ADO Air: Lightest Foldable E-Bike with Carbon Belt 2023!


ADO or A DECE OASIS is a start-up company that makes electric bikes, scooters, and accessories that are strong and fashionable and may be your commuter buddy in cities. They provide for the demands of cross-country riders, adventure seekers, mountain climbers, campers, etc. in addition to urban commuting, and offer bikes specifically tailored for various sites and needs.

We are familiar with the ADO brand because it is a Chinese company that specializes in green transportation and has a wide range of accessories to its name. The Asian business on this tour is showcasing its most recent creation, the ADO Air, an electric bike with an incredibly light body, a folding design, and an urban-friendly layout.

ADO Air: Design and Appearance

The ADO Air, ADO’s newest ultra-lightweight foldable Ebike, has just been released. With an aluminum body and a light weight of around 16 kg, this compact Ebike is simple to carry and store. The bike may be easily folded and stored in your trunk to save space while you’re traveling. 

Unquestionably, the new ADO Air’s exceptional mobility makes it unique. In actuality, we’re discussing a foldable, incredibly light electric bike with an aluminum body. It is ideal for any form of movement with the least amount of effort due to its lightweight design of only 16 kg. The bike may be kept in the car’s trunk and takes up very little room; it is also great for trips.

Although the ADO Air may be folded completely, it weighs slightly less than 16 kilograms, which is a lot for a bike of its caliber. The ADO Air does not lock together when folded like the Brompton Electric. Therefore, when carrying the e-bike, you must take care to prevent unexpected unfolding. Fold the handlebars over the saddle when folding the complete e-bike to prevent this from happening. In this manner, you at the very least have a slightly more secure hold.

Compared to a standard chain, the carbon belt drive is more effective and durable and produces no noise or need for maintenance. Even on the steepest slopes, the magnetic torque sensor offers a smoother ride. You may unlock the vehicle, turn on the lights, and examine all the vehicle parameters using the simple and intuitive controls provided by the app.

ADO Air: Motor and Battery

E-bikes that fold up are the ideal answer for last-mile issues. They can go with you on the bus or train without costing you an additional ticket, allowing you to cruise to work without perspiring. The ADO Air is a foldable electric bicycle that has a 250-watt Bosch electric motor. 

Switching sometimes happens slowly and abruptly. At stop signs, you pedal to accelerate to around 15 to 20 km/h on your own strength; the motor then propels you forward to a maximum speed of 25 km/h and maintains that pace. After that, you won’t encounter any difficulty as the e-bike ensures you maintain your current pace. This is done so that it won’t be visibly affected by your cadence. Simply keep breaking out to disrupt the e-acceleration bike’s if you have to follow another road user who is moving slowly for a time.

ADO Air, which is intended to be a commuter partner, has hydraulic disc brakes that have better stopping strength and are dependable at high speeds as well as a magnetic torque sensor that constantly adjusts to riding speed.

The bicycle has a modern carbon belt that is less expensive to maintain than a chain belt and is more effective and dependable. A single charge of the Ebike’s 21700 Samsung 36v 10Ah battery allows you to ride up to 100 kilometers. The battery is simply detachable and takes 4 to 6 hours to fully recharge. Additionally, it has an IPS color display with IPX7 water, oil, and scratch resistance.

The ADO smart App, which has features like Smart lock, Navigation, Health index, and more, may be used to control the e-bike. This Ebike’s superb construction, individualized service, and worry-free after-sales are its greatest features.

ADO Air: Price and Availability

Although the crowdfunding campaign for ADO’s new electric bike has begun, it is not yet accessible. However, you can sign up to receive updates and news on the release in the interim. By doing this, you will also receive a 40% Early Bird discount when purchasing ADO Air. The price has not yet been disclosed, but starting with a deal never harmed anyone.


  1. It is almost an exact replica of the Carbo ebike which has been around for much longer… the Carbo bike is even lighter.


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