Daymak Combat: Snowmobile and Electric Motorcycle in One


An electric motorcycle that can also be used as a snowmobile has been unveiled by Canadian startup Daymak. With its unique design, the Daymak Combat blends the excitement of cycling with high-intensity snow sports using a snow bike. This electric vehicle can function as both an e-bike and an e-snowmobile.

The wheels may be repaired once spring arrives and the climate is suitable for motorcycle sports. The Combat is an exclusively off-road vehicle, according to Daymak. It is not meant for use as a daily commuter or on metropolitan streets. It is only meant to be used as a sports car off-road.

A very amazing 5kW electric motor powers the Daymak Combat to a maximum of 14kW (about 19hp). This gives the snowmobile or motorcycle a lot of power. Its top speed of roughly 70 km/h makes it ideal for off-road travel.

The 4.8kWh battery in the bike’s frame powers it for up to 80 kilometers on a single charge. The Daymak Combat’s battery capacity is directly comparable to that of a number of compact electric motorcycles.

The Daymak Combat is an electric off-road bike with flat tires that is not street-legal. Its dual functionality can attract attention from a number of market groups. But the cost of the Combat is high. Daymak claims that the bike’s suggested retail price for the first 100 Founders Edition models will be $13,995. The Daymak Combat is anticipated to start shipping in June 2023.

The price of electric snowmobiles is similar to that of electric motorbikes, which are several thousand dollars more expensive than their internal combustion counterparts. Thus, Daymak’s Daymak Combat combines an electric motorcycle with an electric snowmobile. A set of track and ski attachments that can be installed throughout the winter are included with the EV.

As an alternative, Daymak is selling the bike’s Deluxe Edition for $14,999. Customers who are interested in the Deluxe Edition can reserve one by paying a $1,000 deposit. Daymak claims that as it develops into a full-fledged designer and producer, the hybrid EV shows its new orientation.


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