RAEV Bullet GT Review: 750W Retro Design E-Bike!


The RAEV Bullet GT is a truly exceptional electric bike that effortlessly combines retro style with modern functionality. With its powerful motor, impressive speed, extended range, and thoughtful design, this bike offers an exhilarating and comfortable riding experience. Whether you’re a vintage enthusiast or simply seeking a reliable and stylish mode of transportation, the Bullet GT is sure to exceed your expectations. Get ready to turn heads and enjoy the thrill of the road with the RAEV Bullet GT.

The Bullet GT is available at an attractive price of $1,799, offering excellent value for the features and performance it delivers. This competitive price point makes it an accessible option for riders seeking a high-quality electric bike without breaking the bank.

Despite its affordable price, the Bullet GT does not compromise on quality or performance. With its powerful 750-watt motor, 75Nm of torque, and a top speed of 28 miles per hour, this electric bike offers an exhilarating ride comparable to higher-priced models on the market. The Bullet GT’s motor provides quick acceleration and effortless maneuverability, making it suitable for both urban commuting and adventurous rides.


Considering the features, performance, and attention to detail, the $1,799 price of the RAEV Bullet GT represents an excellent investment for riders seeking a high-quality electric bike. Whether you’re a daily commuter, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a stylish ride, the Bullet GT offers an affordable option without compromising on performance, style, or reliability.

Furthermore, the Bullet GT offers an impressive range of over 43 miles on throttle alone, thanks to its high-capacity battery. Whether you’re embarking on a long-distance journey or navigating through the city, this bike provides an extended range, reducing the need for frequent charging stops. It offers a reliable and efficient mode of transportation, catering to both short daily commutes and extended recreational rides. Before starting a full review, let’s watch a video review of this bike.

Frame:6061 Aluminum Alloy
Motor:48V 750W (Peak 1000W)
Front Suspension:Hydraulic Suspension, 60mm Travel w/ Lockout & Adjustment
Rear Suspension:Coil Spring Suspension, 40mm Travel
Rear Derailleur:Shimano 7-Speed
Brake Rotors:160mm
Pedal Assist:3 Levels
Tires:CST BFT 20” * 4.0” Street Knobby Fat Tire
Top Speed:Class 2/3, 28 Mph
Range:20Ah GT: 31+Miles, 28Ah GT: 43+Miles
Throttle:Thumb Twist Throttle
Bike Weight:82.7-89.3lbs (with Battery)

RAEV Bullet GT: Design and Build Quality

The Bullet GT electric bike seamlessly fuses retro style with modern reliability, providing riders with a unique blend of timeless aesthetics and dependable features. Designed to captivate both vintage enthusiasts and riders seeking a distinct look, this bike offers an unparalleled riding experience.

With its retro-inspired design, the Bullet GT exudes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of classic motorcycles from the past. Every detail, from its sleek curves to its vintage accents, has been meticulously crafted to create a visually stunning ride. The bike’s timeless look sets it apart from conventional electric bikes, turning heads wherever it goes.

Reliability is a key aspect of the Bullet GT’s design. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure durability and longevity. Riders can confidently tackle their daily commutes or embark on extended adventures, knowing that the Bullet GT is built to withstand the rigors of the road.

Comfort and safety are also paramount in the Bullet GT’s design. The bike features a comfortable saddle and ergonomic handlebars, promoting an upright riding position for reduced fatigue. Its suspension system effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride even on rough terrain. Integrated lighting and powerful disc brakes ensure optimal visibility and control, enhancing rider safety in different riding conditions.

As a powerful electric bike, the Bullet GT demands a braking system that matches its performance. That’s why it is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, designed to provide unparalleled stopping power and control.

Hydraulic disc brakes are renowned for their exceptional braking performance, making them the preferred choice for high-powered e-bikes like the Bullet GT. Unlike traditional rim brakes, hydraulic disc brakes utilize a hydraulic fluid system to transmit force from the brake lever to the brake calipers, resulting in immediate and precise stopping power.

The hydraulic system ensures that the force applied to the brake lever is transmitted directly to the brake calipers with minimal loss, allowing for rapid and reliable deceleration. This enhanced responsiveness is particularly crucial for a powerful electric bike like the Bullet GT, ensuring that riders can quickly and confidently bring the bike to a stop when needed.

