Splach Titan E-Scooter Produce 2600W of Power


An Indiegogo fundraising effort has been started for the Splach Titan electric scooter. The new electric scooter has two electric motors that together produce 2,600W of power. The Titan joined other Splach items like the Turbo and Transformer in the crowdfunding campaign that began in November.

The Titan brings performance and power to the table. Splach is contrasting a stand-up kick-scooter with an SUV. According to the article, the Titan is the SUV of the e-scooter industry since it provides balance, comfort, and speed even while traveling off-road. Two 1,000W electric motors produce a combined 2,600W of maximum power. The Titan can go from 0 to 30mph (48km/h) in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 36mph (58km/h).

One of the most inclusive scooters on the market, the Titan accommodates users of all heights, weights, and sizes. For instance, its handlebars are unusually large and wide, measuring 52 inches in height and 42 inches from the deck to the handlebars. They are ideal for riders up to six feet five inches tall due to their tall size. Similar to that, their 27-inch width gives all riders excellent control over the steering column.

The LCD on the handlebar allows access to the Titan’s 12-speed options and three gear modes. The scooter is maneuverable even in crowded locations because to the many speed/gear modes. A full charge of the Titan’s 20.8Ah battery allows it to travel up to 44 miles (71 km). Front and rear disc brakes, E-ABS, and aircraft-grade aluminum are all features of the Titan. A handlebar-mounted button can be used to engage the E-ABS. The scooter has a payload capacity of 100kg and weighs 29kg.

Being a relatively young company, SPLACH is aware that in order to compete against well-known brands like Apollo and Kaabo, they must create scooters with comparable performance at a lower price.

SPLACH is a brand built on providing value for money, as evidenced by the Twin, the market’s least expensive dual motor model. SPLACH reduces its profit in order to maintain its prices and increase the accessibility of its models. Consequently, in this instance, you save $1,199 while still receiving a scooter that costs more than $2,000.

Paying less benefits you, and SPLACH can increase its market share in the electric scooter industry. Everyone benefits, thus it’s a win-win situation.

The SPLACH Titan epitomizes the expression “punching beyond its weight” in terms of speed, range, braking, as well as ride and build quality, as we’ll soon go over in more depth. The Titan will pole-vault to the top of your list if the price-to-performance metric is important to your decision-making (and let’s face it, you’re human, so of course it is).

The 52V 20.8Ah battery has a 44-mile maximum range.

We obtained a real-world range of 29 miles by using the scooter’s quickest settings while traversing various terrains. This is remarkable in light of the fact that the roughly comparable-powered Apollo Ghost ($1,699) only traveled 25 miles under the similar circumstances.

The scooter is equipped with 9-inch all-terrain tires and a comprehensive suspension system. It can easily traverse challenging terrain and has an outstanding ground clearance. For effectively illuminating the e-scooter at night, there are numerous LED lights. The scooter also has LED side lights that can have their colors changed using the companion app. The Titan also includes smart cruise control, an AirTag holder, and the optional Airlock keyless system.

The Titan is available on Indiegogo for $1,149, and delivery will begin before December 20th.



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