Troxus Explorer Review: Strong Step Over E-Bike!


The Troxus Explorer is an impressive electric bike that combines power, performance, and versatility. With its robust features and components, this bike offers a thrilling riding experience both on and off the road. In this Troxus Explorer review, we’ll delve into its specifications, performance, and general ride feel.

One of the standout features of the Troxus Explorer is its 750W Bafang motor. This powerful motor provides ample torque and acceleration, allowing riders to conquer various terrains with ease. The bike is equipped with a 48V 20Ah SAMSUNG lithium battery, offering an excellent range for extended rides.

Another noteworthy component of the Troxus Explorer is its 26 x 4.0 Kenda all-terrain fat tires. To complement its powerful motor and versatile tires, the Troxus Explorer features Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes offer excellent stopping power and precise control, enhancing safety during rides.

The Troxus Explorer is available at a price of $2,299. This price includes the bike’s specifications and features mentioned earlier, such as the 750W Bafang motor, 48V 20Ah SAMSUNG, Kenda all-terrain fat tires, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. At this price point, the Troxus Explorer offers a compelling combination of power, performance, and versatility, making it a worthy investment for riders seeking an exceptional electric bike experience.

The Troxus Explorer is suitable for both leisurely rides and adventurous exploration. Its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, all-terrain tires, and reliable brakes make it a versatile electric bike that can handle various riding conditions. Whether you’re commuting in the city, embarking on off-road adventures, or simply enjoying a weekend ride, the Troxus Explorer offers a thrilling and reliable mode of transportation.

FRAME6061 Aluminium alloy
MOTOR48V 750W Hub motor, Bafang
SPEEDUp to 20mph on Throttle. Can be adjusted to up to 28MPH on Pedal Assist
THROTTLEThrottle on demand-throttle from a complete stop
BRAKESHydraulic disc brake, 180mm Rotors
TIRES26 x 4" Tires
PEDALS9/16'' Alloy Platform
BATTERY48V/20Ah, Lithium, Samsung
RANGE30-62 Miles
WEIGHTNet Weight: 83.78LB

Troxus Explorer: Design and Build Quality

The Troxus Explorer not only excels in performance but also boasts an eye-catching design and appealing aesthetics. The bike is available in two frame styles: high-step and step-thru, providing options for riders with different preferences and needs.

The high-step frame design exudes a sporty and adventurous look. It features a traditional diamond-shaped frame, which is known for its strength and stability. This design appeals to riders who prioritize a more dynamic and energetic appearance in their electric bike. The high-step frame also provides a classic and timeless aesthetic that is favored by many enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the step-thru frame design offers a more accessible and convenient riding experience. This style is characterized by a low top tube, allowing riders to easily mount and dismount the bike without having to swing their leg over a high frame. The step-thru design is particularly appreciated by riders who prioritize comfort, ease of use, and accessibility. It is also ideal for individuals who may have limited mobility or prefer a more relaxed riding posture.

In terms of color options, the Troxus Explorer offers three stylish choices: black, red, and blue. These colors are versatile and visually appealing, allowing riders to select a finish that suits their personal style and preference. The black option provides a sleek and understated look, while the red and blue options add a vibrant and energetic touch to the bike’s overall aesthetic.

The Troxus Explorer features a 6061 Aluminum alloy frame, which is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This frame material provides a sturdy and durable foundation for the bike while keeping its overall weight manageable. The 6061 Aluminum alloy construction ensures that the frame can withstand the rigors of electric bike riding, offering a reliable and long-lasting platform.

The handlebar of the Troxus Explorer is made of Aluminum with a diameter of 31.8mm and a width of 700mm. This handlebar provides stability and control, allowing riders to navigate various terrains with confidence. The wider width offers better leverage and control during steering, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The pedals on the Troxus are 9/16″ Alloy Platform pedals. These pedals provide a sturdy and secure platform for the rider’s feet. The alloy construction ensures durability, and the platform design offers good grip, even in wet or muddy conditions. With these pedals, riders can enjoy a comfortable and efficient pedaling experience.

