CAKE Kibb Is Semi-Autonomous All-terrain Vehicle for Farmers


Cake is a Swedish manufacturer of electric motorcycles, is expanding into the four-wheeled vehicle market and has committed to creating a new type of semi-autonomous all-terrain vehicle for farmers.

Regardless of whether there is a rider on board, CAKE’s newest electric vehicle idea is ready to hit the soil. This is so because the CAKE Kibb is a hybrid of a robotic work platform and an electric ATV. Additionally, this is the Swedish EV manufacturer’s first attempt at a four-wheeled EV.

The CAKE Kibb isn’t designed for fun rides or recreational purposes. This ATV is intended for light-duty agricultural application, where it can “meet the special needs of regenerative farming” and be used to supplement human or mechanical labor.

The new electric four-wheeler, known as the Cake Kibb, is made to undertake simple agricultural activities related to regenerative farming. According to the company, its goal is to provide a less harmful substitute for current farm equipment that can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Although it is currently in the early stages of development, the Kibb will be a multipurpose electric ATV with a modular body and several attachments that will allow it to be utilized with a wide range of equipment.

The Kibb is intended to provide a lower-impact agricultural transport solution that can help a rising trend toward sustainable farming. Most farm vehicles utilized today emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Importantly, Cake asserts that the Kibb will be able to function both with and without a driver and will be capable of carrying out “basic” activities on its own. Additionally, the gadget will function as a vehicle-to-load output, allowing it to be utilized to power other appliances.

Similar to the CAKE as electric moped, the CAKE Kibb has a modular body that can use a variety of modifications to be compatible with different ATV equipment.

The ATV’s battery pack can also be utilized as a mobile power station to power numerous tools and appliances that are used in the field.

The Kibb can even work independently on a single task, giving farmers and ranchers more time for other tasks.

Fanny Jonsson, a Swedish transportation designer, came up with the first concept for the Kibb while writing her master’s thesis at the Ume Institute of Design. Jonsson worked as an intern with Cake’s product design team earlier this year to create a platform for the ATV.

Stefan Ytterborn, the head of Cake, said: “It was hard not to make the Kibb into reality because not only was the outcome of Fanny’s thesis a fantastic achievement, but it was such an impressive embodiment of the key Cake ideals.”

The Kibb name has a connection to the Swedish island of Gotland, like all of Cake’s bikes. Its meaning as an ox in the island’s old Gutniska language led to its apparent selection as a symbol of strength and kindness.

The Kibb idea originated as part of a Swedish transportation designer’s Masters thesis while he was an intern at CAKE. The business chose to put the idea into production development because they were so taken with it.

The business went on:

Swedish transportation designer Fanny Jonsson first came up with the idea for the Kibb electric quad while working on her master’s thesis at the Ume Institute of Design. During her thesis internship with CAKE in 2022, Jonsson made use of their knowledge of product development to create the Kibb electric ATV platform. Since graduating, CAKE has hired Jonsson full-time to work on the brand’s product development team, where she will assist in turning the Kibb from a render into a physical thing.

Jonsson was able to incorporate much of the technology created by CAKE for its electric motorcycles into her original idea.

As she clarified:

Real-world problems were on my mind as I began to develop the idea, and I looked carefully at the markets with the most untapped potential. The fact that CAKE has begun manufacturing this and is allowing everyone to follow the development from my renderings and concept to reality is an honor as well as a fantastic tool to advance zero emission, regenerative farming. Starting from the core CAKE DNA combined with a new vehicle type was truly exciting.

You’ll need to wait a lot longer if you’re eager to ride on (or walk alongside) a CAKE Kibb at work. The autonomous four-wheeler is still in the early phases of research, and CAKE doesn’t anticipate releasing it before 2025. For the time being, you’ll have to settle for one of the company’s several electric motorcycles.


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