Xiaomi Navee S65 Review: 500W Dual Suspension E-Scooter!


Since we examine the Navee Electric Scooter S65, which has the best combination of high power features for cross-country travel and versatility for the city, today’s review is one of those reviews that deviates a little from the norm. This Xiaomi-backed company presents its most intriguing scooter, one that can travel up to 65 km on a single battery charge and is suitable for demanding users.

The chassis is made of aeronautical aluminum and can support 120 kg of weight. A strong 500W motor provides excellent traction even when the vehicle is moving uphill. With 10″ wheels and self-sealing tires, a rear disc brake, and an excellent double suspension system, it will adapt to any terrain. We’re about to start, so get on and put your helmet on!

We appreciate NAVEE sending us this electric scooter for review and their confidence in us.

Material:Aluminum alloy
Rated Power:500W
Max Speed:25km/h
Max Mileage:65km
Brake:Front E-brake & Rear Disk Brake
Voltage:46.8V 12.5A
Tire:10'' pneumatic tire
Unfolded Size:119 x 51 x 122 cm
Folded Size:121 x 20.5 x 46 cm

Xiaomi Navee S65: Design and Build Quality

The Navee Electric Scooter S65’s packaging, which currently consists of a sizable rigid cardboard box with an integral lid that is used at the base by means of plastic grips, may change in the future. Two outside straps hold the item in place, and inside are clearly folded polyethylene foam molds.

Although the wheels are already prepared from the factory, it would be convenient to have a unit to perform maintenance. The inflator pump for the wheels is not included.

We start by getting the Navee Electric Scooter S65 ready for use, which is a relatively easy task given that it arrives almost completely assembled. The scooter’s first action, which is to be folded and unfolded, is described on a small label that hangs from the fork.

A pressure grip system with a hinged lever is present on the guide tube. which, when the handlebar is in its straight vertical position, we must fasten to the handlebar’s tab. We can easily engage and disengage the grip by pulling up on the lever, without experiencing looseness or improper adjustment. Driving safely and firmly depends on having a good firmness.

The handlebar and steering tube must then be connected, so we carefully insert both metal pieces while making sure the connection cable does not get caught between them. The handlebar is held firmly in place by four screws, two of which are on each side of the scooter.

The NAVEE Electric Scooter S65 could now be used normally, but we would still need to pair it with our smartphone using either the Mi Home App or Go Navee. When we discuss our usage experience later, we will see this step.

The N65, on the other hand, debuted last summer, and its specifications are nearly identical to those of the earlier model. The new S65’s design and the fact that it now has a dual suspension system that makes it capable of handling any type of terrain and smoothing out all bumps are two things that have been improved. Additionally, the scooter has 10″ self-healing tubeless tires. These factors combine to make your rides more stable, comfortable, and enjoyable.

The Navee S65 has a frame made of aerospace-grade aluminum and can carry up to 120 kg  or 265 lb. In addition, it features a portable design that folds quickly – in just three seconds – allowing you to store it in the trunk of your car or take it on the bus with you.

With a straight handlebar and support base, this Navee Electric Scooter S65 is presented in the typical format for scooters. However, it has many distinctive features that make it very unique. We have seen it in the flesh, and it will undoubtedly draw attention when we are using it. A padlock will be a crucial component of it because while this may be good for the brand, it may also be bad for us because thieves will target us.

With a height of at least 127 cm and a length of 123 cm, the measurements are typically wider than those of a “normal” scooter; portability is not one of its strongest suits. You need a larger, more durable chassis with a mixed approach for city and rural use, which adds 24 kg to the weight. The best option is to always have it unfolded and push it wherever we go with it because moving it while folded is laborious and requires a lot of strength.

The original fork of the Navee Electric Scooter S65, with an inward design to later connect with the rocker of the wheel, which will come out, is found by going down the handlebar tube. A reflector is positioned inside the tube so that vehicles approaching from the front can see us.

This unusual layout enables the integration of a suspension spring in the rocker’s link mechanism, which is crucial for cushioning the impact of uneven roads and protruding objects like stones. It also features a mudguard to keep us clean while driving in slick conditions.

We are completely free to move around on a rectangular, rubber-coated support base that is 17 cm wide and 47 cm long, though there is a little more room both in front and behind. The Navee Electric Scooter S65 can accommodate up to two people in comfort, but a maximum weight of 120 kg is advised.

Batteries are kept in the lower portion of the base, which has a bottom plastic plate and a side enclosure made of curved plates. Be careful not to rub this area of the scooter against edges or projections because the screws or the threads could be damaged because the screws used to install this cover have slightly protruding heads. Reflectors that identify our location are attached to the sides, along with a pin on the left side.