To enhance the bike’s performance and comfort, the Troxus Explorer is equipped with an aluminum alloy suspension fork. This fork absorbs shocks and vibrations from rough terrains, providing a smoother and more enjoyable ride. The suspension fork helps to improve control and stability, allowing riders to tackle uneven surfaces with ease.

Fenders are included with the Troxus Explorer, both for the front and rear wheels. These fenders serve a practical purpose by protecting riders from water splashes, mud, and dirt, especially during wet or muddy conditions. In addition to their functional benefits, the fenders also add a touch of style to the bike’s overall appearance.

The Troxus Explorer features a reliable Shimano 8-speed drivetrain, providing riders with a wide range of gearing options. The drivetrain includes a 170mm crankset with a 46T chainring for efficient power transfer. The 8-speed cassette offers a 12-32T range, allowing riders to tackle both hilly terrains and flat stretches with ease. This versatile drivetrain ensures smooth shifting and enables riders to find the perfect gear for various riding conditions.

The Troxus Explorer is equipped with Kenda 26″x4″ tires, known for their versatility and capability to handle various terrains. These all-terrain fat tires offer excellent traction and stability, making them well-suited for off-road adventures, sand, mud, snow, and even city streets. The wide footprint of the tires helps absorb shocks and provides a comfortable ride experience, while the aggressive tread pattern ensures reliable grip in different conditions.

The bike features the L401 LCD display, which provides riders with essential ride information. The display shows details such as speed, distance, battery level, and assistance mode. The black and white display is easy to read and navigate, allowing riders to stay informed about their ride metrics and make informed decisions regarding their riding style and battery management.

The claimed weight of the Troxus Explorer is 83.8 lbs, which includes the bike’s components and the battery. While it is a sturdy and robust electric bike, the weight is well-distributed and doesn’t compromise the bike’s maneuverability or performance. The bike’s weight makes it suitable for various riding conditions, from urban commuting to off-road adventures.

The Troxus Explorer has a total payload capacity of 353 lbs, which includes the weight of the rider and any additional cargo or accessories. This capacity ensures that the bike can accommodate different riders and their belongings comfortably and safely. Furthermore, the maximum load on the rear rack is 55 lbs, allowing riders to attach panniers or other cargo-carrying accessories for added convenience and utility.

Troxus Explorer: Motor and Battery

The Troxus Explorer is equipped with a powerful 750W Bafang motor, delivering impressive performance and acceleration. This high-performance motor provides ample torque to tackle various terrains and riding conditions. Whether you’re climbing steep hills or navigating through challenging off-road trails, the 750W motor ensures a smooth and efficient ride.

With the Troxus Explorer, you can reach a maximum speed of up to 28 mph. This speed allows you to cover distances quickly, making it ideal for commuting or simply enjoying the thrill of riding at higher velocities. The bike’s powerful motor enables you to maintain a consistent speed, even on inclines, ensuring a satisfying and efficient ride experience.

Additionally, the Troxus Explorer offers a throttle feature that allows you to reach up to 20 mph without pedaling. This throttle on-demand functionality is convenient when you need an extra burst of speed or when you want to take a break from pedaling. With a simple twist or push of the throttle, you can experience an instant acceleration and effortlessly reach the desired speed.

One of the notable advantages of the Troxus Explorer’s throttle system is the ability to engage it from a complete stop. This means that you can use the throttle to initiate movement without the need for pedaling or manually starting the bike. This feature comes in handy when you want to quickly accelerate at intersections, traffic lights, or when navigating through crowded areas.

In terms of ride feel, the Troxus Explorer delivers a smooth and stable experience. The combination of the motor, battery, tires, and brakes ensures a balanced and enjoyable ride. The bike’s frame is designed to provide stability and control, allowing riders to navigate corners and uneven terrain confidently. The electric assistance is responsive and intuitive, providing an extra boost when needed while still allowing for manual pedaling.

