December 4, 2023
ANYHILL UM-2 Review: Why Is This Electric Scooter Special?

I’ve ridden just about every low-cost electric scooter available, so it doesn’t happen often that I get to see anything truly novel and unique. But the ANYHILL UM-2 electric scooter actually delivers just that: a revolutionary innovation in the form of a pop-up detachable battery concealed below the deck.

Lithium-ion batteries are typically tucked away in the deck beneath the rider’s feet in electric scooters. It is a sensible place because it maintains a low center of gravity and is already a somewhat wide region.

Selecting a high-quality e-scooter is comparable to doing so for a vehicle. The majority of us do not require all the extras, such as keyless entry, a smart display, or an autopilot. We need all the essential components, such as comfort, dependability, and quality, in addition to having an engine with adequate power to get us through our daily journeys.


The premise is the same, even though an e-scooter is obviously much more compact than a car, especially if you only need it to move around for things like work, errands, and meeting up with friends. The best electric scooters offer a comfortable ride, a decent range and battery life, and a dependable motor. Additionally, it is advantageous if they follow through on their written pledges.

One of the most unexpected e-scooters I’ve had the pleasure of testing is the ANYHILL UM-2. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it delivers where it counts while keeping the price reasonable for most customers looking for a more environmentally friendly way to move around.

MODEL NAMEAnyHill UM-2 Electric Scooter
RANGE28 miles
CHARGE TIME4 - 5 Hours
BRAKING SYSTEMR: mechanical disc/ F: electronic brake & auto power cut-off
SMART TECHNOLOGYApp, Bluetooth & Smart Display
TIRES10″ pneumatic
ASSEMBLY95% Assembled

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ANYHILL UM-2: Design and Build Quality

The ANYHILL UM-2 has a conventional design that is typical of e-scooters. It doesn’t have any distinctive design elements that make it stand out from the competition. The LED dashboard and handles are located on the handlebar, which is quite streamlined and sleek, likely contributing to the e-lightweight scooter’s construction.

The dashboard is simple and uncomplicated, just like the rest of the e-scooter. When you need to check on these things fast in the middle of a ride, there are no distractions because it displays all the essential information, including battery level, speed in mph, riding mode, and headlight status. However, the LED light may be brighter. It’s difficult to discern whether the speedometer is showing 5 or 6 mph around noon on a sunny day.

However, using the dashboard is simple. I barely glanced at the instruction manual at all because I soon worked out how to toggle the headlight by holding down the headlight button while double-pressing the power button to switch riding modes. You may trust me when I say that other e-scooters overcomplicate this step.

The e-scooter must be turned off by holding down the power button, but once it is turned on, all it takes is a quick press to get you moving. That is greatly valued in this place. The easy-to-access throttle is also comfortable, rubber-covered handles with great grip.

The broad kickstand is another prominent distinguishing feature that I don’t often see on scooters. The ANYHILL UM-2 has a full-width kickstand that keeps the scooter straight up and down, in contrast to the little side stands that most scooters employ. Due to its increased stability when parked, it is less likely to overturn on the sidewalk or in your garage. The stability gain outweighs the little weight increase compared to a modest 2-inch kickstand foot.

If you don’t want to leave the scooter on its kickstand, you can simply fold it up. The folding mechanism even raises the front wheel, which makes the scooter more stable when folded.

Even while it might seem like the most logical choice, certain e-scooters force you to use your thumb to control the throttle, which is not practical for prolonged trips. Particularly on rides lasting around 20 minutes, your thumb and wrist begin to ache. The ANYHILL UM-2’s throttle placement, which can be operated with just the crook of your index finger, is considerably more suited to extended rides. Your wrist and, consequently, your shoulder will be under less stress as a result.

Although the positioning of the bell and brake on the left might initially seem odd, they are both surprisingly simple to use when riding. The 2W headlight is located much lower on the stem and provides adequate illumination up to 16 feet away for comfortable nighttime riding.

The folding mechanism is located below that, at the tip of the stem. The majority of these folding e-scooters are a nuisance to fold, which is one complaint I have about them. When rushing to catch a bus or train at the last minute, the locking mechanism can be difficult to remove because it is so tight. Thankfully, that isn’t the situation here.

When the stem is upright, the ANYHILL UM-2’s folding mechanism maintains everything steady and in place and makes it much simpler to unlock and fold when you need it to be small and portable.

Speaking of portability, the dimensions of this e-scooter are 1190 x 450 x 390 mm and 19.9kg, making it exceptionally small and light. Anyone would be content to travel every day on a bus or train with this.

