Troxus Trax Review: What Did I Like and Dislike About New E-bike?


Today we have a new Troxus Trax for review, an e-bike that redefines what it means to ride well and pushes the limits of what an electric bicycle can do. Get comfortable as we explore the remarkable features that make the Trax stand out from the competition.

E-bikes have become a popular option in a world where traffic congestion and the expense of car ownership are driving many people to look for alternative transportation solutions. Among them, commuter e-bikes have drawn a lot of interest, reflecting the expanding trend toward environmentally friendly urban transportation. The Troxus Trax stands out in this environment as an e-bike that not only fulfills commuter needs but also goes above and beyond them.


Finding an e-bike that offers both a quality riding experience and the capacity to travel long distances is one of the main challenges faced by urban commuters. The Troxus breaks through this barrier with innovative design and engineering, whereas many e-bikes are only capable of traveling 40 to 50 miles.

The Troxus Trax is a remarkable option that was created with the modern commuter in mind. It offers not only a smooth and enjoyable ride, but also the potential to go much further than many other e-bikes on the market right now. As we examine the characteristics that set the Troxus Trax apart from other commuter e-bikes, the excitement grows. Watch this space to learn more about the game-changing capabilities that this exceptional e-bike brings to the table.

FRAME6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame
MOTORBafang 48V/750W
SENSORSCadence Sensor
SPEEDPedal Assist top speed at 28mph
Throttle top speed at 20mph
PEDAL ASSIST0~5 level pedal assist
DISPLAYColorful screen with USB charging
THROTTLEThumb Throttles on Handlebars
BRAKESTektro® Hydraulic Brake
TIRES15A Version: Kenda 27.5"x2.2"
RACKAlloy with reflectors 80 pound capacity
LIGHTSHigh intensity front and rear brake light
BATTERYSamsung 48V/15-30A Battery
RANGE55-110 Miles Average

Design and Build Quality

The Troxus Trax is a remarkable bicycle that combines both impressive design elements and outstanding build quality. From its construction to its ergonomic features, this bike has been carefully crafted to provide a comfortable and stylish riding experience.

Troxus Trax Review: Design and Build quality

One of the standout features of the Troxus Trax is its versatility in carrying cargo. The inclusion of a rear rack capable of supporting up to 55 pounds makes it an ideal choice for individuals who need to transport groceries or other small items. This practical addition enhances the bike’s functionality and adds to its overall utility.

Weighing in at 80.5 pounds, the Trax boasts a robust build that can handle a total carrying capacity of up to 330 pounds, combining both the rider’s weight and cargo. This substantial capacity showcases the bike’s sturdiness and makes it suitable for a wide range of riders and purposes.

Troxus Trax Review: Design and Build quality

The thoughtful design of the Troxus Trax is evident in its handlebar configuration. The 14-degree sweep back handlebar not only imparts a distinct Dutch bike feel but also promotes an upright riding posture. This, coupled with the comfortable saddle padding, ensures a pleasurable experience during long rides. The combination of the handlebar design and the bike’s posture contributes to reduced strain on the rider’s body, allowing for extended and multiple rides in a single day without discomfort.

The inclusion of ergonomic rubber grips is another aspect that adds to the overall riding experience. These grips have been expertly designed to fit the hands well, providing a secure and non-slippery grip even when wet. This feature is especially valuable during adverse weather conditions, ensuring the rider’s control and safety at all times.

Troxus Trax Review: Design and Build quality

When it comes to aesthetics, the Troxus Trax excels with its eye-catching design. The finely crafted frame welding not only enhances the bike’s structural integrity but also contributes to its shapely and visually appealing appearance. The availability of three attractive colors – red, black, and silver – adds to the bike’s appeal, allowing riders to choose a color that resonates with their personal style.

