Hiboy Titan Pro Review: This E-Scooter Will Surprise You!


Hiboy has made the decision to step up the competition by launching a completely new line of high-performing, long-range electric scooters. Variants of the new TITAN electric scooter range include the Titan and Titan Pro. This year, there will likely be a significant increase in the demand for high-performance electric scooters, with Titan Pro predicted to be among the best-selling models. With a suggested retail price of $1,299, this electric scooter is comparable to the Varla Eagle One and Apollo Explore models.

The Hiboy Titan Pro electric scooter has a lot going for it, including a strong motor, quick acceleration, and a big battery. The suspension of this strong scooter, which enables the Titan to become an urban warrior and conqueror, is what I liked best about it. Since Titan Pro is designed for durability, no crack, pothole, or bump will be able to derail it.

The dual 2400 W (1200 W x 2) brushless DC motors in the Titan Pro are able to propel the vehicle up to 30 mph. This is a lot of fun to ride, especially in urban areas. Anti-skid tires on 10-inch wheels provide excellent traction on both flat and off-road surfaces.

But what I appreciated the most was that this incredible, action-packed ride costs only $1,299, which is far cheaper than similar rival models.

Suggested Users‎Unisex-adult
Motor Power1200W x 2(Dual Motor)
Braking SystemDual Braking System
Maximum Range40 miles
Maximum Speed32 mph
Tires10 inch Anti-Skid Tire
Dimension47.2 x 25.1 x 46.4 inch
Unit Weight61.7 lbs

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Hiboy Titan Pro: Design and Build Quality

The tough electric scooter Titan Pro has a forged aluminum frame. It is difficult to carry because of its weight of about 62 lbs. It feels sturdy and well-made under your feet.

The scooter’s small size and ability to fold up make it easier to store or carry in confined spaces. A metal catch is used in the folding mechanism to enable quick folding and unfolding.

An excellent electric scooter for concrete surfaces and urban jungles is the Hiboy Titan. However, the Hiboy Titan Pro is an inch or two higher off the ground than your typical electric scooter, unlike earlier models like the S2 Lite, which is why it can handle light grass and loose debris. This model can manage the rough roads in our main cities but is not suitable for mud, all-terrain rides through the forest, or downhill racing!

For bigger riders and those who live in mountainous cities and are searching for a more potent long-range scooter, the Hiboy Titan Pro e-scooter model is both quick, agile, and supportive. The very last thing we want is for your weekend journey to be cut short by a dead battery on your e-scooter. The Titan and Titan Pro models can fix all of your problems, though!

We really adore a handful of the additional components that come with this electric scooter. This e-scooter is elevated higher off the ground for better clearance than any of the previous models and is comparable to the Nanrobot D6+ model. Being foldable, it makes for the ideal summer road trip gadget that you can pack up and carry with you.

The Titan Pro can climb hills and navigate tough terrain, while being primarily a scooter designed for city travel. Most city scooters couldn’t do these things. If you wish to ride faster for added stability, it has a wide, spacious deck for you to spread your feet out on and a platform for your back foot.

Large 10-inch air-filled tires and springs are used on the front and back wheels of the Hiboy Titan Pro. The comfort and confidence that this scooter delivers are only enhanced by these features. Avoid huge potholes with those spring shocks, which provide sufficient bike suspension and perform admirably on both pavement and trails. This is a scooter, not a tank, after all.

Hiboy Titan Pro: Motor and Driving

A lot more than a straightforward commuter scooter, the Titan Pro electric scooter is. It outpaces the majority of commuter models now on the market with a top speed of 30 mph. Even in off-road situations, you may ride with the same ease as in metropolitan areas.

Titan Pro offers a wonderful balance between speed and power on the one hand and comfort and ease of use on the other, despite or perhaps precisely because it isn’t the quickest scooter available. However, in an urban setting, a top speed of 30 mph is more than you’ll likely ever need. At these speeds, I can run the streets without endangering my safety while keeping up with the flow of traffic.

Three power levels on the Hiboy Titan Pro might help you control your speed until you get the hang of it. Additionally, by pressing the single/dual motor button, you can choose the single motor mode. But because it is so simple to grasp and nothing but a twin motor is sufficiently fulfilling, I simply utilized this option to see how it functions. Of course, single motor mode is the best option if you want a longer battery life, but performance and speed will suffer.