Moreover, hydraulic disc brakes offer consistent performance in various weather and terrain conditions. Whether you’re riding in wet or dry conditions, the hydraulic system remains unaffected by external factors, maintaining consistent braking power. This reliability is essential for rider safety and inspires confidence during any ride.

The Bullet GT is equipped with the 20” x 4” CST BFT tires, specifically chosen to provide a comfortable cruising experience and solid performance in off-road conditions. These tires offer a balance of comfort, durability, and versatility, making them well-suited for a variety of riding environments.

The CST BFT tires excel in providing a comfortable ride, thanks to their wider width and increased volume. The 4-inch width allows for a larger contact patch with the ground, which translates to improved stability and a smoother ride. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or exploring scenic paths, these tires absorb vibrations and bumps, enhancing overall comfort during your journey.

Additionally, the CST BFT tires are designed to tackle off-road conditions with confidence. Their robust construction and aggressive tread pattern provide excellent traction and grip on various terrains such as gravel, dirt, or grass. This ensures that you can venture off the beaten path and navigate through challenging environments without compromising control or stability.

The Bullet GT features an integrated retro-style headlight that not only complements its timeless design but also provides exceptional illumination. With an impressive brightness of 120 lux, this headlight ensures a super bright and clear field of vision, enhancing safety and visibility during your rides.

The 120 lux rating indicates the intensity of the light emitted by the headlight. A lux is a unit of measurement that quantifies the amount of light that falls on a specific surface area. In this case, the headlight’s 120 lux rating signifies a powerful illumination that can effectively light up the road ahead, allowing you to see obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles with ease.

The super bright illumination provided by the Bullet GT’s retro-style headlight ensures optimal visibility, particularly during low-light conditions such as dusk or nighttime riding. Whether you’re navigating through dimly lit streets or venturing off-road, this bright headlight helps to increase your safety by illuminating your path and alerting others to your presence.

At RAEV, we prioritize rider comfort and environmental sustainability. That’s why the seats on the Bullet GT are uniquely designed to provide unparalleled comfort, featuring memory foam that ensures a super-comfy ride. Additionally, these seats are made from recycled fabrics, further enhancing their eco-conscious design.

The memory foam used in the seats of the Bullet GT offers exceptional support and cushioning. It conforms to the shape of the rider, providing a personalized and comfortable seating experience. Whether you’re embarking on a short commute or a long-distance adventure, the memory foam seats help reduce pressure points and alleviate discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your ride to the fullest.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the seats on the Bullet GT are made from recycled fabrics. By utilizing recycled materials, we help reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint. This eco-conscious approach ensures that you can enjoy a comfortable ride while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

At RAEV, we understand that personal style is an important aspect of riding. That’s why the Bullet GT is available in a range of colors to suit your preferences. Choose from black, green, yellow, and red to ride in style and make a statement on the road.

If you prefer a classic and timeless look, black is an excellent choice. Black exudes elegance and sophistication, allowing you to ride with a sleek and understated style that never goes out of fashion. It’s a versatile color that blends seamlessly with any setting, whether you’re commuting through city streets or exploring scenic trails.

The Bullet GT is designed to accommodate a wide range of riders with its versatile specifications. With a weight range of 82.7-89.3 pounds, this electric bike strikes a balance between durability and maneuverability.

The Bullet GT has a generous payload capacity of 330 pounds, allowing riders to carry additional items or gear without compromising stability or performance. In terms of rider height, the Bullet GT is suitable for individuals ranging from 5’2″ to 5’11” tall. 

The seat height of the Bullet GT measures 30.7 inches, providing a comfortable riding position and allowing riders to place their feet securely on the ground when necessary. With a bike height of 41.1 inches, the Bullet GT offers a streamlined profile that combines aesthetics with practicality.The bike’s height strikes a balance between agility and stability, allowing riders to navigate through various terrains and urban environments with ease.

The wheelbase of the Bullet GT measures 44.7 inches, contributing to its stability and handling capabilities. The total length of the Bullet GT is 67.3 inches, providing a comfortable and spacious platform for riders. 

