Tesgo Hummer Review: Folding E-Bike With 1000W Power!


Folding bike review of the Tesgo Hummer E-Bike following a month of heavy use. My over a month-long experience using it as my daily driver. Is the Tesgo Hummer pricey enough?


The brand-new Tesgo Hummer Ebike is shown here. I really do mean the new Hummer when I say that. This bike was kindly provided by Tesgo Bikes for review and testing on this channel. I made it plain to them before accepting their offer that I wanted to discuss the bike’s advantages and disadvantages openly. The bike was transported from a Polish warehouse, and I received it four days after our agreement.

WHEELSIntegrated Wheelset
LCD DisplaySmart Display
Frame Material‎Aluminum
Item Weight‎66.13 Pounds

Video Review of Tesgo Hummer

Tesgo Hummer: Design and Build Quality

The new Hummer e-bike has some fantastic new features and component updates, as well as the newest and most modern controls. It also arrives in a box that is very nicely packaged and protected. As usual, you’ll get a coupon code to get this bike for even less money!

The bike is almost completely completed when it is delivered and is shipped folded in half within a large box. Multiple layers of rubber, wood, and cotton provide excellent protection for every component.

The Hummer e-bike, charger, owner’s manual, air pump, key and tool set, and phone holder are all included in the box.

This bike comes together quickly and easily. It just needs to be unfolded, the protective layer removed, the pedals attached, the screws tightened properly, the tires inflated, and the batteries fully charged before you use it for the first time, and you’re ready to go.

I’m a little hesitant to keep my phone on the fragile plastic phone mount. Even though the air pump isn’t of the best caliber, these are freebies.

The size and quality of the completed bike are really amazing.

It has a massive, thick rubber wheel that is 20 inches in diameter by 4 inches, and it offers a steady and comfortable ride. I Tesgore these thick tires so much! Although they can somewhat increase rolling resistance and reduce range, they are really cool. The bike looks aggressive and dynamic thanks to its alloy rims. When riding the bike on asphalt, the tires are fairly noisy, but I absolutely like that!

When the front brake and the rear brake are applied simultaneously, the 180mm brake disc performs admirably. But I really hope hydraulic brakes are added in the upcoming upgrade!

When pulled, the sturdy brake levers turn off the motor power. Outstanding for a safe journey!

Unlock the primary folding system, fold the frame, then unlock the folding handlebar system and drag it backward to fully fold the Hummer. The front wheels have a fixed axle and cannot be removed, but the plastic pedals may be folded as well.

Simply take the saddle off if you need to make it even smaller. By the way, Teflon protects the interior of the seat tube. Position and height adjustments are more simple and won’t harm the aluminum seat post. Well done, Tesgo Bikes!

The metal frame is sturdy and expertly constructed. The welds are quite strong and have a nice appearance. It is by no means a small or light bike; the battery added increases its weight to roughly 34 kg.

People who are 150 cm to 200 cm tall can ride this bicycle with ease. The seat post and handlebars can both be adjusted in a variety of ways. The manufacturer recommends a maximum load of 120 kg. Getting acclimated to the 53 cm long handlebar will take some time.

Although the tires are thick and there is no back suspension, the ride quality is excellent. The majority of bumps and shocks are effectively reduced by the tight front suspension, which has been tested extensively. There isn’t an adjustment option, though.

The front and rear lights are quite bright if you enjoy riding a bike at night. Simply click the button on the left side of the handlebar to switch on the front light. In the same location, there is a handy electric horn as well.

You must first insert the key and turn it, just like you would for a car ignition, to start the bike. The battery compartment can be locked and unlocked using the same key. The key’s location is not ideal. The bike can get dusty, and if the key is off, it won’t start.

It’s straightforward and simple to operate this pc. The backlight makes the LCD’s brightness easy to view even on sunny days. To start the bike, simply press and hold the “Power” button. It displays the battery level, time, trip meter, speed, and other data. Three pedal assist settings are also available.

Tesgo Hummer: Motor and Battery

The back wheels are home to a potent 48V, 1000 watt motor and a 8-speed Shimano gearbox. The seven gears, though, are worthless at high speeds. In a moment, we’ll talk about the motor.

The factory default maximum speed is 50 km/h, however you may quickly change it by changing the menu options. You must also alter the option if you want to use the pedaling mode (or level 0).

I adjusted every setting and unlocked at top speed, but sadly, I’m only able to go 50 km/h. According to the driver’s weight, tire pressure, and battery health, the top speed varies.

The motor has enough power to climb the city’s hills. It performs the task, but loses speed. Unlocking has a maximum output of 1000 watts. During my tests, it is silent and doesn’t become too hot.

The Hummer comes with a half-throttle, and the new cruise control is particularly useful. When you maintain the same acceleration for longer than 5 seconds, the cruise control will maintain the same speed. The cruise control is on until you press the brake, and you will see the letter “P” on the LCD screen.

The first and second of the three menu options will operate with the pedal assistant, while the third is solely for the throttle. You must then modify the menu options if you wish to utilize “throttle only” without having to start cycling.

The USB charger, which can be found even in the dark, is another awesome feature!

Although the saddle isn’t terrible, I intend to replace it shortly. Again, the quality of this bike is great, but there are a few minor touches that really set it apart, such the side stand support, cable management, and shock protection of the folding mechanism.

On a single charge, the 48V 17.4 Ampere Hour battery has a range of about 60 kilometers. By cycling together, you may increase the range. It takes about 6-7 hours to fully charge. Anyone planning a lengthy trip would be wise to get a second battery pack.

Speaking of batteries, they can hop, move inside the frame, and create unpleasant noises, much like in earlier models and many other foldable electric bikes. Simply attaching a felt strip along the battery body will take care of this. Nothing major, and it’s simple to fix!

You may either remove the battery and charge it somewhere else or connect the charger straight to your bicycle.

The new model from Tesgo Bikes includes a tight rubber cap that shields the charging connector from dirt and moisture as a result of their attention to our comments. It can be driven in the rain because it has received official IPX5 certification. When the battery runs out, it’s not terrible to be without power, but it’s also not the most pleasant sail!

Make sure everything is tightened down before your first ride, and charge the battery completely. I didn’t have to mount the foot and pedals in this instance. As a result, the assembly took no longer than two minutes. It was sufficient to inflate the wheels, adjust the saddle, and the handlebars. The gears weren’t adjusted either. 

The identical folding or unfolding of the bike only takes a dozen or so seconds when everything is in its proper place. Do not lose the key; you will be unable to activate the power steering without it.

Tesgo Hummer: Conclusions

The bike Tesgo Hummer offers excellent value for the money. In Poland, I believe it would be challenging to find an equivalent with similar requirements. Driving this type, in my opinion, provides far greater comfort. The worse range and weight are the drawbacks. If I were to choose again between the ADO A20 and Hummer, I would unquestionably choose the latter.

Following that, Tesgo focused heavily on logistics and after-sales support in the European Union. Just wondering how well it holds up after six months of use. Since I’ve owned ADO A20 for almost two months, everything has been in its proper position.


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