Urtopia Chord Review: How to Find Perfect City E-Bike?


A stunning example of beauty, technology, and usefulness all rolled into one is the Urtopia Chord eBike. Due to the wide variety of brands and models available, choosing the ideal e-bike can be difficult given their rising popularity. The Urtopia Chord eBike, on the other hand, stands out from the competition with its elegant design, potent features, and unparalleled riding experience.

We first learned about the Urtopia, a light carbon fiber ebike produced by a Hong Kong startup with the same name, a few years ago. Well, the business has just unveiled its less expensive Chord ebike, which is perhaps more attractive than its predecessor despite being less fancy.

Numerous things could be referred to as “city” bikes. It might be inexpensive, causing less anxiety when it is almost certainly stolen. Because the commutes are brief and largely flat, it might be straightforward with fewer gears and accessories. Or maybe it’s a lighter bike that can be carried more easily up a flight of stairs to an apartment or office or onto a curb.

Material‎6061 Aluminum
BrakeTektro Hydraulic disk Brakes
Wheel diameterCST C1720 700 x 42C tires
Top speed25 kmph

Urtopia Chord: Design and Build Quality

The Urtopia Chord’s seamless, integrated design that combines style and functionality is one of its most striking features. It is ideal for long-distance commuting because it has a four-stage motor assist, Shimano eight-speed transmission, and a comfortable handlebar. It also has a ton of intelligent features, such as voice controls, GPS tracking, a built-in speaker, electronic fencing, and 4G connectivity, making it a true technological marvel.

The original Urtopia model, now known as the Carbon One, has a full carbon frame and fork, a quiet belt-drive drivetrain, and a claimed total weight of just 30 lb (although our test model actually weighed 33 lb or 15 kg). According to the viewer, its frame lacks a seat tube, giving it either a cool or strange appearance. Additionally, the only base color choice is a matte black that somewhat resembles a blackboard.

The Chord, in contrast, has a more conventional 6061 aluminum frame that is available in step-through or step-over variants and is painted in either black or white gloss. The production of that frame was done using a liquid forging process, which breaks up the unsightly welds found in the majority of aluminum frames.

The Urtopia Chord is available in one size, a step-over frame measuring 21 inches (53 cm) and weighing 33 pounds. Between 5 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet, 3 inches is considered the “ideal rider height.” Chris, the TechTablets, is 6 feet 2 inches tall and found the Chord to be too small for his long-legged frame. Chris remarked, “My knees feel like they’re up to my ears,” following a leisurely 15-minute ride. I am also 6-foot-2 and felt the ride more in my shoulders and core muscles than on bikes that were more appropriate for my height. Your experiences with body proportion will vary, but if you’re tall, I’d be wary. In the future, more model sizes will be available, according to a Urtopia representative.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, CST C1720 700 x 42C tires, front and rear fenders, integrated head and tail lights, as well as a Shimano Acera 1 x 8 rear derailleur drivetrain are some of the other features of the Chord. The latter also laser projects turn indicator signals onto the road next to the bike. 

The Urtopia Chord is inexpensive and lightweight compared to other e-bikes. Additionally, it is constrained by the absence of accessory mounts and a gearing and motor configuration that makes it more challenging to frequently start and stop in traffic or climb steep hills.

Oh, and if you want to save a little money, you can build it yourself. The interlocking tubes that make up this bicycle are held together by mortise and tenon joints and bolt collars. The tubes are assembled, cables are threaded through them, everything is bolted on, and the wheels are set into position. Later, more on that.

There is nothing else you can do but add accessories like a frame bag, a custom rear rack, an anti-theft horn, and an extra range-extending water bottle battery. Urtopia is the best place to buy a rear rack if you were thinking about getting one for this bike. I’m not sure that third-party racks would match the bolt size and placement of the Urtopia Chord due to the way the bike is put together and its lack of conventional mounting points for accessories (it doesn’t even have bottle cage bolts). Additionally, Urtopia does not provide its own fenders, and there is very little clearance above either tire. Whatever you can strap on is a light.

Urtopia Chord: Motor and Battery

A custom 250-watt rear hub motor assists the rider’s pedaling, allowing them to reach a top assisted speed of 20 mph or 32 km/h on the US model or 16 mph or 25 km/h on the European model.

Instead of producing force, the motor relies on a cadence sensor that turns on when your pedal cranks begin to turn. My main issue with this bike is that choice, along with the gearing of the hub/motor combination. Later, more on that.

Therefore, it appears that the Urtopia Chord is not designed to be ridden for long periods of time without at least some power assist engaged. Even with the assist turned on, the motor doesn’t start moving until the sensor detects that you’ve started moving the pedals. This isn’t a major problem on e-bikes that have a throttle, a torque sensor, or just gears. Before the Urtopia Chord can assist you, you have to put in some effort.

It’s a fun ride when the bike is moving along. The Urtopia Chord feels like the kind of commuter bike that e-bike enthusiasts have been pitching for a while: it’s faster and easier to ride, while still providing some exercise. This is especially true on relatively flat roads and with the assist set to level 3-5. I appreciated its importance while using the Urtopia Chord on Spain’s protected bike lane. In most of my rides on this bike, I rarely went above 18 mph, so you’re never starting or cruising quite as quickly as you would on an e-bike with a throttle, but you don’t have to think much while riding. You simply ride and press the up or down button to adjust the amount of assistance.

Out of all the e-bikes I’ve seen, the Urtopia Chord looks the least “e.” You cannot remove the internal battery, but you can charge it through a port on the top tube of the bicycle (not without a full dismantling, at least). The cables, which are mostly internally routed, reveal little. It’s not obvious that it’s an electric bike unless someone searches “Urtopia” or looks closely at the rear wheel. It doesn’t, however, look like a Van Moof despite being extremely sleek, modern, and electric-focused. Those understated aesthetics might appeal to some riders.

The removable battery, which offers additional convenience when it comes to charging and theft protection, is another feature that riders love. Additionally, Urtopia has added extras like a front and back rack to provide even more versatility for different usage scenarios.

Furthermore, the 352.8-Wh Samsung lithium-ion battery in the Chord is better integrated into the underside of the top tube than the Carbon One’s battery, which creates a somewhat awkward-looking bulge in the down tube of the bike. It is possible to remove that battery, and it is said to have a range of 50 to 120 km after a 2.5-hour charge.

Urtopia Chord: Conclusions

Generally speaking, commuters and leisure riders who want comfort, convenience, and value for money should choose the Urtopia Chord eBike. It has an eye-catching design and a variety of clever features that provide a distinctive riding experience. For those looking to purchase an e-bike, the current discount of $600 off its regular price makes it an even more alluring option.

The Urtopia Chord eBike combines fashion, innovation, and usefulness. Anyone looking to embrace the e-bike revolution would be wise to make this smart investment due to its svelte design, potent features, and unmatched riding experience.

The Chord is now offered on the Urtopia official website for a discounted price of $1,399. The retail price will be $1,999 once the launch promotion is over; for comparison, the Carbon One costs $2,799.

The Urtopia Chord might suit you if all you want from your bike is for it to be quicker and simpler to ride. But it turns out that there are many different factors that go into making a good “city” bike.

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