Suspension and Seat 

The suspension system of the Troxus Trax is designed to tackle potholes and bumpy terrain with ease. At the front, the bike is equipped with a Zoom front fork, specifically engineered to absorb shocks and vibrations. This front suspension ensures that the impact from uneven surfaces is mitigated, allowing for a more comfortable and controlled ride. This becomes particularly important when riding on rough roads or uneven paths, as the suspension helps maintain stability and reduces the strain on the rider.

Troxus Trax Review: Suspension and Seat 

What truly sets the Trax apart is the addition of an Sr Suntour parallelogram suspension seat post. This innovative feature enhances the bike’s overall comfort by effectively dampening vibrations that can be transferred to the rider through the seat. When you first hop onto the bike, you’ll notice the subtle bounce that the suspension seat post provides. This not only adds an element of fun to the riding experience but also showcases the technology at work. As you ride over bumps or rough surfaces, the suspension seat post softens the impact, allowing you to maintain a more relaxed and enjoyable posture.

Riding on a Troxus equipped with the suspension seat post almost feels like floating over challenging terrain. The ability of the seat post to absorb shocks and vibrations translates into reduced fatigue, making longer rides more comfortable and less taxing on the body.

Troxus Trax Review: Suspension and Seat 

Complementing the suspension features, Troxus has also paid attention to the design of the seat itself. The custom seat provided by Troxus is crafted with comfort in mind. Its ergonomic design and cushioning ensure that the rider can comfortably settle into a position that encourages relaxed riding. This thoughtful touch further contributes to the overall comfort of the riding experience, particularly during extended journeys.


The Troxus Trax is equipped with a sophisticated color LCD display that significantly enhances the overall riding experience. This high-quality display is designed to be highly visible both during daylight and at night, providing riders with essential information at a glance.

During the day, the color LCD display excels in visibility, thanks to its bright and clear screen. The display’s intuitive interface presents critical information such as speed, distance traveled, battery status, and other essential metrics in a user-friendly format. Riders can easily read this information without straining their eyes, ensuring that they can stay informed about their ride’s progress and performance.

Troxus Trax Review: color display

When the sun sets, the color LCD display doesn’t lose its effectiveness. The display is designed with backlighting that ensures its visibility remains optimal even in low-light conditions. Whether you’re navigating through dimly lit streets or embarking on nighttime rides, the display remains clear and easily readable, enhancing safety and convenience.

A standout feature of the Troxus Trax’s color LCD display is the inclusion of a USB port. This forward-thinking addition allows riders to charge their smartphones or other electronic devices directly from the bike’s battery. This feature is especially useful for those who rely on their smartphones for navigation, communication, or even tracking their rides. With the ability to charge devices on the go, riders can stay connected without worrying about draining their phone’s battery during their journey.


The Troxus Trax is equipped with a set of 27.5 by 2.4-inch Kenda Quick Seven tires, which play a crucial role in defining the bike’s performance and versatility. These tires are designed to offer a balanced combination of grip, comfort, and durability, making them suitable for a range of riding conditions.

Troxus Trax Review: 27.5 x 2.4-inch Kenda Quick Seven tires

One notable feature of the Kenda Quick Seven tires is their reflective sidewalls. This design element serves a dual purpose: enhancing visibility and safety during low-light conditions and adding an extra touch of style to the bike’s overall aesthetics. The reflective sidewalls contribute to making the bike more noticeable to motorists and pedestrians, especially when riding in areas with reduced lighting.

Troxus initially advertised the Trax as suitable for light dirt riding. However, upon testing, it was found that the tires might not provide an ideal tread for this purpose. While the Kenda Quick Seven tires offer good performance on paved roads and urban surfaces, they might lack the aggressive knobby tread needed for effective traction on loose or muddy terrain. As a result, riders seeking to venture into dirt trails or more challenging off-road conditions might consider swapping out the tires for ones with a knobbier pattern for better grip and stability.