Overall, the Bullet GT’s weight, payload capacity, suitable height range, seat height, bike height, wheelbase, and total length are carefully designed to deliver a comfortable and accommodating riding experience for a wide range of riders. These specifications ensure that you can enjoy a personalized fit, optimal control, and stability on your rides, regardless of your size or riding preferences.

RAEV Bullet GT: Motor and Battery

The Bullet GT is powered by a high-performance 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor, delivering an exceptional riding experience. This motor combines impressive power, torque, and efficiency to provide a thrilling and efficient ride on various terrains.

With a continuous power output of 750W and a peak power output of 1000W, the Bullet GT’s motor offers an impressive level of performance. The continuous power ensures consistent and sustained acceleration, while the peak power provides an extra boost when needed, such as during hill climbs or quick bursts of speed.

The motor’s 75Nm of torque is another notable feature, as it delivers substantial force to the rear wheel, allowing for quick and responsive acceleration. The high torque output ensures that riders can effortlessly conquer inclines and navigate challenging terrains with ease, without sacrificing performance or speed.

The brushless design of the rear hub motor offers several advantages. It reduces friction, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. This means that the Bullet GT can achieve longer battery life and extended riding distances, allowing you to explore more without worrying about recharging frequently.

The Bullet GT’s top speed of 28 mph showcases its powerful performance capabilities while keeping within the boundaries of Class 2/3 regulations. Experience the thrill of speed while enjoying a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation with the Bullet GT’s impressive top speed.

The Class 2/3 designation refers to the speed classification of electric bikes, with Class 2 typically limited to a top speed of 20 mph and Class 3 allowing for higher speeds, up to 28 mph. The Bullet GT falls within the Class 2/3 category, giving riders the opportunity to enjoy a faster riding experience while still complying with local regulations.

The top speed of 28 mph allows you to reach your destination more quickly, whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride. This increased speed not only saves time but also adds an element of excitement and fun to your journeys, making the Bullet GT an excellent choice for those seeking a thrilling and efficient mode of transportation.

It’s important to note that local regulations may vary, and it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific speed limits and classifications in your area. Always ride responsibly and adhere to local laws and regulations to ensure both your safety and the safety of others.

The Bullet GT features a well-designed suspension system that enhances rider comfort and ensures a smooth and controlled ride. With a front hydraulic suspension and a rear coil spring suspension, this electric bike is equipped to tackle various terrains with ease.

The front suspension of the Bullet GT is a hydraulic suspension system with 60mm of travel. This means that the suspension can absorb impacts and vibrations, providing a comfortable and stable ride even on rough surfaces. The 60mm travel allows the suspension to compress and extend, effectively dampening the shocks encountered during your rides.

Furthermore, the front suspension is equipped with a lockout and adjustment feature. The lockout option enables you to stabilize the suspension, preventing it from compressing and extending. This is particularly useful when riding on smooth surfaces or during uphill climbs, where a locked suspension improves pedaling efficiency and reduces unnecessary bouncing. Additionally, the adjustable feature allows you to fine-tune the suspension’s responsiveness and stiffness according to your preference and the specific terrain you are riding on.

The rear suspension of the Bullet GT is a coil spring suspension system with 40mm of travel. The coil spring offers a responsive and controlled ride, absorbing impacts and ensuring a smooth experience on various terrains. The 40mm travel provides enough suspension movement to maintain traction and comfort, allowing you to navigate bumps, potholes, and uneven surfaces with confidence.

The Bullet GT offers two battery options to cater to different riding needs and preferences. These battery options provide ample power and capacity to support extended rides and ensure a reliable and efficient performance.

The first battery option available for the Bullet GT is a 48V 20Ah battery, featuring Samsung 21700 50E cells. This battery configuration provides a balance between capacity and weight, offering a substantial power source for your rides. With a 20Ah capacity, this battery can store a significant amount of energy, allowing you to enjoy longer rides without worrying about frequent recharging.

For riders seeking even greater range and endurance, the Bullet GT also offers a second battery option: a 48V 28Ah battery. This battery features Samsung 21700 40T cells, which provide a higher capacity to support extended rides. With a 28Ah capacity, this battery option is ideal for those who require a larger power reserve, whether it’s for longer commutes or more adventurous rides.

