Bezior X1500 Review: Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike!


The bulky Bezior X1500 E-Bike recently entered the market with the intention of standing out among the sea of fat tire electric bikes. Four-inch tires with high grip, a torque sensor, and a battery that serves as a bright LED strip light add performance to a cost-effective package. The X1500 has some special, handy features that I haven’t seen on any other ebikes, but keep reading to find out if this brand-new ebike lives up to the promise.


The X1500 adds to Bezior’s expanding selection of electric bikes, which already includes commuter, foldable, city, and fat tire types. With the debut of its first bike in 2019, the company is one of the most recent entrants to the e-bike market, but it is already in direct competition with established brands like Himiway and Aventon. There isn’t really much information available regarding the Bezior Electric Bikes, but they do mention that its headquarters and a potential showroom are both in Southern California on their website.

FrameAluminum alloy | Foldable
Shock absorptionShock absorber fork
Wheel diameter26" x 4.0 Fat Tire
Load capacity450 lbs
Top speed25 MPH
Derailleur27 speed gears
Range28-65 miles
Battery48V 12.8AH
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎38.5 x 30 x 17.7 inches
Package Weight‎83 Pounds

Video Review of Bezior X1500

Bezior X1500: Design and Build Quality

At first sight, the Bezior X1500’s frame design and pricing don’t seem to stand out significantly from those of its competitors in the market. The bike’s large and sculpted 6061 aluminum frame design immediately brought to mind the Aventon Aventure. Although that’s a fantastic aesthetic, we’ve already seen it. We got our hands on the step-thru version of the Bezior X1500 E-Bike to get a feel for it. It is available in both step-thru and conventional models.

The modest swooping of the frame makes getting on and off the bike simple, which is perfect for riders with restricted mobility or those who just appreciate simplicity. The sticker price for both models is $2,199, which is slightly more expensive than average for budget ebikes, but right now there’s a large offer that reduces the price to $1,599. The variety of imaginative color possibilities is a huge benefit; the tan, red, and green paint treatments give a striking pop of color without being overbearing.

But it’s the X1500’s torque sensor-equipped motor that really sets it apart from the competition. When deciding when to activate the pedal assist and how much power to supply, e bikes in this price range often choose the less expensive cadence sensor. This particular model has a torque sensor that increases the speed as the rider’s pedaling force increases. This results in a motor that is more sensitive and naturally delivering power.

The X1500’s mechanical components include a set of 26″ x 4″ fat tires, a 27-speed transmission, and 180mm disc brakes. I’m happy to find that the tires are more knobby than those on comparable models, which is ideal for adding traction and trail-shredding capability. There is a suspension fork with a short travel that offers 80mm of cushion. My trust is somewhat diminished by the fact that the Bezior website doesn’t identify the brands of these components, but this could simply be because they are currently transferring suppliers.

During tests, we discovered that the torque sensor eliminated any delay between pausing to pedal and the motor’s stopping assistance, giving the ride a livelier and more responsive feel to the rider.

The X1500 comes equipped with a comfortable saddle, a built-in kickstand, and a cutting-edge LCD display that is mounted in the center of the handlebars. The huge digital dashboard’s rounded-rectangle appearance, which ups its aesthetic appeal, is a nice touch. But the management of the brake and shift cables close to the cockpit is a little disorganized and bulky; this could be fixed with a few strategically placed zip ties. The bike can accommodate a maximum payload of 450 lbs., which is perfect for larger riders or transporting heavy baggage. Riders can install an optional front basket or rear rack.

Bezior X1500: Motor and Driving

The Sutto, a division of the world’s largest ebike manufacturer Bafang, strong 1500W rear hub motor powers the Bezior. The motor may be set up as a Class 2 or Class 3 bike, with a top speed of 20 mph or 28 mph, respectively. It has an astounding 78Nm of torque. Through the Bezior app, which is available for iPhone or Android, users can “unlock” the quicker speeds. The left-thumb trigger-controlled throttle mode and five levels of pedal assistance are both selectable by riders.

The X1500 is incredibly smooth while riding, but it can be a little jumpy when starting; this may be a setting issue. The bulky bike offers a rapid acceleration off the line and then tapers off to produce power in a more predictable manner. This is presumably connected to the torque sensor, and settings or the app may allow for fine-tuning. The left-side controller has lights, which are useful for nighttime rides.

Surprisingly, Bezior has acknowledged that customers are actually experiencing speeds of up to 31 mph (50 km/h) when the battery is completely charged. Most e-bikes power their motor controllers and subsequently their motors straight from their pack voltage, in contrast to many bigger electric vehicles that regulate their voltage for smoother performance. As a result, higher motor RPMs are possible at higher battery charge levels, and the top speed of an e-bike gradually decreases as the battery declines.

Riders don’t need to pedal as hard to engage speeds beyond 20 mph anymore thanks to the latest upgrade, which also looks to unlock that new high speed on throttle-only operation. In general, Class 3 e-bikes need pedal assistance to activate motor power between 20 and 28 mph.

Bezior X1500: Battery and Range

The battery can deliver up to 40 kilometers on a single charge and fits tidily inside the downtube. That’s an impressive amount of range for a 12.4Ah battery, but given how many competitors’ ebikes have switched to 20Ah batteries, I would have anticipated a bit bigger battery for the money.

The X1500’s novel battery design is another noteworthy aspect. The 12.4Ah battery has Samsung/LG cells for further dependability, and it is rated to have a staggering 80-mile range with pedal assistance and up to 60 miles with the throttle. Even if range figures are gradually increasing across the industry, those are still some fairly astounding numbers, especially given that the X1500 weighs in at 71.9 lbs. The large-profile downtube has a battery that is nicely incorporated inside.

The massive LED light strip that is fastened to the battery, however, is the showpiece! One full side of the bike has a brilliant, white LED strip with four brightness settings: low, medium, high, and flashing. This strip is only visible when the battery is taken out of the bike. We were completely taken aback by this function, which is extremely bizarre, and we are currently considering useful applications for this concealed flashlight. Although I’m tempted to dismiss this feature as a novelty, it might come in handy as a camping lantern or as a last resort light source during a nighttime maintenance. These kinds of misadventures and unforeseen circumstances are entirely possible given that it’s a fat bike.

Bezior X1500: Conclusions

Overall, I believe the X1500 provides superior handling for a fat tire electric bicycle and feels much more nimble and reliable than counterparts at comparable prices. The torque sensor, which is generally seen on higher-end bikes, and the light-up batteries are just two of the outstanding features this true adventure machine has to offer.

The Bezior X1500 ($1599) will travel far and arrive in style if you’re looking for something unique to get through the snow, ice, sand, or wherever else you ride.

Could Bezior’s action be a foreshadowing of what is to come in the sector? Will there be more widespread performance unlocks that can be downloaded quickly and easily? Or will e-bike manufacturers follow in the footsteps of Zero Motorcycles and offer upgrades as future-buyable downloadable content? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.


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  1. I have the bezior1500 x plus .only has throttle in 0 1 thru 5 has only peddle assist can I switch a setting to change to throttle and pedal assist from I thru 5 my ecotric seagull has throttle and pedal assist in 1 thru 5 but nothing in the 0 setting plz help thnx!!


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