Here is Everything We Currently Know About Mate’s Newest Cargo E-bike


Mate introduces its newest vehicle, a large cargo e-bike that looks like a small SUV.

Mate, an electric bike maker, is most known for its compact, foldable models. According to the e-bike business, the new Mate SUV is meant to offer a more environmentally friendly substitute for short automobile trips under five kilometers.

MATE, a manufacturer of electric motorcycles, is arguably most known for its small, folding models. But this e-bike startup has higher goals, just like the car industry. These goals are rather lofty in the case of the forthcoming MATE SUV electric cargo bike.

Thankfully, Move Electric notes that interested customers may already book the MATE SUV for 49 euros, giving them the opportunity to receive a 20% discount off the e-final bike’s cost of 6,499 euros.

The MATE SUV e-bike includes an additional wheel that transforms it into an electric trike because it is made to tow a substantial amount of stuff. Because of its sturdy construction, the e-bike is more stable and has a large front luggage bucket for carrying cargo or kids.

The MATE SUV is a tadpole trike, which is different from other delta trikes (the kind with two wheels in the back) that we’ve seen.

As a result, the e-bike is made more stable and has a large front luggage bucket that is ideal for carrying children or gear.

The e-bike has European-level specifications that are appropriate for the European market, including a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). Most European nations have more stringent e-bike laws than those in North America, which causes top speeds to be lower.

“Imagine if we could mobilize a group of people to alter the way we travel from point A to point B. Imagine a carrier that is adaptable to serve a variety of purposes. Consider a vehicle that can transport more than just your things. This is a new take on the SUV.” based on the official product website for Mate.

The company stressed its ambition to create a vehicle that would simply be both cool and entertaining for e-bike consumers to ride, in addition to its durability and performance.

Additionally, the MATE SUV is wholly European, according to the manufacturer:

“This alternative will revolutionize the way you move. It was reimagined in Denmark, inspired by Danish biking culture, and engineered in collaboration with multiple-award-winning German design studio Zanzotti Industrial Design. The MATE SUV will revolutionize your travels and advance a grassroots movement to reclaim the streets.

According to Electrek, the frame of the Mate SUV Cargo e-bike is made of shock-absorbing materials and uses 90% recyclable aluminum. As a result, the e-bike is made to fit a wide range of rider heights, from 160 to 210 cm (5′ 3″ to 6′ 10″). It can transport two children or even one adult in the front bucket due to its endurance.

Furthermore, if you’re hauling valuable items, the bike has a capacity of up to 210 L (55.5 gallons). Hydraulic brakes on the e-bike help bring the entire load to a stop, keeping the riders and their belongings secure.

This e-bike is specifically made for the task of reclaiming the streets from automobiles. The MATE SUV was made to accomplish this by being both practical and adaptable.

As a result, an e-bike was created that can transport anything from passengers to groceries.

The business went on:

“Consider how it would feel to be able to move freely around the stationary barriers of traffic. Imagine making the trip to the store enjoyable once more or elevating the experience of traveling with your children. Imagine never having to pay another parking fine. Imagine a car that, for once, can push the boundaries of how we travel without sacrificing the conveniences of quick commutes. Imagine if we could mobilize a group of people to alter the way we travel from point A to point B. Imagine a carrier that is adaptable to serve a variety of purposes. Consider a vehicle that can transport more than just your things. This is an updated SUV.

To move all of that freight, the mid-drive motor with the integrated torque sensor better be strong, and with a 90 Nm torque rating, it certainly seems up to the task. There may be a 250W sticker on the side, however it is only for legal purposes. This piece of junk is undoubtedly producing much more peak power than it is letting on.

The accompanying battery is also capable of a range of up to 100 km (62 miles) per charge, so riders won’t be forced to cycle alone in the absence of electric assistance.

To ensure that other drivers can see the e-bike and its occupants, an LED light bar with front and rear lights has also been fitted in the visibility area of the luggage compartment. The car also has 4G connectivity, which enables smartphone apps for vehicle tracking and controlling important functions.

Its 90 Nm torque mid-drive motor, which has an integrated torque sensor, is strong enough to transport your cargo. The e-battery bike’s is also capable of a range of up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) per charge, guaranteeing that riders can securely use electric assist while traveling.

MATE’s CEO Thomas Vuillez stressed that it was equally necessary to create a fashionable and enjoyable cargo e-bike in addition to an effective one:

Since making e-biking cool and enjoyable is in our DNA, we wanted to offer the market something remarkable. The MATE SUV is a product of our desire to challenge conventional methods of errand-running and short journeys as well as our interest about how we move. Reducing the amount of reliance on an automobile is becoming increasingly necessary.

The MATE SUV is not yet being produced. However, MATE is still accepting pre-order reservations.

Riders can secure their place in line and a 20% discount on the MATE SUV’s anticipated price of €6,499 by pre-ordering one for €49 now.

MATE anticipates starting to deliver the e-bikes to customers in Q3 of 2023 if they continue to their current plan.



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