The Troxus Explorer is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180mm rotors, offering exceptional braking performance and reliability. Hydraulic disc brakes are known for their superior stopping power and consistent performance, making them ideal for electric bikes.

The hydraulic system ensures that the braking force is evenly distributed, resulting in precise control and modulation. This means that you can apply the brakes with confidence, knowing that you can easily control your speed and come to a stop when needed. The 180mm rotors provide ample surface area for efficient heat dissipation, reducing the risk of brake fade during extended or intense braking situations.

The hydraulic disc brakes on the Troxus Explorer deliver consistent performance regardless of weather conditions. Unlike traditional rim brakes, hydraulic disc brakes are not affected by wet or muddy surfaces. This provides riders with reliable and responsive braking, enhancing safety and control in various riding environments.

The Troxus Explorer features a pedal-assist system with five levels of assistance, allowing riders to customize their riding experience based on their preferences and the riding conditions. The pedal-assist system provides an additional boost of power when pedaling, making it easier to tackle hills, ride longer distances, and maintain a consistent speed.

The five levels of pedal assist on the Explorer allow riders to choose the amount of electric assistance they desire. The levels typically range from low assistance, which requires more pedaling effort, to high assistance, where the motor provides a significant boost to pedaling power. This flexibility enables riders to adapt to different terrains, adjust their speed, and conserve battery life according to their needs.

The Troxus Explorer’s pedal-assist system also includes a speed sensor, which detects the speed at which the rider is pedaling and adjusts the assistance accordingly. The speed sensor ensures that the electric assistance is provided smoothly and intuitively, responding to the rider’s pedaling input in real-time. This feature enhances the overall riding experience by seamlessly integrating electric power with manual pedaling.

The Explorer’s performance at PAS 5 showcases its ability to conquer hills and maintain an impressive speed. With an average speed of 15.8 mph and a completion time of one minute and seven seconds, this electric bike proves to be a formidable option for riders who value power, performance, and a thrilling riding experience.

The combination of the powerful 750W Bafang motor and the pedal-assist system at level 5 provided a significant boost to the rider’s pedaling efforts. This allowed for quick acceleration and maintained a steady pace even while climbing hills. The Explorer’s motor seamlessly integrated with the rider’s pedaling, delivering ample power to conquer challenging terrains with ease.

By keeping pace with some of the better hill-climbing electric bikes, the Troxus Explorer proves its capabilities as a high-performing and reliable option. Riders can confidently tackle steep inclines and challenging terrains, knowing that the Explorer is capable of meeting and exceeding their expectations. The combination of power, performance, and efficient pedaling assistance makes the Explorer a standout choice for riders seeking a bike that excels in uphill performance.

While the Explorer may produce some noise during operation, it’s essential to consider the bike’s overall performance, features, and ride quality. It’s advisable to test ride the bike personally to determine if the noise level is acceptable for your preferences and riding conditions. Ultimately, the Explorer offers a powerful and versatile riding experience, and the noise aspect should be weighed alongside other factors when evaluating its suitability for your needs.

The Troxus Explorer is equipped with a high-capacity 48V 20Ah SAMSUNG lithium battery, providing reliable and long-lasting power for your rides. With this battery, you can enjoy extended cycling sessions without worrying about running out of charge.

The impressive battery capacity of 20Ah ensures that you can cover significant distances on a single charge. In fact, the Explorer claims a range of up to 62 miles per charge, depending on various factors such as terrain, rider weight, speed, and assistance level.

During our testing, we found that the Explorer delivered notable results in terms of range. When using the maximum assistance level, the bike achieved a distance of 25 miles. This demonstrates the bike’s ability to provide robust electric assistance throughout a considerable distance, making it suitable for riders who require extra power and speed.

