Nanrobot N6 Review: 2000W Dual-motor E-Scooter 2023!


Electric scooters have taken over the streets of many urban areas, however for longer excursions, larger riders, and more significant commuting requirements, the fleets of Bird & Lime’s scooters leave something to be desired.


With their unique offering in the market, Nanrobot Scooter came out to us. The 2,000 watt, dual-motor Nanrobot N6 electric scooter appears to be a true beast online, and in our tests, it lives up to the boasts. Hot crap, the Nanrobot Scooter is quick! They kindly offered us a review unit for free, and I’m delighted to report that I made it out alive!

Dual Drive1000W x 2
Tire10 inch off-road tires
Max Speed65KMH / 40 MPH
BrakeDual Hydraulic Brake
Lithium Battery52V-26AH
Range30-40 MILES / 50-60KM
Limited Speed25km/h
Size53 x 25 x 53.7in
Load capacityMAX 330lbs / 150kg
Net weight88.2lbs / 40kg

Nanrobot N6: Design and Build Quality

The Nanrobot N6 arrived with the handlebars folded down, and it took roughly 20 minutes to put everything together correctly. The throttle and brake levers on the handlebars seemed to all require a different size allen wrench, which was a cause of frustration. Still, whatever. You only need to assemble it once. The Nanrobot N6’s design feature that makes it so excellent is its ability to fold down for easy, compact storage with only a quick pull of two clamps at the base of the handlebar.

The right-mounted lever pull throttle and the right brake, which effectively sit on top of each other, rapidly became apparent as bolting everything on. It’s also important to note that Nanrobot chose to reverse the position of the front and rear brakes from the standard configuration, placing the front brake on the right and the rear brake on the left. The reasoning behind the switch is straightforward; given that the throttle is likewise positioned on the right, they intended to make the rear brake easier to access by default.

Due to its larger-than-average tires and the suspension, the scooter itself is raised off the ground considerably more than a regular scooter. The shocks on the Nanrobot N6 rapidly compress to accommodate the rider’s weight, giving the sensation of stepping onto a trampoline due of how high it rides. While I was standing still, the scooter was bouncing up and down, but the shocks comfortably supported my weight, and the substantial 10″ x 3″ tires gave me a good sense of assurance.

The design of electric scooters is frequently criticized, but the Nanrobot N6is both attractive and stylish. The scooter has a dark-polish finish and an aluminum frame with a stealth folding mechanism. The body has a notably streamlined appearance because of the precise dimensions that streamline it. The tires, however, are the key component of the design. The broad, sturdy tires offer a striking appearance that catches your attention and are made for comfort and longevity. They are a prominent feature, for better or worse (depending on who you ask), and they have an impact visually.

In actuality, it took a few rides to get acclimated to the handlebar configuration, but after that it was simple. By the end of the first week, if this were a daily driver, it would be barely remembered.

The Nanrobot N6 has been improved, especially with the build in mind. This indicates that the structure is where the biggest differences between the original model and this new competitor may be located.

With a frame built of a novel metal composite and reinforced alloy parts in the locking mechanism, stem, and fork, the scooter is much more durable than its forerunners, offering increased durability (a welcome relief).

This combination gives the construction a really comforting stiffness and weight. It resists the weather without unpleasant wobbles or stiffness to throw you off and feels safe even at fast speeds.

With a 330-pound weight limit, the Nanrobot N6 is a fantastic choice for riders of all sizes and shapes. It weighs 88.2 pounds on its own, which indicates that it has a lot of power and appears to have been constructed with high-quality materials. 

Although the Nanrobot N6’s bigger tires absorb most of the impact from riding, they still require strong suspension to retain a smooth feel. Fortunately, the scooter’s dual spring front and rear suspension works excellently. Even at maximum acceleration, the suspension and tire combination maintain a smooth driving experience.

Noting how stiff the suspension can be is important. This guarantees great tracking on flat surfaces but can be challenging on uneven ground. One additional justification for the Nanrobot being more appropriate for weekend rides and commuting than an off-road excursion.

Nanrobot N6: Motor and Battery

As I boarded the Nanrobot N6, which has dual 1,000 watt hub motors and boasts 2,000 watts of power, I was apprehensive. To put things in perspective, even electric motorcycles in the United States normally only have 500 or 750 watt motors. Most scooters only have 250 or 350 watt motors. With an electric motor and batteries inside, I’ve ridden just about anything under the sun, from electric unicycles to 3,000 watt electric skateboards, ebikes, and of course, cars.

The Nanrobot N6 is an incredible beast to ride, and it was an impressive feat to put 2,000 watts of power into the hubs of a scooter like this. The scooter has a number of settings that allow the rider to adjust the power output to meet their demands. Selecting between single motor mode (1,000 watts) and dual motor mode (2,000 watts), as well as between eco mode and turbo mode, is made simple by easily accessible buttons on the left side of the handlebar. The scooter is transformed from a domestic cat to a ferocious beast by these four settings alone.

The rider can easily switch between modes 1, 2, or 3 using the digital controller on the right side of the handlebars. That much personalization is needed to provide each rider and each rider with the ideal level of power. I rode the scooter for five miles downhill and five miles back uphill on one of our shorter test routes to put it to the test. The only thing stopping the Nanrobot N6 from going faster was my willingness to push harder on the accelerator lever.

The Nanrobot N6’s 26Ah battery advertises a 40-mile range in conservation mode, but in reality, no matter which option I choose, I got almost the same range around town. Your mileage may vary because, like any electric vehicle, the Nanrobot N6’s real-world range is influenced by factors like rider weight, terrain, temperature, and speed.

When it was time to slow down, I started with the back and applied the brakes carefully. With practice, it becomes simpler to gauge how much of each brake to apply, and the Nanrobot N6 slows down adequately thanks to its dual hydraulic disc brakes. I strongly advise all riders, regardless of age or experience level, to wear a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads because they can reach speeds of up to 40 mph.

The Nanrobot N6 comes equipped with a single charger, a seat, a deck clamp, a handlebar bag, and a rechargeable USB headlight when it leaves the manufacturer. In addition to the completely integrated front and rear LED lights, the headlight adds added visibility. Extremely bright lights on the Nanrobot N6’s front and back aid to increase the scooter’s visibility to traffic while also illuminating the area surrounding the deck.

The Nanrobot N6 charges to full capacity from zero in 6 to 7 hours, but by adding a second charger to the mix, you can supercharge this. The second charger, which is optional, reduces the amount of time needed to charge something completely to 5 hours. It’s not something that everyone will require, but for those who do need to use their scooter more frequently or who simply need to recharge the battery more quickly, it’s a wonderful choice.

Nanrobot N6: Conclusions

The Nanrobot N6 is not inexpensive, costing $1,899. However, compared to other electric vehicles in this price range, it offers significantly more power, range, capacity, and extras. You simply cannot conceal the fact that the Nanrobot N6 has received 5 star reviews from 96% of consumers as of this writing. Visit the Nanrobot N6’s web store to learn all the juicy information or to place your own order.

Aside from its heavy frame’s constraints on mobility and an eccentric torque that may be difficult for beginners to control, the Dualtron Storm offers such a comfortable ride that you’ll want to ride it for hours.

This Nanrobot monster scooter is the stuff of fantasies for seasoned riders!


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