KuKirin G2 Max Review: 1000W Motor Electric Scooter!


The KuKirin G2 Max foldable electric scooter is the little sister of the extremely powerful Kugoo Kirin G3 that we evaluated here. It softens the design, adds a removable saddle, and, as you’ve probably noticed, shortens the name of its brand from Kugoo Kirin to KuKirin.

The KuKirin G2 Max is one of those vehicles that draws attention because of its good looks, potent 1000W motor, 55 km/h top speed, front and rear suspensions, removable saddle, potent headlights, indicators, electric horn, etc. But does it adhere to all of its commitments? In this review, we thoroughly evaluated it, from unboxing through road testing.


The KuKirin G2 Max electric scooter is on sale for $879 at this Geekbuying merchant website.

Speed: None Load:1 Level 15KM/H, 2 Level 30KM/H, 3 Level 60KM/H
65KG Loading:1 Level 15KM/H, 2 Level 30KM/H, 3 Level55KM/H
Brake System:Disk brake, E-brake
Rated Power:1000W
Battery:48V 20Ah
Charging Time: 10-11h
LED Light Bean: 4 PCS
Tire:255 x 80mm Off-load Pneumatic Tyre
Net Weight:31kg
Unfolded Size:1260 x 605 x 1300mm
Folded Size:1260 x 605 x 580mm

Video Review of KuKirin G2 Max

KuKirin G2 Max: Design and Build Quality

Although the container is large, the motorcycle it includes weighs just 31 kg, according to the scale. We observe that the cardboard is undamaged, with a plastic film covering the entire object.

Similar to the Kugoo Kirin G3, when the box is opened, another identically sized package bearing the company’s colors is found within. The equipment was extremely well wrapped, with foam protection used where appropriate, and was not harmed during shipping.

A note, a few screws, and keys for the assembly are included in the equipment package in addition to the scooter and the charger. This portends a speedy assembly. A detachable saddle and a tiny, portable pump with an appropriate mouthpiece are also included. The pump is useful in a first aid kit, but as it lacks a pressure gauge, it must be touched to determine the pressure.

The KuKirin G2 Max is virtually entirely built when it is shipped folded on itself. You only need to unfold the fork and mount the handlebars to create a fully functional scooter. The second test period included the installation of an optional saddle.

The device is clearly sturdy. To accommodate everyone’s morphology, the handlebars’ height can be changed in a matter of seconds. There are a total of three possible heights. You must adjust the handlebar’s height, unlock its base, tilt it, and then secure it with a latch at the back in order to fold it.

The notification is roughly translated into French, which is not particularly surprising. Regardless, it is still fairly understandable and well-illustrated. Additionally, a small English leaflet that rapidly explains how to use and fold the scooter is included in the package.

The rear wheel brake cable needed to be stretched a little farther after assembly in order to strengthen its originally inadequate tension. An easy yet important step that should not be skipped. On the other hand, the front wheel brake cable’s tension was precisely set from the factory.

Other changes include changing the handlebar and saddle heights, if you want to install them.

The KuKirin G2 Max uses its codes, which are the prominent hues of black and orange, without being as unpolished as the Kugoo Kirin G3. Although at times it appears more industrial, its contours are gentler and it appears less threatening.

The tires are large and have a wide tread 10 inches. Both the front and the back of the vehicle display suspensions. Under the latter and on its support, the saddle has its own suspensions. It’s obvious that comfort is growing on all fronts.

The screen is prominent in the middle of the handlebar and has a hexagonal design that is slightly wider than high. The wire is swiftly tucked away inside the fork.

With the thumb throttle and “starting” key on the right, the handlebars’ equipment is conventional. The electronic horn, the three-position turn signal control, and the headlight ignition control are all located on the left. The locking latch is in the folded position and is located in the middle, beneath the screen.

