Fucare Libra Review: New E-Bike with Comfortable Ride!


The Libra E-Bike from Fucare Libra has a lot of dynamism. It is a class 3 electric bike with a 750 watt hub motor and throttle, which is standard for motorcycles in its class.

This electric bike with large tires serves as a cruiser, shopping cart, and gear carrier. You can ride it all year long in the rain and snow thanks to its 20″x4″ tires.

I’ve been riding electric bikes for a while, and in 2022, I’ve had the chance to assess a variety of models, including the stylish Fiido X and the accommodating Lectric XP 3.0. I’ve previously recommended bike models from Fucare Libra as alternatives to take into account.

The business contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I would like to test drive one of its numerous models. I chose to test the Fucare Libra in orange because I use an e-bike for my everyday commute. It costs $1,299 right now and is available in the colors yellow, blue, and black.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Fucare Libra, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is designed with a few safety and convenience features, such as the excellent high-quality front and rear lights, turn signal indicators in the rear light, leather handlebar grips, water bottle cup holder, and very comfortable swept-back style handlebars.

A complementary iOS and Android smartphone app for the Fucare Libra allows you to configure your bike, turn it on and off, and even keep track of your rides and riding history. It’s a really capable e-bike that commuters will like.

Video Review of Fucare Libra

Fucare Libra: Design and Build Quality

This Fucare Libra electric bike is completely devoid of unnecessary features. After turning the saddle out of the way, the battery may be conveniently removed from beneath the seat tube. The step-through frame allows riders with heights between 5′ 5″ and 6′ 6″ to use it.

The bicycle has mounts for a front basket, front and rear fenders, and a rear rack. Directly in front of the rider on the downtube is where the water bottle cage is located. I expect to see more step-through designs as bicycle aesthetics continue to evolve. The step-through fat tire design allows for a wide range of rider heights and is simple to mount.

I’ve been spoilt by some of the numerous folding bikes I’ve tested recently that came fully assembled in the package, requiring only a quick unfold to get me out and moving. Getting the Fucare Libra up and running takes a little more effort, especially for my test unit, which arrived with a damaged rear fender. 

In addition to providing all of the equipment required to construct and maintain the bike, Fucare Libra also includes a very clear and thorough handbook. You should be able to put together the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, seat, front fender, and rear rack in about 30 minutes if you simply follow the instructions. I was a little taken aback to learn that installing the rear rack is mandatory, but it does allow you the option of using the bike without the rack.

Navigating the bike’s cockpit is simple. A thumb-activated Shimano drivetrain with seven standard gears is located to the rider’s right. Easy to hold and incredibly responsive is the rubberized twist grip throttle. When operating at greater speeds, this bike offers a lot of torque.

One lighting module and an unusually loud trumpet are located on the left. The +/- dials for the speed settings and your on/off power are controlled by a second module.

A high contrast panel that displays MPH, speed, total mileage, and headlight settings is located in the middle of the vehicle. With polarized sunglasses, you can experience visibility problems, but otherwise, the screen is simple to read.

For a more comfortable ride, the handle bar grips are ergonomic and flatter. These grips are a major benefit for me as a mountain rider who has battled carpel tunnel and wrist issues.

Any pathway chatter that you may encounter is handled by the four-inch tires. The cherry on top of the comfort is the front suspension fork. The tire and suspension combination provides a very smooth, stable ride, especially when loaded down with saddle bags or baskets, which is useful if you need to drop a curb or navigate particularly poorly maintained roads.

Only by inserting the key and unlocking the battery can the battery be taken out. Store the key safely so you may remove the battery for storage and charging even though you don’t need it to run the bike. The battery can be charged while installed on the bike as well.

On the left side of the handlebars are the controls for the bike and display. The controls and options for exhibiting various sorts of data on the display include a number of icons. When the display is on and the surrounding area is dark, the headlights will automatically turn on, but you can also manually turn them on.

Fucare Libra: Motor and Battery

As the rider starts and stops riding through intersections, the seven speed Shimano drivetrain gives you more gearing possibilities. A high gear and the twist throttle enable you start the bike from a complete stop because it weighs 77 pounds. Despite the good options, stopping and starting this bike is a pleasure thanks to the pedal assistance.

The usage of the mechanical Tektro brakes on this electric bicycle was a surprising, money-saving feature. I was initially dubious. I anticipated more brake since the bike was so heavy and capable of traveling at above 25 mph. However, the Tektro’s offer responsive control as I press the gas and pull the levers. I was pleasantly surprised by the brakes’ strength and efficiency. Do not be concerned about the mechanical brake, which is more cost-effective.

Installing the Fucare Libra mobile app will give you the best experience possible with the Fucare Libra. Once you pair your smartphone with the bike through Bluetooth, the bike will turn on when you get close to it. Additionally, you have the option to set a time restriction for when it will automatically lock when Bluetooth is removed. Although it won’t stop theft, this excellent security measure should deter thieves from targeting the bike.

You can log your rides and view your ride history using the smartphone app. Using the app, you may adjust the illumination, assist strength, and speed level settings.

According to its specifications, the Fucare Libra can travel up to 55 miles in pedal assist mode Level 1 with a 165-pound passenger and 40 miles in throttle-only mode. As a 240-pound cyclist who frequently rides up hills, my range was limited. I was able to go a week without charging the bike because I normally ride 7 miles a day, which is all I’m looking for in an e-bike for commuting.

The bike has a good step-through design that makes it simple to get on and off and is built for users between 5 feet, 4 inches and 6 feet, 5 inches tall. The water bottle holder is unique to this e-bike among those I have tested. You might also want to use this to hold your coffee cup while you commute since it is an e-bike rather than a conventional bike.

The size of the bike, particularly the 44-inch handlebar height, was one element that caught my attention. The bike has a handlebar width of 20 inches and is just over 6 feet long. When starting from a halt, it rapidly gets moving with the assist and throttle, which I adore.

Fucare Libra: Conclusions

Although I like how easily a folding bike like the Zectron can be stored, nothing compares to the commute experience of a bike that is specifically made for riding in traffic. Thanks to its convenient turn signal indications, the Fucare Libra was ideal for commuting. I especially enjoyed the bright, flashing electrical turn signals because it’s difficult to ride a huge, heavy e-bike and get those arm signals out. A fantastic way to let drivers know what you are doing on the bike is to have a bright brake light. Additionally, the bike includes a reasonably loud horn that you can use to signal when necessary.

You can update the bike’s settings, regulate whether it’s locked, and keep track of your journeys using the smartphone app. Given that it sticks out on the street, the orange hue is also a nice safety feature. At high speeds, the Fucare Libra feels robust because of its well-built design, excellent paint job, and high-quality welds. I like the angled handlebars with leather grips on the ends, and the seat is comfortable. The controls are simple to use and the display is big.

The big tire Fucare Libra E-bike, priced at $1,299, will save you money on gas. The torque and braking power would be the two most apparent features (considering the model of brake.) If you don’t rig your own seat and footrest, there isn’t a place for a passenger. If you’re a DIY kind of rider, you could make place for two as the bike can support up to 330lbs of capacity.

The big tires are advantageous both physically and figuratively. When the bike path got icy and the weather changed, I felt secure and firmly rooted. Additionally, the tire size made fast-speed cornering pleasant.

You won’t be dissatisfied whether this is your family’s fifth e-bike or your first. The only aspect of this specific Fucare Libra e-design bike that I’d modify is that I wish there was more room for passengers.

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