Lankeleisi RV800 Review: This Full Suspension E-Bike Surprised Me!


We only use the most dependable components for Lankeleisi’s most recent long-distance electric mountain bike, which will be available in 2023. The RV800 is better suited for mountainous terrain because it has a large spring suspension.

Large 4.0-inch wheels are on the Lankeleisi RV800 Fat E-Bike, an electric-assist bicycle. An electric fat bike can travel on any rocky surface thanks to its large tires, including snow, sand, dirt, and gravel. It is also referred to as a sand bike or a snow bike.

The Lankeleisi RV800 e-bike can go anywhere thanks to its top speed of 28 mph, average range of 45 miles on a single charge, 4-inch fat tires, and front suspension with 80mm of travel.

When you consider that this $2500 tough yet versatile ebike also comes with a throttle, 7 gears, and front/rear lights as standard equipment, you can see why the speed, mileage, and ride comfort numbers listed above are so impressive.

C $2,699.00

Other electric bikes I’ve seen don’t have the same aesthetic as the Lankeleisi RV800. I get a lot of comments while riding about it because of its distinctive design.

Along with a walk-through of all the key features, there is also a hands-on video review showcasing the Lankeleisi RV800’s top speed, acceleration, and speed.

Frame:6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame
Brake:Hydraulic disc brake
RimAluminum alloy wheels
Tire:KENDA 26 x 4.0
Motor:48v 750W Ba fangbrand motor,
Maximum speed:52km/h
Variable speed7 speed
Battery:48V 20AH Samsung Lithium battery
Pure electric modeRange 60-70KM
PAS mode (5 Shifts)Range 120-150KM
Net Weight:35.5kg

Lankeleisi RV800: Design and Build Quality

Its body is also designed with shock absorbers, allowing it to maintain a smooth ride even on challenging mountain roads. It is better suited for long-distance riding in the mountains when paired with a large-capacity and simple-to-replace battery.

After undergoing T4T6 heat treatment, the carefully chosen aluminum alloy 6061 material has higher strength, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance, ensuring the support strength of each part.

The use of the lockable front fork and dual oil spring suspension helps to give the rider a more comfortable experience during an accident. Wheels with a diameter of 26 x 4.0 inches can easily pass the speed bump even on muddy roads and roads with large potholes. The tire has anti-skid and anti-vibration features, and its width can reach 10 cm.

The four-bar linkage structure, which includes the 650-pound rear oil spring shock absorber, the lower frame’s front fork, the upper frame’s front fork, and the shock absorber joint, improves shock resistance and loads the frame. Increase weight to 200 kg and perform well.

The bike is heavy – it weighs a whopping 78 pounds – so you can’t just pick it up and carry it upstairs.

When riding the Lankeleisi RV800 over various types of terrain, from gravel to trails, it has a great riding position that is comfortable.

Complete information on things like handlebar height, reach, maximum/minimum seat height, stand-over height, and seat tube length can be found on the Lankeleisi RV800 product page. As would be expected, the saddle can be adjusted up, down, forward, and back.

Since the handlebars can also be moved up and down, most riders should have enough flexibility to find a position that is comfortable for them.

Even though the front headlight is small, it provides adequate illumination when riding at night. The left handlebar dial, which is shown in my photo gallery below, can also be used to turn on the front and rear lights.

A single brake light is located at the back, which is an excellent safety feature to have when riding at night.

Lankeleisi RV800: Motor and Battery

Additionally, the quick-release saddle offers a nice, soft platform to sit on, and the riding position is also comfortable. The saddle provides a comfortable place to sit while riding and can be fully adjusted via a quick release for the height and bolts for front-to-back and tilt adjustments.

You can use the throttle in addition to cycling and cycling with pedal assistance to travel up to 20 mph without even having to pedal; this is a fantastic feature that I frequently use. The bike can reach a top speed of 32 MPH when converted into a class III ebike with pedal assistance.

The Lankeleisi can be used on gravel, dirt, light trails, roads, concrete, or bike paths; wherever you want to ride, it will do so in comfort. Therefore, riding is enjoyable in terms of comfort and gives you confidence that your trips won’t be hampered by your bike.

With power assist and the aforementioned Class 3 upgrade hack, the bike can easily reach 32 MPH.

The bike has wide saddle, front suspension forks with 80mm of travel, and 4-inch fat tires, all of which contribute to the comfort of the ride. Even if you frequently ride gravel routes, the 4′′ width and knobbly tire walls of the fat tires really instill confidence when riding over otherwise difficult terrain.

If you’ve never ridden on fat tires, you’ll also notice that the ride is much smoother than what you might be used to. Although I don’t currently have any accessories for the Lankeleisi ebike, having a bell, a rear rack, and perhaps a mirror would be very helpful.

The soft sticky grip pattern, as shown in the image above, makes the handlebars comfortable. Since it’s so much fun to ride off-road, it’s obvious why it’s called the “Lankeleisi”; after all, that’s essentially what it was designed for. The removable integrated Lithium-ion 48V, 20Ah battery has a long service life.

Depending on the rider’s weight, the terrain, the incline, and the amount of power assist being used, you can typically travel 150 km on a single charge. Lankeleisi calculated an average of 150 km after conducting all of their testing.

Lankeleisi RV800: Conclusions

The RV800 electric bike sells for $2699 at, which is a fantastic deal for a bike with as many features as this one.

The Lankeleisi RV800 is probably the ebike you’ve been looking for if you frequently ride in areas with trails, gravel, and other surfaces besides just paved roads, and you want an ebike that offers a high range on a single charge, good hill-climbing ability (with the 7 gears), and a quick top speed.

It is much simpler to ride uphill when you have 7 gears, and you will probably get more miles overall on average because you can sometimes give the motor more help from your legs.

You do need to put some of the bike together yourself after ordering it online because it comes in a box, but it’s very simple to do. The package includes the necessary tools, and it should only take the average person 30 minutes to complete. All things considered, I believe this bike offers good value for the money because shipping from the Lankeleisi store was also very quick.

Pros of Lankeleisi RV800

  • The ability to ride a big, comfortable bike like this over any terrain with ease is pure joy. Thanks to the strong battery, the large tires, and the front suspension with 80mm of travel.
  • On a bike like this, a top speed of 32 MPH with pedal assist is enjoyable!
  • For such a large bike, the average range of 150 km per charge is remarkable.
  • When you need a break from pedaling, the throttle on it is a lot of fun.
  • For all the features and performance you receive, the price is high but the value is good.
  • The most enjoyment I’ve yet experienced on an adventure fat tire bike.

Cons of Lankeleisi RV800

  • My back fender was rattling a bit.
  • A large bike that weighs 78 pounds
C $2,699.00

Alternatives of Lankeleisi RV800



  1. One I purchased is RV800 plus while your review is about RV800
    There is confusion about features and performance-
    RV800 plus is not hydraulic brakes,
    chain rattle sound in 7th gear – dealer says its normal.
    Battery sound [ one day x 2 times so far ] in beginning – dealer says its normal.
    Yes, it can not have any rack due to design issue.
    Bike , after full charge handle 70-80 kms of slope-road terrain with paddle assists level 2
    Battery when fully discharged- you might be stranded …if you switch on again- it has juice to assist you in reaching your destination.

    Could have been a entry level hunting bike but design is major issue [ Fenders and rack not possible ] You can enjoy trail ride but be careful about battery and elevation you are dealing with.
    I wont be using bike in mountains and for city roads, gravel – 4inch tyre is not go good. This is my first bike- I wish I could select 2 or 2.5inch tyre ….
    So far so good !


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