IKEA Sunrider: Solar-Powered Cargo Bikes!


IKEA, a manufacturer of furniture, is testing a solar-powered electric cargo bike for delivery in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the Netherlands. The Delft Ikea location is in charge of the test program in the Netherlands. The electric three-wheeler with the Ikea logo in yellow and blue is used for deliveries in the nearby urban regions. To enable more deliveries each trip, Vilnius has a maximum weight per order of 30kg.

In the previous year, the IKEA store in Delft, the Netherlands, successfully completed a test program employing a solar-powered cargo bike to transport goods to consumers inside the store’s immediate vicinity.

IKEA Systems B.V. has made the decision to scale up and offer all IKEA shops worldwide the choice of a more environmentally friendly alternative to their home delivery fleet after reviewing the pilot.

According to Ikea, the e-successful trike’s pilot run will enable it to expand to offer home deliveries in various countries across the world. The global franchisor of Ikea has made the decision to provide its international dealers the option of incorporating the freight electric bike into their local businesses. This is a more affordable, easily accessible, and environmentally friendly option than conventional home delivery services.

“This Sunrider bike produces 98% less CO2 than a new diesel vehicle and can fit around 90% of the IKEA product line. For IKEA, it’s critical to look into innovative approaches to enhance the service provided to customers in ways that are more inexpensive, accessible, and sustainable. All of that is accomplished by the solar-powered cargo bike, according to Helene Davidsson, sustainability manager at Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

The bike includes a sizable storage compartment that can hold most IKEA items. Helene Davidsson from IKEA claims that the Sunrider bike can carry 90% of the company’s product line while emitting 98% less carbon dioxide than diesel competitors. The bicycle’s sustainability grade is raised further by the fact that it is solar-powered. The side-mounted solar panels on the Sunrider bike help to extend its 100 kilometer range.

It has been difficult for the store to provide last-mile services in a sustainable and economical manner while still satisfying customer expectations. IKEA has concentrated on developing new customer fulfillment and logistics strategies in order to suit the demands of urban surroundings and growing e-commerce while still being ecologically friendly.

“We want to network with more individuals, and many of our prospective clients will dwell in urban areas with poor transit options. This challenge offers a fantastic chance to investigate fresh distribution strategies for our items. The solar-powered cargo bike will be a useful addition to last-mile transportation since it provides a peaceful, emission-free substitute that can help avoid gridlock, according to Helene Davidsson.

The 150kg payload capacity of the IKEA Sunrider e-bike allows it to handle numerous deliveries at once in some circumstances. Compared to the typical mid-drive motors found in cargo electric three-wheelers, it has a front hub motor, which is less expensive. Electric trikes with a front-hub motor are growing in popularity in many areas. There are also newer models available that give riders a more stable platform for heavy-duty hauling.

IKEA shops have been deploying electricity trucks for residential delivery services over the past few years. The business wants to become climate positive by 2030 by lowering greenhouse gas emissions more than the value chain as a whole.

There are a number of powerful cargo e-bikes in Europe, suggesting that the cargo e-bike is right up there. It has thin wheels that appear to be quite little. The company has not yet provided details on how fast the bike can go or how it will be distributed.



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