Toyota And Douze Cycles: Why Is This New Cargo E-Bike Special?


Automakers all around the world are transitioning to two wheels by providing electrically assisted bicycles and creating electric cars for varied markets. Particularly in France, the government has been actively promoting electric bicycles as a practical substitute for driving a car, particularly for travels within and around cities.

These urban two-wheelers for family, utility, or freight transport have been identified by Toyota as a “growth vector” in its quest to become the “world’s premier mobility company.” According to Frank Marotte, CEO of Toyota France, in a press release, “And it was incredibly vital to us that our partner be able to establish a production site on national territory, because of the heritage of Toyota in France based on the manufactured in France.”

In order to take advantage of the rising demand for electric bikes, Toyota and the French e-bike manufacturer Douze have teamed together to create a new electric cargo bike that might eventually take the place of your automobile. The Douze Cycles x Toyota Mobility cargo bike, a new e-bike, is intended to meet the needs of both individuals and companies engaged in last-mile delivery services.

Toyota And Douze Cycles: Design and Appearance

Douze Cycles, which had pioneered with a top-of-the-line, modular cargo cycle that can be disassembled into two halves, to aid transport, and cable steering, is now seeking for French manufacturing. Industrial designer in international groups, its founder Thomas Coulbeaut had the initial project of producing with European parts but, caught up in industrial reality, he quickly had to source frames and components from Taiwan, like his competitors, before finally finding an Italian supplier for just some of its supply of frames.

The Douze Cycles x Toyota mobility cargo bike is quite fashionable, and because to its robust aluminum frame, it stands out from the longtails that Douze Cycles already sells. Its loading platform, which is located in front of the rider and measures 850 millimeters long, can accommodate heavy objects weighing up to 100 kilograms. The frame can attach to a hitch, which increases transport capacity even more.

The paradigm change was sparked by the health crisis. End of spring 2020 saw a tenfold spike in demand for last-mile deliveries and city logistics, and I worried that providers wouldn’t be able to keep up. Thomas Coulbeaut says, “We then started a study on the eco-design of our product in France, with a lower environmental effect and a cost that stays competitive with Asia.

The designer, starting with French expertise, recruited a dozen subcontractors from the automotive and aerospace industries and created his model H without welding but specifically utilizing aluminum molding procedures. A design whose carbon footprint persuaded Toyota.

Due to the storage compartment’s capacity, these characteristics are especially helpful for people in the delivery industry who frequently make visits to the sorting facility to pick up additional packages or parcels. People can configure the additional storage capacity to carry passengers in the meantime. If the front storage space is equipped with the proper seats and harnesses, either three children or one adult may ride within.

Toyota And Douze Cycles: Motor and Battery

The cargo bike is propelled by a Yamaha electric motor with a nominal output of 250 watts, which contributes to its performance. The motor is powered by a 500-Wh battery pack, which is detachable for easy charging away from the bike. Regarding range, you may anticipate traveling about 62 miles on a single charge; however, this number may change depending on how much cargo you’re transporting. Last but not least, the bike’s front end may be removed for simple storage.

Although the order book is overflowing, supply issues with frames, Shimano components, and batteries (95% of sales are for electric-assisted cargo bikes) continue to impede manufacturing. The company, which currently employs 35 people, half of whom are in production, had to put off 12 new hires, but the staff is expected to grow to 60 people over the next few years.

Toyota And Douze Cycles: Price and Availability

Douze Cycles easily recruits new employees since its product is buoyant. The business, which in 2021 received Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the CEO of Medef, to its stock through his investment firm Notus Technologies, generated 5.5 million euros in revenue and anticipates 8 to 9 million for 2022.

Toyota and Douze Cycles are still to reveal the cost of the new freight electric bicycle. Despite this, the bike is anticipated to be available by September 2023.


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