Himiway Cobra Pro Review: This E-Bike Will Go Anywhere!


I’ve been using a four-wheeler to get from my truck to the path and then to my stand for about 20 years. I’ve heard deer blowing at my four-wheeler from my stand on a number of occasions, and I’ve done pretty much everything I can to prevent it. An electric bicycle is the ideal option.

So I made the decision to try the Himiway Cobra Pro Electric Bike. Overall, it’s a decent bike for commuting during the day. It can support a lot of weight and is incredibly silent. However, there are a few extremely crucial characteristics of e-bikes that you should consider before you buy. The “e” in “e-bike” is the first. You’ll have to continue walking if the battery dies.

The Cobra Pro from Himiway is a fantastic bike with a long range and strong motor. The Cobra Pro stands out from other ebikes thanks to a variety of features like an adjustable seat and big tires. The bike is excellent for people seeking long-distance commuting ebikes.

Find out more about the Cobra Pro from Himiway and whether it’s a good bike for you by reading on.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Special Feature‎Fat tire, Mountain bike
Suspension Type‎Front, Dual
BATTERY48V 20Ah 960Wh
RANGE60~80 Mi
Payload Capacity400LBS
FreewheelShimano 10 speed
TIRE26" x 4.8"
Four-bar Linkage Suspension
Recommended Heights5′5″ ~ 6′5″

Video Review of Himiway Cobra Pro

Himiway Cobra Pro: Design and Build Quality

This bike’s enormous tires are immediately apparent. The tires, which measure 26 x 4.8 inches, cover everything. They are effective at going over the typical debris you will encounter when traveling to your hunting location, which is something many people value.

The only downside is that the bike is hard to fit on a bike rack due to large tires. Depending on your model, we had some racks that worked and some racks that didn’t for moving this bike. However, since you no longer need to transport an ATV, it might be simpler to simply load the bike into the bed of your truck.

Shimano 10-speed gearing on the Cobra Pro allows you to paddle more easily uphill.

According to the terrain, the transmission enables riders to quickly change speeds through smooth shifts. It makes riding more comfortable and is ideal for people who use their bikes for long commutes or off-road excursions.

Also fairly smooth are the GT-MRK shocks. They already include shock protectors, which you can tweak or fully lock out if you’d like. Overall, the ride is nice thanks to the shocks and those enormous tires.

MTB or a hunting bike? The Himiway Cobra Pro may be used all year long on nearly all types of trails, including single track mountain bike trails. At Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Tom Wuthrich.

A powerful, efficient, and long-lasting bike that riders may use is made possible by the design. The bike’s downtube, for instance, is 4.5mm thick. It is more robust since it is 1.5mm thicker than other bikes in its category.

The frame of the bike gives riders stability and safety, particularly while braking or going downhill. It is also more stiff because of the double-layered hollow.

Holding the bike’s handlebars does not need riders to stoop. Instead, they can sit straight up, which makes for a more comfortable and healthy ride.

The Cobra Pro’s butterfly handlebar is more supportive of the rider’s back and more pleasant than standard bikes’ straight handlebar versions.

The Bafang LCD display is likewise very attractive. In my opinion, it is closer to a vehicle display. While you are riding, it gives you everything you could possibly need to know about your bike, including the amount of time you have spent riding, your top and average speeds, the battery level, and the level of power assistance. The amount of power that will be supplied by the battery in addition to your pedaling is determined by the power assist.

On the bottom, there is a USB charging socket that is strong enough to charge your phone. Additionally, you can adjust the display’s brightness for nighttime or early-morning travels to the stand. This technologically advanced display was one of my favorite aspects of the bike.

The hydraulic front suspension system of the Himiway Cobra Pro is more effective and dependable.

Rides are more pleasant thanks to the hydraulic front suspension, especially on rocky and uneven terrain. The technique lessens jolts, enhancing the riding experience for novices and those new to off-roading.

The front hydraulic suspension of the bike provides a healthy riding experience because it completely absorbs all shock, lowering the likelihood that the rider will feel it.

