fantastic algorithms Fiido provides with the torque sensor. You don’t jump off the line, but you can feel the aid gradually begin to work to improve your riding. It was a delight to ride the bike, and the shifter functioned perfectly to assist with slopes.

750W rear hub motor is included with the Azarias. As previously mentioned, the 18 Ah batteries are connected to the rear hub motor, which Eahora claims is whisper quiet and can be unlocked to reach speeds of 28 mph. 

The abbreviation E-PAS stands for Eahora Power Assist System. According to the Eahora team, E-PAS is a “patented technology” that, when used, optimizes the motor and precisely controls the controller to achieve high motor efficiency and therefore prevent excessive power loss. The battery life and cruising range of the electric bike can both be increased by preventing excessive power loss.

The highly reliable hydraulic disc brakes stopped on a dime. Although the handlebar grips are comfortable, an ergonomic pad would be useful for riders who spend a lot of time on the bike. The seat is quite simple, but since I’m accustomed to riding bikes, it didn’t bother me in the least. If you desire a saddle that is more comfortable, you may always replace it.

The trails and highways I was riding on were well-lit by the front light, which is tastefully fitted into the frame. The bike was well-illuminated by the rear light, which was mounted above the keypad and was also very bright. The pedals, wheels, and tires are all expertly made and function without a hitch.

Eahora Azaria: Battery and Range

The seat post houses two 48V lithium batteries with an amazing 18 Ah capacity, which can power the bike for more than 70 kilometers.

Additionally, Eahora went above and beyond by integrating a 3A charge, which is 50% faster than the typical 2A chargers.

The battery has an assistance range of up to 80.7 miles. On concrete and gravel roads, the battery lasted roughly 70 miles according to my testing, although I am also close to the bike’s maximum weight load. However, the lights are inoperative in this mode. I also tested it without any assist, and I found it to be a terrific bike.

Eahora Azaria: Conclusions

Folding bikes should deliver a dependable riding experience in town while folding up compactly for convenient storage and travel. Folding bikes are not built for off-road riding and tackling the toughest hills and obstacles with suspension, wide seats, or prolonged ride comfort. The Eahora excels in these areas and also resembles a bike that costs twice as much. Even when the bike is folded, a powerful magnet system on the left side of the wheels keeps it together.

The allure of folding e-bikes with seat post batteries is that they resemble conventional folding bikes more often than not. The Azarias, though this isn’t always the case, does a fantastic job of combining specs from some of the most popular bikes.

When it comes to features, performance, portability, and cost right now, the Azarias foldable bike checks all the boxes. We are interested to see how this folder performs in an industry that is now dominated by a few very sizable firms. We’re eager to see what they improve for version 2.0 when it does succeed in selling successfully.

With free shipping, the Eahora Azarias Full Suspension Folding E-Bike is presently available for just $1299. Both the low step model Azaria and the Eahora Azaria are up for pre-order. 


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