This strong brushless hub motor produces a massive 2400 Watts (x the 800W regular models) and high torque as a result, giving larger riders power and speed. The Titan Pro motor is particularly suited for people who live in hillier locations because it has outstanding climbing ability.

The Hiboy Titan Pro is superb on tiny streets to beat the morning traffic and boasts an enormous top speed (flat and dry circumstances assumed). Its power also foreshadows its great hill climbing prowess. Particularly for consumers in remote areas or calmer communities. Never be hesitant to turn the throttle and feel the boost!

The Pro edition’s top speed is only 5 mph slower than that of the basic Titan model. A top speed of 25 mph is more than sufficient to beat rush hour and avoid commuter traffic. Remember to always wear a helmet while riding and be careful!

For the average user, the Hiboy Titan regular edition is a fantastic electric scooter. Stable and safe riding even at 15-20 mph because it was designed for commuting. It’s a great electric scooter model all around, with a payload capacity of 220 lbs. and the ability to climb hills with a 20% slope.

Hiboy Titan Pro: Battery and Range 

Although a considerable amount of battery, the 48 V and 12.5 Ah lithium-ion battery is not the biggest one available. The biggest concern is how long you can ride the Titan Pro on a single charge. What matters is the terrain, riding technique, speed, and motor usage. As I previously mentioned, the battery lasts longer if you select single motor mode. Additionally, riding on flat ground depletes the battery much more gradually than riding on hills, etc.

Longer battery life is provided by reasonable riding techniques. My idea of a reasonable riding style is to travel at a speed of about 20 mph while avoiding steep inclines. This model can climb hills up to 40 degrees, however in this situation, the battery quickly depletes and the top speed drops to 10 mph or less.

Titan Pro’s maximum declared range when the battery is fully charged is 40 miles. However, keep in mind that this is the advertised maximum range under ideal circumstances, which include use of a single motor across level, smooth terrain. My maximum range is between 20 and 25 miles because I don’t drive a single motor vehicle and I want to go fast. It exceeds my expectations, and I’m pleasantly surprised. Of course, I’d get less range if I drove at full speed all the time (don’t worry, you won’t be doing that very frequently).

Additionally, you must recharge the battery for nine hours after it runs out of power.

Hiboy Titan Pro: Conclusions

The Hiboy Titan Pro has some fantastic features including a 30 mph top speed, two 2400 W motors, and disc brakes, and it feels like a well-made, reliable, and simple to use electric scooter.

The Titan Pro model is ideal for commuters, students, and riders on longer routes or looking to push through hills on their weekend rides because it has some performance tweaks and a bit more boost behind your ride. This new model is unquestionably more resistant to wear and tear, rocky terrain, and light debris thanks to some significant changes to the scooter’s architecture and the sensation of the ride.

The Titan and Titan Pro models’ performance reviews allow us to compare how well each model may suit a particular consumer. All models come with premium customer support and free, quick shipping.

Although it is not the greatest electric scooter on the market, Titan Pro has more features than other rival models that are considerably more expensive. All you can hope for is a smooth ride on 10-inch tires with complete suspension. doesn’t provide any outlandish or extremely sophisticated features, but it is well-made and has competitive specs.

Another option if you want to save money is the $899 Hiboy Titan electric scooter. It belongs to Hiboy’s Titan line of electric scooters, although this model only has an 800 W motor.

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  1. I have a Hiboy Titan pro , I’ve had one problem after another with this scooter and I only have. 20.0 total miles on it . The first one I received was DOA. Took them a month to replace it . The replacement was a used scooter it was obvious because. I also have the Titan which was nice folded up smelled new when it arrived the pro looked scratched and tires were already worn down . They did send a replacement both tires have gone flat and no scooter shop will work in it . Only 20 mikes miles the company has been closed for two weeks for their holiday . Finally yesterday they reach out saying I need the tires replaced with no explanation why . So now I have to wait for replacement tires they are sending . The tires went flat when I was out and had to walk 2 mile home . So this scooter has been a real problem for me . And although customer Service does try to help they are slow to respond Simple messages takes days to be answered


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