Troxus Trax Review: Tektro HD E350

Despite this limitation in off-road capabilities, the Troxus Trax shines as a dependable e-bike for commuting purposes. The bike’s build quality, comfortable features, and well-designed components make it an excellent choice for navigating city streets, urban pathways, and even smooth suburban roads. Its ergonomic design, suspension features, and ease of use make it well-suited for daily commuting, helping riders arrive at their destinations comfortably and efficiently.

Troxus Trax: Motor and Riding Test

When considering e-bikes with larger batteries, it’s important to acknowledge that they typically require more powerful motors. The Troxus Trax addresses this requirement by equipping the bike with a robust 750-watt Buffing motor. This motor is capable of generating up to 75 Newton-meters of torque, a feature that greatly aids acceleration and uphill performance. The Trax’s motor excels in propelling the bike forward and tackling inclines with ease.

Troxus Trax Review: 750-watt Buffing motor

The power from the motor is effectively transferred to the rear wheel through the Shimano Acera 8-speed drivetrain. This drivetrain employs a user-friendly trigger shifter below the handlebars, distributing power smoothly and efficiently. The 12 to 32 tooth rear cassette, along with the 46 tooth chainring, reduces ghost pedaling and provides ample power for varied terrains, including uphill sections.

Troxus Trax Review: Shimano Acera 8-speed drivetrain

The Trax’s performance was subjected to a speed test that evaluated its average speed across different pedal-assist levels. The chart detailing the results highlights the bike’s performance during this test. Even though the Trax weighs 80 pounds with the 30 amp-hour battery, pedaling without any pedal assist proved manageable and not overly strenuous. Engaging PAS level 1 exhibited a slight lag initially, eventually reaching 10 miles per hour, making it more suitable for flat surfaces and leisurely rides.

Troxus Trax Review: Motor and Riding Test

PAS levels 2, 3, and 4 showcased the Buffing 750-watt motor’s capability to accelerate the bike swiftly to cruising speed without hesitation. Among these levels, PAS 3 stood out as a well-rounded choice for various riding scenarios. It allowed for a reasonable cruising speed on bike paths without overwhelming pedestrians and efficiently utilized battery power.

Troxus Trax Review: Motor and Riding Test

PAS 4 proved effective for streets with speed limits of 25 miles per hour, offering quick acceleration. On the other hand, PAS 5 delivered rapid acceleration, making it ideal for keeping pace with traffic on faster streets.

Troxus Trax Review: Motor and Riding Test

The hill test is a demanding assessment of an e-bike’s climbing capabilities. The Troxus Trax took on Utah’s challenging Hellhole Trail, a third of a mile with an average grade of 12 percent. In the throttle-only part of the test, the Trax impressively ascended the hill in 1 minute and 22 seconds at an average speed of 13.2 miles per hour.

Troxus Trax Review: Motor and Riding Test

During the second part of the hill test, utilizing PAS 5 and basic pedaling, the Trax continued to shine, completing the ascent in just 1 minute and 9 seconds at an average speed of 15.7 miles per hour. These results indicate the Trax’s exceptional hill-climbing capabilities, reinforcing its suitability for conquering steep inclines with ease.

Brake test

During the comprehensive brake testing of the Troxus Trax, the bike’s stopping power and performance were put to the test, revealing its ability to handle quick decelerations and ensure rider safety. The Trax demonstrated that its agility in acceleration is matched by its capacity to stop swiftly and reliably.

Troxus Trax Review: Brake test

The Troxus Trax comes equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, specifically the Tektro HD E350 model. These brakes are widely used in the e-bike industry due to their well-known efficiency and dependability. The brake test involved examining the bike’s stopping capabilities from various speeds, particularly focusing on its ability to halt from 20 miles per hour.

The results of the brake test were impressive. The Troxus Trax managed to come to a complete stop from 20 miles per hour in an average distance of 25 feet and 4 inches. This showcases the bike’s effective braking system, which is critical for ensuring rider safety and control, especially in urban environments where sudden stops might be necessary to avoid obstacles or traffic.

