iGowise BeiGo X4: Twin-wheel and Self-Balancing E-Scooter 2023!


On January 26, 2023, Bengaluru, India-based EV firm iGowise Mobility will introduce the BeiGo X4, a brand-new electric scooter. The scooter has a distinctive design that allegedly combines the toughness of a mountain antelope with the elegance of the honeybee. Its twin-wheel integrated power-train technology, which enables on-demand self-balancing and makes for a more pleasant and secure riding in busy traffic and on slopes, is its key selling point.

The company already has a 30K unit yearly installed capacity at its Whitefield, Bangalore, location. The firm is currently finalizing productionisation by further investing in automation tools & sophisticated testing equipment.

iGowise BeiGo X4: Design, Motor and Battery

The twin-wheel integrated power-train technology used by the BeiGo X4 enables on-demand self-balancing. The business advises always keeping your feet on the ground when driving in traffic, including when reversing and going up hills.

“While many tried to construct a self-balancing scooter, iGo’s original engineering genius is bringing this stabilization without compromising on the performance & agility and without using expensive or high energy-demanding technology,” continued Suresh Salla, CTO and Chief of Design, iGo.

In terms of robustness, the BeiGo X4’s twin-wheel integrated power-train technology, which enables on-demand self-balancing, is really its USP. Keeping your feet on the ground is the key to traveling without getting tired, even in congested areas. even on incline. even when turning around. According to Mr. Suresh, who holds more than 20 patents in the field of mobility technologies, “While many tried to build a self-balancing scooter, iGo’s innovative engineering ingenuity is bringing this stabilisation without compromising on the performance & agility and without using expensive or high energy-demanding technologies.”

The company’s focus is also on mobility technologies, such as data-driven riding pattern recognition, smart BMS, ADAS, collision detection alarms, and smart BMS. IGowise Mobility intends to deliver attractive pay backs and rewards for rewarding riders who exhibit responsible driving habits and safe road etiquette using IoT and cutting-edge AI technologies.

A convincing offering is made by its 150 KM practical range, 2500+ cycle ultra-durable fire-resistant LifePO4 batteries, 60 L of cargo space, roomy flat floor legroom, built-in pillion footrest, and, to top it all off, triple-disc anti-skid braking system. It appears as though the car was specifically designed with Indian demands and conditions in mind. Sravan Appana, CEO of iGo, adds, “It’s what you get when a noble vision, user focus, and superb execution come together. Mr. Sravan, an ISB alumnus who created cutting-edge technology products in the finance, cloud, and IOT sectors, teamed up with Mr. Suresh, a serial entrepreneur in the mobility sector, to achieve their shared goal of making two-wheeler mobility safer, smarter, and more accessible.

“iGo is the brand synthesis of our rider’s own personality, fuss-free lifestyle, and uncompromising attitude. iGo will not sacrifice performance for safety, comfort for space, dependability for affordability, community for convenience, or today’s safety for tomorrow’s environmental sustainability. What makes BeiGo X4 the ideal friend who is as tenacious as our rider? Finally, Mr. Sravan said

iGowise BeiGo X4: Price and Availability

In order to make safe transportation accessible to everyone, the firm also wants to launch a novel zero-down-payment pay-as-you-go car subscription and is in discussions with a number of EV finance partners. The base model of the BeiGo X4 is anticipated to start off with a reasonable starting price of 1.1 lakhs and come with a 5-year guarantee covering up to 1 lakh kilometers for early adopters.



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