However, attempting to be compact comes with trade-offs. This has a thinner deck, which could make riding difficult for anyone with large feet. With both of my feet on the deck, the deck already seemed a little congested to me because I wear a US size 6. However, most individuals don’t find this to be a deal-breaker because of how well the e-scooter absorbs shock. To prevent slipping, the deck is also ribbed and rubberized.

The ANYHILL UM-2 has a weight capability of 220 lbs. despite being quite sturdy and luxurious-feeling (99.8Kg). In case you’re double-saddling, bear that in mind. Not that I’m urging you to do so, because that poses a serious risk to your safety.

ANYHILL UM-2: Motor and Driving

Regardless of the battery that its developers gave it, the scooter itself performs admirably.

The Anyhill UM-2 electric scooter seems faster than standard entry-level electric scooters, with a top speed of 19 mph (31 km/h).

That speed is made possible by a motor that is, at least in terms of e-scooters, rather powerful. Peak power output for the 450W rear hub motor is 750W. That is one complete horsepower contained in a 44-lb (20 kilogram) unit. Not bad at all!

The scooter even accelerates to full speed pretty rapidly, in contrast to lower-powered scooters that typically drag their feet to reach that speed.

Even though they are on the basic side, there are a few noteworthy features in this package. And you may easily turn it on by holding the throttle down for six seconds while maintaining your target speed. It’s also simple to stop; just pull the throttle again or apply the brakes to regain control.

By hitting the power button twice, you can switch between three different riding modes. The first mode, Eco, has a 6-mph speed limit and is best used in parks or on busy pedestrian streets. The Comfort model, which has a 9 mph top speed and is recommended for beginners using it on roads with a 15 mph e-scooter speed restriction, is the other. The third option, Sports, has a top speed of 20 mph.

Use the throttle carefully. Since there is no resistance, it is too simple to pull firmly and accelerate from 0 to 6 mph. The supple and sensitive throttle implies reduced finger strain, but if you’re novice, it also increases the likelihood of crashing. I advise practicing first and getting comfortable with the throttle before using this on congested roads.

Although ANYHILL claims that the ANYHILL UM-2 can manage climbs of 15 degrees, it struggled a little bit in my tests, reaching a top speed of 4mph even in Sports mode. However, even if you were able to accelerate quickly before climbing the hill, it probably wouldn’t go you very far, especially if you were heavier than my 120 lb frame.

But it’s wonderful that the motor is quiet. You won’t hear this e-scooter banging around even on a rocky road because it is so expertly constructed and put together. Other e-scooters in this price range don’t have that, though.

Although the brake is the loudest component in this situation, the brake lever provides excellent resistance for gradual braking, making it feel quite secure. Naturally, the dual-braking system, which consists of the electronic brake and the rear disc brake and is triggered simultaneously, works amazingly well. But it feels more comfortable just knowing that you won’t have to worry about braking so quickly that you fall off the e-scooter.

A bonus are the 10-inch pneumatic tires. These tires are a great addition to the TurboAnd M10 because e-scooters in this price range typically have smaller, less efficient tires. They work well for commutes on paved roads and are also surprisingly good at absorbing shock while traveling over potholes and fractures in the pavement.

ANYHILL UM-2: Battery and Range

Even though the main takeaway from this is undoubtedly the detachable battery, there is much more to this than that.

Simply put, the options are endless with a detachable battery. A spare battery can be added to double your range. This is a big benefit for scooter riders who live in walk-up apartments because you can leave the scooter in your garage or outdoor parking (when safely locked) and merely bring the battery inside to charge. When the scooter’s original battery reaches the end of its useful life, you can replace it with a new one rather than tossing it away.

With a range of about 25 miles (40 km), it will probably take riders many years to experience significant battery degradation, but it’s always comforting to know that you can simply change in a new battery when the time comes.

However, there is much more to discuss than just a detachable battery in this case.

ANYHILL UM-2: Conclusions

The ANYHILL UM-2 may not have many features, but it’s a perfect illustration of how a great product can be created even with a tight budget if you concentrate on what matters and ignore the rest. This e-scooter is reasonably priced and available to a large number of users, yet it doesn’t sacrifice quality and performance. Therefore, even though it doesn’t have a lot of frills, in my opinion it is already a classic.

This is the one to get if you’re searching for a sturdy yet dependable e-scooter for your regular commutes.

The UM-2 costs $899, which is a little more than most other cheap scooters. However, with improved specifications, a better battery, and good build quality, I can generally understand where a large portion of the additional money is going. If it were just a few dollars less, I’d think this was a fantastic offer. It’s a fair deal at the time being, but not amazing.

If I were on a limited budget, I definitely wouldn’t purchase this scooter, but if I had a little extra money to invest and wanted an electric scooter that was future-proof.


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