The rear wheel’s “rocker” or “rocker” is the last component, and it also includes a spring suspension system. The metal fender that is attached to it features a handlebar buckle hook, a rear light that is fixed in place, and a flashing mode when the brakes are applied or the 6 km/h walking mode is engaged.

Xiaomi Navee S65:  Motor and Battery

Brightway installed the same motor in the S65 as it did in the N65, a 500 Watt geared motor with 1000 Watt of peak power. The scooter can travel as fast as 32 kph or 20 mph. Like the N65, the S65 has a sizable 48V with 12.5Ah battery inside that provides up to 65 km or 40 miles of range on a single charge.

Its mixed-use capability necessitates high power, and a 500W motor with 1000W peak power mounted directly on the rear wheel more than meets that need. As a geared motor, it actually has internal gears that make more noise, making it a good place for pedestrians. Surprisingly for its high acceleration, this system produces a maximum torque of 40 Nm and can climb slopes of 25%.

Its specifications are in line with General Directorate of Traffic and European Radio Equipment Regulations in terms of performance, so it cannot be categorized as a moped. It has three power settings: Walk (6 km/h maximum speed), Standard (15 km/h), and Sport (25 km/h maximum speed). The engine’s traction must never go above the legal limit, even though its top speed outside of the European range is only 32 km/h or 20 mph.

The Navee Electric Scooter S65’s base houses a lithium battery with a total capacity of 12.75 Ah, model P2301-BD5A, which serves as the power source. They run at a 46.8V VCC voltage and produce 596.7 Wh of power in a 0 to 40°C temperature range. They are protected from overloads, surges, short circuits, overheating, and over-discharges. Thanks to the BMS energy management system, all of this ought to safeguard us against failures caused by humidity, rain, or static electricity.

With these features, the scooter provides a maximum estimated range of 65 km on flat asphalt roads when carrying a load of 75 kg at 15 km/h. At its top speed, it promises a travel distance of 35 km on flat ground as well; therefore, on slopes, the figures should decrease somewhat. With its 122W charger, it takes 6 and a half hours to complete a charging cycle, a long but typical time.

When maneuvering through the city, the Navee Electric Scooter S65 demonstrates all of its capabilities. If there isn’t a bike lane to use, its slightly larger than average size gives it presence and gives us a sense of safety. We will be able to escape traffic jams and respond to unexpected events more quickly thanks to the top speed and, in particular, the acceleration. The ability to travel long distances without worrying about the battery, avoid taking public transportation, and avoid having to manually charge the scooter will be its main strength in the city.

However, due to its length, it becomes too heavy and loses agility when driving on sidewalks, making it difficult to avoid oncoming traffic. Since the engine power makes the acceleration quite high in this situation, it is best to use the walk or standard mode and be cautious when pressing the accelerator. It is advantageous in the city that it is somewhat noisy because pedestrians will hear us when they are walking by.

In order for the braking system to work effectively and prevent the wheel from slipping, with only the rear brakes engaged, we must lean back. We didn’t have an electronic braking system that would let us gradually slow down without constantly using the disc brake.

Transporting the scooter, which weighs almost 25 kg, is another consideration when driving in a city. People with weak muscles or back issues will find it difficult, not to mention those who live on floors without elevators or in buildings with very small elevators. These areas exhibit reasonable agility.

We will be able to drive effectively on loose ground, sand, or mud by sinking less with these wide wheels. Similar to this, the tires’ deep tread gives them good traction on slopes where the road is in poor condition. Driving will be superior to most scooters on this type of terrain thanks to all these details.

Xiaomi Navee S65: Conclusions

We have now reached the conclusion of our analysis, and after using the scooter for several days, we feel that we have enough information to form a judgment about it. The design is the first crucial element, and because it stands out from the competition, we believe it to be successful both aesthetically and technically. We will have excellent shock resistance and use on land thanks to the IPX5 construction of aeronautical aluminum, as well as a roomy platform for comfortable driving.

Even when folded, it is challenging to transport due to its wide dimensions and heavy weight of 25 kg, particularly in elevators, escalators, or, in the worst case scenario, stairs. It also loses agility, so when possible, we must first search for bike lanes or roads.

With at least 500W and 40 Nm of torque, the geared motor drive system performs admirably in most areas. It can climb hills and behaves admirably over long distances, but the internal gears are subject to wear. We also have a sizable battery that can travel up to 65 kilometers on its own, making it ideal for lengthy trips through rural areas or across large cities.

We really liked its screen because it was clear, had a ton of information about warnings and the scooter’s status, and looked nice with the sun shining on it. Although a mobile base could be added, the handlebars and control system are easy to handle.

At €1199, the Navee Electric Scooter S65 finally enters the price range of premium scooters and those with, shall we say, “special” features. Although there are always minor details to perfect or remember, Navee’s work has always been of the highest caliber.

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