The bottom of the fork clearly shows an LED headlight. There are also two extra tiny headlights on either side of the central plate. Consequently, there are three lighting fixtures in total at the front.

As much as I would like to state it right away, being seen and seen well will be made possible by the center headlight. Its power is well above normal for a machine of this kind.

A light is mounted atop the mudguard at the back. Two lights are also present on each side of the board. Therefore, the KuKirin G2 Max has no less than 6 lights. 

The gadget also has a control to turn on turn signals, which alert other drivers to the need to change lanes. The two tiny lights at the front and the two on the sides of the board’s back have the ability to flash.

On the handlebars is a switch for turning on the turn signals. A minor issue is that the button’s impression does not perfectly line up with the position of the turn signal. The turn signal is positioned in the middle in the image below. Unfortunately, there was a printing centering mistake, which will hopefully be fixed right away.

KuKirin G2 Max: Motor and Driving

The engine in the KuKirin G2 Max is 1000 watts is a power level in between the more powerful monster scooters and the more common 250 watt scooters. The engine’s power is consistent with the quoted speed of 55 km/h.

Note that the KuKirin G2 Max is too powerful and fast to be utilized on public roads in many nations due to its peak power and speed. And the only thing I can suggest to you is to adequately prepare yourself and protect yourself, especially if you plan to engage in sports.

The KuKirin G2 Max traditionally offers a range of power and top speeds. Thus, you have the option of setting the machine’s speed cap at a maximum of 12 km/h (level 1), 27 km/h (level 2), or 49 km/h (level 3).

The KuKirin G2 Max is impressive despite having a motor with “only” 1000 Watts of power, which is a midpoint between the traditional 250 Watt scooters and the supercharged ones with 1000 Watts or more.

Therefore, although displaying 1200 Watts, it has nothing to envy about the Kugoo Kirin G3. It quickly accelerates to a top speed of 55 km/h. In fact, the KuKirin G2 Max’s slightly smaller wheels 10 inches overall allow for increased torque and, thus, acceleration at the sacrifice of speed. However, top speed is easily attained, demonstrating a perfect combination of torque and speed.

Front and back double disc braking systems are features of the KuKirin G2 Max. It is customary to send the brake voltage via cable.

This disc braking system performs admirably, enabling the machine to be stopped within a few meters after being launched at 45 km/h with a 78 kilogram pilot. Wide tires assist you maintain adequate traction on the pavement, which helps you avoid skidding too much and maintain the trajectory.

There are spring suspensions and gel in it. Two unnecessary comfort features combined with the scooter’s own shock absorbers give the impression that the journey is fairly wide. Without going so far as to say that sitting on the saddle allows you to “play trampoline,” the sensation of rebound is there.

KuKirin G2 Max: Battery and Range

The battery is fully charged, with a minimum of 20Ah. a capacity that exceeds that of both electric bicycles, which seldom go over 15Ah, and the majority of electric scooters.

Whoever mentions a large battery also mentions good autonomy and lengthy recharge times. I was unable to evaluate the machine’s whole autonomy because I knew that a lithium battery performs at its best during the first few charge/discharge cycles.

The brand announces autonomy at 65 kilometers. Typically, 20% of this value must be subtracted to attain the autonomy that is actually possible under ideal circumstances. However, if you have to navigate a lot of slopes and do a lot of braking and accelerating, your autonomy will be significantly diminished.

KuKirin G2 Max: Conclusions

The KuKirin G2 Max is less striking than the Kugoo Kirin G3, yet it still performs admirably. The powerful engine, foldable and removable saddle, suspensions where appropriate, front and rear lights, indicators, an electric horn, etc. are all present and correct.

Performance and comfort are the KuKirin G2 Max’s key advantages. When you are sitting properly on the saddle, you will feel something like you are riding a city bike. Yet it can quickly accelerate you to 55 km/h.

The KuKirin G2 Max electric scooter is on sale for $ 879 at this Geekbuying merchant website.


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