The Bullet GT offers impressive range capabilities with its battery options, allowing you to embark on longer rides without worrying about running out of power. Depending on the battery option you choose, you can expect different mileage ranges.

The 48V 20Ah battery option provides a range of 31+ miles on a single charge. This means that you can comfortably travel over 31 miles before needing to recharge your battery. The 20Ah capacity, combined with efficient power management, ensures that you can tackle various terrains and enjoy extended rides without the concern of battery depletion.

For riders who desire even greater range, the 48V 28Ah battery option is available. With this higher-capacity battery, you can enjoy a range of 43+ miles on a single charge. The larger capacity of the 28Ah battery allows for longer rides, giving you the freedom to explore more and travel greater distances without the need for frequent recharging.

RAEV Bullet GT: Conclusions

In summary, the Bullet GT electric bike offers a perfect blend of retro style and modern functionality, providing riders with a superior riding experience. With its timeless design, the Bullet GT stands out from the crowd, exuding a classic charm while incorporating advanced features for enhanced performance and convenience.

The powerful 48V 750W (peak 1000W) brushless rear hub motor delivers impressive acceleration and torque, allowing riders to conquer challenging terrains and enjoy thrilling rides. The hydraulic-disc brakes ensure precise and efficient stopping power, instilling confidence and safety during your journeys.

The Bullet GT’s 20”x4” CST BFT tires provide exceptional comfort for cruising and robust performance for off-road adventures. With their puncture-proof construction, you can ride worry-free, knowing that you won’t be held back by flat tires.

The integrated retro-style headlight, with its 120 lux of illumination, ensures clear visibility during nighttime rides, adding an extra layer of safety and style to your journeys. Additionally, the uniquely designed seats, featuring memory foam and made from recycled fabrics, offer unparalleled comfort while being environmentally conscious.

Pros of the Bullet GT:

  1. Retro Style: The Bullet GT’s fusion of retro aesthetics with modern functionality offers a unique and timeless look, making it stand out from other electric bikes.
  2. Powerful Motor: The 48V 750W (peak 1000W) brushless rear hub motor delivers impressive acceleration and torque, providing a thrilling riding experience.
  3. Hydraulic-Disc Brakes: The hydraulic-disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power, ensuring precise and efficient braking in various conditions, enhancing rider safety.
  4. Comfortable and Puncture-Proof Tires: The 20”x4” CST BFT tires provide a comfortable ride for cruising and a solid performance for off-road adventures. Their puncture-proof construction ensures worry-free rides without the inconvenience of flat tires.
  5. Bright Integrated Headlight: The retro-style integrated headlight with 120 lux of illumination ensures excellent visibility during nighttime rides, promoting safety and adding to the bike’s aesthetic appeal.
  6. Uniquely Designed Seats: The seats, featuring memory foam and made from recycled fabrics, offer superior comfort for long rides while being environmentally conscious.
  7. Color Options: The Bullet GT is available in black, green, yellow, and red, allowing riders to choose a color that suits their style and preferences.
  8. Suitable for a Range of Heights: With its suitable height range of 5’2″ to 5’11” and adjustable seat height, the Bullet GT accommodates riders of various sizes comfortably.

Cons of the Bullet GT:

  1. Limited Top Speed: The top speed of 28 mph, while within Class 2/3 regulations, may not satisfy riders seeking higher speeds or those accustomed to faster biking experiences.
  2. Weight: The Bullet GT weighs between 82.7-89.3 pounds, which may be on the heavier side for some riders, making it less portable or maneuverable in certain situations.
  3. Price: The price of $1,799 may be considered higher compared to other electric bikes on the market, making it less accessible for budget-conscious riders.

Overall, the Bullet GT is a remarkable electric bike that combines retro aesthetics with modern reliability and functionality. It offers a timeless look, reliable features, and impressive performance for riders seeking a superior riding experience. From its powerful motor and efficient battery options to its comfortable seating and stylish design, the Bullet GT is designed to make every ride enjoyable, convenient, and unforgettable.


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