New Cake Makka Electric Moped limited edition is Now Available by Polestar


A sky-blue version of the Polestar Cake Makka Electric Moped Limited Edition has been unveiled. The result of Polestar and Cake’s collaboration is the electric moped. After the snow matte e-moped was released, this happened. The Polestar Cake Makka’s exterior hue resembles that of the Polestar electric roadster. The model is a restricted-edition product.

Polestar, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, is expanding its partnership with Cake, a Swedish manufacturer of electric motorcycles, to produce a new battery-powered moped that will be sold for the first time in North America.

Cake is a Swedish scooter manufacturer, while Polestar is one of Geely’s sub-brands for electric vehicles. The pair’s first joint electric vehicle was introduced in 2021. The Polestar Snow Matte version of the first model was the only one made available. Due to the market’s interest in its lightweight design, it was immediately sold out.

The Sky Blue exterior color of Cake’s limited-edition, customized Makka moped was drawn from Polestar’s O2 roadster design, which was initially unveiled earlier this year. Starting in 2026, the Polestar 6 is anticipated to enter production as the original idea.

Since the two Swedish businesses initially collaborated in 2021, Polestar and Cake have released two models. The most recent is this one. The first version of the Makka moped had a white exterior shade dubbed Snow Matte instead.

The moped was created to appeal to lovers of both Cake’s scooters and the Polestar 2. With LED headlights and dampers, the new Cake Makka Polestar Edition e-moped is equipped. It has a detachable luggage rack that enables a variety of adaptable combinations. Boxes, baggage racks, pillion seats, and other extras are available.

Depending on the setting, the Cake Makka Polestar Edition may reach high speeds of 45 or 25 kilometers per hour. It weighs 70 kg. It has a 2.8kW electric motor and a 54km range from its 1.4kWh battery. The new e-moped can be charged from 80% to 100% in 2 hours using its 10A charger. This implies that when the e-car is sitting idle at work or elsewhere, you can easily re-energize it.

The Makka moped from Cake stands apart from other motorbikes with comparable specifications thanks to its 28 mph top speed, two ride modes, and striking appearance. Its motor has a range of 34 miles and can provide 2.8kW of peak power. The business also creates off-road and urban utility e-motorbikes.

On a non-electric mountain bike with the Polestar logo, Polestar also collaborated with Sweden’s Allebike. Additionally, CEO Thomas Ingenlath stated in a recent interview that the company’s upcoming e-bikes should be more than just a “commercial stunt.”

Starting on December 14th, 2022, the Polestar-branded Sky Blue Makka will be offered only in selected Polestar markets through the business’s “Additionals” online store, with a suggested retail price of $5,300.



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