For those who prefer a more moderate level of assistance, the Explorer excels in conserving battery life. In PAS 1 (Pedal Assist Level 1), the bike achieved an impressive distance of 70 miles during our testing. This showcases the bike’s efficiency in extending the range when utilizing lower assistance levels, allowing riders to go the extra mile without draining the battery quickly.

It’s important to note that the actual range may vary based on individual riding habits, terrain conditions, and other factors. However, the Explorer’s battery capacity and the achieved distances during testing indicate that it is well-suited for long rides and can cater to various riding preferences.

When planning your rides, it’s always a good idea to consider factors such as battery life, distance, and the level of assistance you require. By choosing an appropriate assistance level and utilizing the bike’s range wisely, you can optimize the Explorer’s battery life and enjoy an extended cycling experience.

Troxus Explorer: Conclusions

The Troxus Explorer is a versatile and powerful electric bike designed to offer an exhilarating and reliable riding experience. It boasts a range of features and components that make it well-suited for various terrains and riding styles.

One of the standout features of the Troxus Explorer is its sturdy and durable frame. The Explorer offers two frame options: a high-step frame design and a step-thru frame design. 

Equipped with a powerful 750W Bafang motor, the Troxus Explorer delivers impressive performance and acceleration. The Explorer’s drivetrain features a Shimano 8-speed system with a 170mm crankset and a 12-32T cassette. 

To enhance rider comfort and control, the Troxus Explorer is equipped with an aluminum alloy suspension fork. This fork absorbs shocks and vibrations, smoothing out the ride and improving overall comfort. It helps to maintain stability on uneven surfaces, allowing riders to confidently explore a variety of terrains.

Safety is a top priority on the Troxus Explorer, and it is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. The Explorer features 26″ x 4″ Kenda all-terrain fat tires, which provide excellent traction and stability. 

In terms of weight, the Troxus Explorer has a claimed weight of 83.8 lbs. While it is not the lightest electric bike on the market, the sturdy build and robust components contribute to its durability and performance.

Pros of the Troxus Explorer:

  1. Powerful Performance: The 750W Bafang motor delivers impressive power and acceleration, allowing riders to conquer steep hills and challenging terrains with ease.
  2. Versatile Terrain Capability: The bike’s sturdy frame, Kenda all-terrain fat tires, and suspension fork enable riders to confidently navigate a variety of surfaces, including gravel, sand, and snow.
  3. Long Range: With its 48V 20Ah SAMSUNG lithium battery, the Explorer offers an impressive range of up to 62 miles per charge, providing ample distance for longer rides and adventures.
  4. Customizable Assistance Levels: The five levels of pedal assist allow riders to choose the desired amount of electric assistance, adapting to different terrains and personal preferences.
  5. High Payload Capacity: With a total payload capacity of 353 lbs and a maximum load of 55 lbs on the rear rack, the Explorer offers the ability to carry cargo or essentials, increasing its practicality and versatility.
  6. Hydraulic Disc Brakes: The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors provide reliable and responsive stopping power, ensuring rider safety and control in all weather conditions.
  7. Accessible and Aesthetically Pleasing Design: The high-step and step-thru frame options, along with the color choices (black, red, or blue), make the Explorer accessible and visually appealing for riders of different preferences and needs.

Cons of the Troxus Explorer:

  1. Noise Level: Some riders have noted that the Explorer can be somewhat noisy during operation, primarily due to the motor and drivetrain components. This may be a consideration for those seeking a quieter ride.
  2. Weight: The Explorer has a claimed weight of 83.8 lbs, which can be relatively heavy compared to other electric bikes. This may affect maneuverability and portability for some riders.
  3. Subjective Aesthetics: While the Explorer’s design is generally well-received, aesthetic preferences can vary from person to person. Some riders may have different opinions on the overall look and style of the bike.

Overall, the Troxus Explorer is a well-designed and feature-rich electric bike that offers a thrilling and reliable ride experience. With its powerful motor, durable frame, reliable components, and versatile features, it is an excellent choice for riders seeking a bike that can handle various terrains and provide an enjoyable and efficient ride.

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