Troxus Trax Review: Tektro HD E350

Beyond controlled testing conditions, the Troxus Trax’s braking capabilities were also put to the test in real-world scenarios. Throughout over 120 miles of riding in hilly neighborhoods and on bike paths, the brakes demonstrated their consistency and reliability. During downhill stretches that demanded continuous braking, the Tektro brakes held up admirably, displaying their effectiveness in maintaining control and ensuring secure stops.

One particularly notable aspect of these brakes is their resistance to fading under stress. Even during extended periods of heavy braking, the Tektro HD E350 brakes maintained their performance without a noticeable decrease in stopping power. This reliability instilled confidence in the rider, allowing for controlled and confident descents even on challenging terrain.

Battery and Range

As previously mentioned, the Troxus Trax distinguishes itself with its substantial 30 amp-hour battery, a feature that significantly impacts the bike’s capabilities and performance. While this larger battery does contribute to the bike’s weight compared to some other commuter bikes, the trade-off is well worth it considering the extended range it offers.

Troxus Trax Review: frame

This robust battery capacity allows the Troxus Trax to outshine its competitors in terms of range. Electric Bike Report, known for its “ride now, charge later” philosophy, appreciates bikes that can cover greater distances on a single battery charge. The range test conducted on the Troxus Trax was eagerly anticipated to see just how far this bike could go.

The range test is a critical indicator of an electric bike’s performance, revealing how many miles it can travel on a single battery charge. The test typically involves using the lowest pedal-assist (PAS) level for maximum efficiency and the highest PAS level for top speed. In this case, the Troxus Trax performed exceptionally well using PAS level 2, which provided optimal pedal assistance without excessive energy consumption.

Troxus Trax Review: Motor and Riding Test

During the range test, the Troxus Trax covered an impressive 70.4 miles in 5 hours and 6 minutes, achieving an average speed of 13.8 miles per hour. This result surpassed the performance of similar community bikes equipped with 750-watt motors, exceeding their ranges by 10 to 15 miles on average. It’s important to note that this exceptional range can be attributed to the larger 30 amp-hour battery, which provides more power for longer journeys.

Additionally, the Troxus Trax offers the option to customize the battery size. While the reviewed model featured a 30 amp-hour Samsung battery, other options include 15 amp-hour and 20 amp-hour batteries. It’s important to consider that opting for a smaller battery will result in shorter range capabilities.

Troxus Trax Review: range test

Charging the Troxus Trax’s sizable battery is made convenient with the included 4.5 amp-hour smart charger. While a full recharge can take around eight hours, this duration is understandable considering the substantial capacity of the battery. Considering the massive amount of energy it stores, the charging time is reasonable and aligns with industry standards.


We discovered some elements that could use improvement during our testing. Notably, since individual calibration preferences frequently diverge from factory settings, the pedal assist calibrations could be improved. By drawing attention to this, we hope to give the Troxus team helpful feedback and inspire potential improvements in their e-bike systems in the future.

Troxus Trax Review

The Troxus Trax, however, really shines when used as an electric bicycle for commuting. It handles different obstacles that come your way with ease, performing similarly to a full-sized bike on the road. The bike’s obvious presence also guarantees increased safety and visibility when sharing the road with vehicles and other riders.

Our review highlighted the Trax’s compatibility with the needs of commuters seeking an e-bike capable of covering up to 70 miles on a single charge. Troxus ships their bikes directly to consumers, allowing easy access to their offerings.

Troxus Trax Review: Design and Build quality

To access current pricing and more details, you can find the link in the video description. We appreciate you taking the time to watch our review of the Troxus Trax, and we hope you found this video informative. If so, please consider giving it a like and subscribing to our channel for more valuable insights about e-bikes.

Thank you for your time, and as always, keep your hands on the handlebars, your feet on the pedals, and your focus on the road. We look forward to encountering you out there on the bike trails. Until next time, this is Forrest Mann with the Electric Bike Report, signing off.


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