Rad Trike is First Electric Three-Wheeler Bike


The Rad Trike, a new three-wheeled electric vehicle from Rad Power, has a storage capacity of 416 pounds. Users who want additional room in their e-bike for last-mile deliveries and other regular urban logistics tasks will find the new model to be a wonderful choice. The Trike, according to the firm, is its newest and most popular electric bike. The bike has a reverse functionality as well for variety in movement.

The RadWagon long-tail cargo bike, RadRunner utility cycle, and RadExpand foldable bike are just a few examples of the diverse and reasonably priced models available from Rad Power Bikes, which is the largest and most well-funded manufacturer of electric bikes in North America. It may seem odd to add an electric tricycle to that list, but Radenbaugh claims it has consistently received the most requests ever since he started the business 15 years ago.

Some people need the added stability and storage capacity that a three-wheeler EV offers. The Rad Trike is intended for these people because a typical e-bike won’t meet their unique needs. The Rad Trike is a vehicle intended to replace cars, and its design reflects this idea. The e-bike has a big cargo capacity, so it can carry much of what a car can carry in its trunk. The Trike’s novel reverse feature is activated by pushing a button on the left-hand handle.

With a wink, Mike Radenbaugh continues, “This way to the Rad Cave.” It’s a clear day in Brooklyn, and I’m following Rad Power Bikes’ founder and chairman across a courtyard, through some doors, into an elevator, down several floors to a basement garage, past a number of posh-looking automobiles, through another door, and into a large room with concrete floors, where Radenbaugh is waiting with his next big invention: a tricycle.

The Rad Trike boasts a five-level pedal assist system in addition to the Rad Power throttle. In Rad Power e-bikes, the Pedal Assist System (PAS) is a standard feature. If you wish to park the Trike indoors, it can easily fit through doors despite having three wheels. The bike may also be partially folded to make it even more compact and simple to store. A full charge of the bike gives it a 35-mile range. This estimate may be low and could increase greatly if pedaling is also employed.

Additionally, the RadTrike is quite customizable. Clients may or may not be able to equip their trikes with a sun cover, plexiglass windshield, or front and rear cargo holders, similar to many of Rad Power Bikes’ other models, depending on whether the company decides to sell it. Additional accessories, such as a potential pet carrier, are being looked into and evaluated.

Other well-known characteristics include the twist throttle, a controller with five different power aid levels, a 750-watt motor, and a 672-watt-hour battery (48-volt and 14-ampere hour) for a range of up to 35 miles, depending on the level of support. It is possible to fold the handlebars for simpler storage.

A front-hub motor, a 180-millimeter front disc brake, a parking brake, a reverse throttle, and the aforementioned saddle with backrest are among more features that the RadTrike will introduce to the Rad Power Bikes roster. The business intended to provide its consumers with a distinctive experience, but it also recognized that the majority of them were probably older folks with sensitive knees and joints.

The RadTrike is intended to show that the business is still developing despite these difficulties. Finally, according to Radenbaugh, they have settled on a final design that is universally aesthetically pleasing, secure, approachable, and accessible. Rad Power Bikes is firmly seated as the top seller of e-bikes in the nation, and it has no intention of moving up, while other e-bike companies are competing with high-speed, motorbike-style designs that appear aggressive, exciting, and even a little bit hazardous.

According to Radenbaugh, “The Volkswagen Beetle was created to have this welcoming look to it.” Yes, this is the same concept: how do you make it futuristic while also being approachable?

Pre-orders for the Rad Trike are currently being accepted for $2,499 in the US. Following that, deliveries of the highly praised e-bike will begin. If the model will be offered in other markets is unknown.



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