The device reduces possible mishaps by making it simpler for riders to manage the bike, especially when going downhill. Additionally, it makes the Cobra Pro ideal for senior folks who could have back issues.

Himiway Cobra Pro: Motor and Driving

The Himiway Cobra Pro E-bike is fantastic all around. You can have the best hunting transportation if you decide to bite the bullet and get the extra headlight. I’ve found that it handles quite nicely, and I appreciate the overall aesthetic. It can support up to 300 pounds and tote a ton of cargo.

Additionally very comfy and adaptable is the Himiway Cobra Pro. The handlebars and seat may be adjusted to the precise sizes you require. The factory-installed thumb throttle is on the right, however it may be switched to the left if necessary.

The Cobra Pro is equipped with a powerful 1000W mid-drive Bafang motor, making it the ideal tool for the job. When climbing steep hills, navigating muck or sand, or holding greater speeds for longer, all those watts will pay dividends. Despite carrying more weight than a typical MTB, the mid-drive positions maintain the mountain bike’s naturally low center of gravity, which improves handling.

It’s difficult to imagine what this ebike can’t achieve with 160 Nm of available torque. This goliath engine can generate up to 1,500 watts, whilst some rival ebikes can only sustain a maximum output of 1000 watts for a brief period of time. I would anticipate a high-quality mid-drive motor given the Cobra Pro’s somewhat premium price, and this revised Bafang choice delivers.

The bike also incorporates clever pedal assistance, making it simple to use. The bike incorporates a 12-magnet cadence sensor pedal assistance that makes riding responsive and comfortable.

The function gives the user a comfortable riding experience, making it simpler for them to get where they’re going without pushing themselves too much.

The Cobra Pro is a tough, dependable bike that is ideal for both experienced and novice riders. It can also be the ideal choice for anyone wishing to commute to work or enjoy the great outdoors. The bicycle is innovative, economical, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient.

Himiway Cobra Pro: Battery and Range

An enormous 20Ah battery powers the Cobra Pro’s massive motors. Similar to the Rad Rover 6 Plus, the semi-integrated design tucks the huge battery partially into the downtube, and the creative paint job also helps to conceal the junction. For such a powerful, heavy-duty ebike, they estimate the range to be around 48 miles, which is more than adequate.

Riders can confidently explore a variety of regions thanks to the strong battery, which increases the area they can traverse on a single charge. Even if you’re tired, the bike has enough power to get you home.

The bike’s battery is built into the frame and has a greater range than the majority of bikes in its class. Additionally, thanks to the Cobra Pro’s rapid charger, charging the battery only takes a short time (4 – 7 hours).

The bike is more convenient for riders who intend to use it everyday because its charging period is 30% longer than that of other chargers of a similar kind. You could, for instance, ride your bike to work, let it charge for five hours, and then it would be ready for another trip.

Himiway Cobra Pro: Conclusions

Even while the other accessories I described are amazing, I don’t think it’s very cool that a Cobra Pro headlight must also be purchased separately. That just doesn’t make sense to me considering that this bike is advertised as a hunting bike and that its primary use would be at night. After spending over $4,000 on the bike itself, I’m not sure why they want you to spend an additional $100 for a light.

The positioning of the kickstand was the other item I didn’t like. I think it needs to be pushed back a little. If the stand is down, it is difficult to maneuver the bike about. To shift the petals, you also need to raise the kickstand once more.

The crucial query is, “Would I purchase it again?” Yes, I think I would. For large game hunting, the Himiway Cobra Pro is a fantastic bike with top-notch performance. It will be put to good use for me this season. The Himiway Cobra Pro is a wonderful option if you’ve been considering an ebike for hunting. 

The Cobra Pro from Himiway is ideal for people looking for dependable and robust ebikes. The bike is excellent for off-road excursions and commuting. It also offers a ton of features and is appropriate for both expert and inexperienced riders. We can clearly see the value this bike offers for the money.

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