Himiway Big Dog Review: 20-Inch Fat Tire Cargo E-Bike!


The Himiway Big Dog E-Bike is designed to be your cargo-carrying partner while you cruise around the neighborhood and the city. This Class 2 ebike can transport kids, groceries, or whatever else you need for your on-the-go lifestyle thanks to its ultra-wide rear rack and strong 750W motor. The Big Dog, which costs $1,999, is a fantastic option for a city-to-country commuter and multifunctional bike. 

One fantastic option for a vehicle has to be an electric bike, more especially, the Himiway Big Dog. With this robust all-terrain cargo e-bike, you can effortlessly slog through sand and snow as well as climb any hill. The Big Dog is a fantastic choice if you want a powerful cargo e-bike that is inexpensive and suitable for all terrains.

Learn more about what we thought of Himiway’s new cargo ebike and how well it performed in our tests below. In this review on electric bikes, I’ll talk about the affordable cargo e-bike from Himiway in the hopes that it will aid you in choosing an e-bike. However, let’s look at the Big Dog’s specifications first before I continue:

Payload Capacity400 lbs
Rider's Height5'2" ~ 6'5"
Battery48V 20Ah

Video Review of Himiway Big Dog

Himiway Big Dog: Design and Build Quality

Although the Big Dog is advertised as a cargo bike, it’s important to understand the bike’s true categorization. Yuba Bikes and the well-known Bullitt are two excellent examples of expanded frames with a long rear rack or a sizable luggage area at the front of the bike that come to mind when I think of “cargo bikes.” The Big Dog, on the other hand, is more like to a regular ebike with a reinforced rear rack and mounts for a sizable front basket. When riders are making deliveries or conducting errands, the step-thru design makes getting on and off the bike simple.

With its small frame and 20″ wheels, this bike resembles a more expensive version of the Himiway Escape E-Bike, which was inspired by mopeds. However, the Big Dog has an adjustable seat height, which is a feature that many bikers consider essential for achieving complete leg extension. The RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes, in my opinion, is the Big Dog’s main rival, whereas the extremely competent RadWagon is more akin to the conventional cargo bikes that we’re used to.

With a moniker like this, it was only right that Big Dog comes with a back rack and a removable front rack. It can be difficult to find multipurpose all-terrain electric motorcycles with lots of payload capacity in the present market, so this one is a welcome sight.

The double-leg center kickstand is another fantastic component that is tied to the design and shape of the bike. It’s sturdy and rust-proof; sometimes, it’s the little things that make an e-bike so helpful.

According to Himiway, the bike has one frame size and should fit riders from 5′ to 6’2″. In our testing, we discovered that taller people could feel better at ease riding a full-sized fat tire ebike like the Zebra.

Himiway Big Dog: Motor and Driving

Even with large loads, a 750W rear hub motor’s performance on slopes is excellent, providing lots of speed and torque. There are five different levels of pedal assistance, and the top speed in the throttle mode is 20 mph. Although it appears like a mid-drive motor is located in the bottom bracket region, it actually just appears to be the location of the controller. Having said that, perhaps the Himiway Big Dog E-Bike will eventually feature a mid-drive.

They provide excellent heat dissipation in challenging conditions. You’ll need an engine that can keep up when you are running errands, riding the trails, or delivering deliveries, and Big Dog’s motor can absolutely accomplish that.

Despite having a somewhat simple appearance, the monochromatic display is anything but. A rider can alter the amount of pedal aid modes as well as the strength of each one under advanced settings. Riders who like a gentler touch on the initial pedal assist may find that to be of great use.

With the right hand twist grip throttle or pedal assistance, the Himiway Big Dog can reach a top speed of 20 mph when it ships as a Class 2 electric bike.

One significant drawback is that when riding over uneven terrain, the chain bangs on the kickstand and emits a loud ringing sound. This is a result of the center-stand kickstand design, which was an original concept, but I hope Himiway fixes this problem in the Big Dog’s following iteration.

The Shimano 7-speed gear shifting mechanism and Shimano Altus Derailleur are equipped with the Big Dog. These two elements work well together and give you a sharp sense as you move.

The Big Dog has a good gear range for accelerating quickly and climbing hills.

The Big Dog’s range of 7 gears is more than adequate, and given how quickly it can travel, you’ll almost ever ride it in speeds 1-3. However, having the lower gears is still useful especially when the route becomes more difficult.

Installing handlebars in the BMX fashion was an interesting but wise decision. The fixed stem cannot raise or lower the bars, but there is plenty of room for accessories including a phone mount. I really like the sleek, integrated bell that is installed next to the left brake lever. The metal Wellgo-branded pedals are a tough component that can withstand abuse, and the cable management at the front of the bike might be improved.

The mechanical disc brakes of the Big Dog are Tektro Aries, and the rotors are Tektro 180 mm. You may make sure the power quits whenever you apply the brakes with the aid of motor cutoffs. The Zebra presently has hydraulic disc brakes, which provide a superior feel and performance, which is a significant distinction.

The Big Dog has a 46 tooth single-walled front chainring up front and a 14-28 tooth rear freewheel, similar to the Zebra.

The size of the Big Dog’s tires is one way it differs from the Zebra. The moped-sized 4′′x20′′ Kenda Krusade nobbies are available at The Big Dog. (The Zebra has 26′′x4′′ wheels, which are more reminiscent of the original mountain bike dimensions.) Both offer excellent traction on a range of surfaces.

Himiway Big Dog: Battery and Range

The Big Dog’s integrated 20Ah high-capacity battery is one of its standout features. Although the downtube is very substantial and the step-through frame lacks a top tube, I like the way it looks given that it houses the battery. Riders can cover some significant distances before running out of fuel because to the range’s 80-mile rating. The taillight has interesting Himiway branding, which is a great touch that I haven’t seen on other ebikes. A dual LED headlight and rear brake light operate off of the battery.

The integrated battery’s practical protection from rain, wind, and dirt is another advantage. This extra layer of security is a significant bonus because the battery is so important and pricey.

Himiway Big Dog: Conclusions

The dependable Himiway Big Dog E-Bike can become your new best buddy if you frequently load up your bike or want a pleasant way to transport your child. This commuter bike with large tires will appeal to riders who aren’t sold on the idea of ebikes that look like mopeds while yet being reasonably priced. With the help of this workhorse ebike, load up and get going to finish your tasks swiftly.

The Big Dog is a strong addition to Himiway’s lineup of fat tire electric bikes. Its step-through design should make it ideal for shorter riders. Additionally, with a payload capacity of 400 pounds, it ought to be a reliable bike for a heavy user.

For someone who wants cargo capacity but doesn’t necessary want a large cargo bike, the Himiway Big Dog can be the ideal bicycle. Additionally, it includes a strong motor and a big battery for further exploration.

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