Lankeleisi ES500 Review: Is This Typical E-bike or NOT?


The Lankeleisi ES500 is a fantastic urban step-through electric bike; it has beautiful lines across the frame’s 6061 aluminum alloy and is painted in either Grey or Red paint that has undergone T4T6 heat treatment to increase its corrosion resistance.

The 18650-lithium battery has a charge life of up to 80 miles thanks to the 16 Ah battery, which is concealed within the frame and has the newest BMS power-saving technology. The ES500 offers the flexibility of charging either with or without the battery in the frame.

The 500W high speed brushless motor used in the ES500 has an internal star gear design to increase torque and boost energy efficiency.


The ES500 is a fantastic all-around electric bike that comes equipped with front and rear LED lights, a rear rack, and a clever, interactive display that gives you real-time info on battery level, speed, mode setting, and riding data.

Moreover, the ES500 is equipped with lockable front oil spring shock absorbers, ZOOM disc brakes, and a Shimano 7-speed transmission system. 2.4″ tyres and 24″ wheels increase grip.

Let’s move on to the video review first, where you can use subtitles, and then we’ll talk about the design, performance, and the pros and cons of the new bike.

Rame material6061 All-aluminium alloy frame
Power assist Sensor :12-point Holzer-intensive speed sensor
RimAluminum alloy wheels
SeatSports and comfort seat
BrakeDisc brake
Riding mode:Pure electric mode (5 Shifts) Range 60-70KM PAS mode (5 Shifts) Range 100-130KM
Motor500W brushless
Battery48V 16ah lithium battery
Maximum speed38~50KM/H
Varispeed levelShimano 7 speed
Net weight27kg
Maximum load-bearing capacity330lbs

Lankeleisi ES500: Design and Build Quality

For those who prefer to ride those types of frames, including me, the Lankeleisi ES500 also comes in a step-over version. However, for electric utility bikes like this, I prefer the simplicity of a step-through frame.

There are a few differences to take into consideration, so I’ll talk more about the step-over version later in this review. The Lankeleisi ES500 step-through edition comes in 2 frame sizes: Small/Medium for those who are between 4’11” and 5’7″ tall, and Medium/Large for those who are between 5’7″ and 6’1″.

The Lankeleisi ES500 has a really refined ride, as I mentioned earlier. The fact that it only weighs 27 kg and rides and handles much like a non-electric bike is one of the features I like the most.

The 7-speed cassette and new torque sensor, which feeds level-assisted power from the rear hub motor depending on how hard you’re pedaling, give it a really nice gearing ratio. It’s a very clever system that functions beautifully when you’re on a bike.

People tend to nod in approval when you pass them on this classy-looking bike, but it is also quite stealthy, similar to the 7 stealth commuter, in that it does not appear to be an electric bike due to its sleek frame and well-concealed battery.

I really like the reflective sidewalls on the mid-width 24″ x 2.4″ hybrid tires because they provide an equally smooth ride on roads and light gravel trails. When compared to other electric bikes I have reviewed thus far, the bike’s average range of 80 miles per charge is also made possible by the wheels.

The Lankeleisi ES500’s front suspension greatly improves the ride compared to the Soltera commuter’s lack of it; this gives you more options for cycling routes and lowers your risk of developing sore bottom syndrome when you arrive at work!

You can use the throttle in addition to cycling and cycling with pedal assistance to move along at a flat 20 mph or up to 28 mph with some pedaling required. This is a fantastic feature that I frequently use.

A bell is not included with the bike, but if you think you might need one, you can buy one as an accessory. Given that it is a commuter bike, I am surprised that Lankeleisi hasn’t added one to the package. When you need to stand up this bike in your garage or while you run into a store, the kickstand is very useful and adjustable.

The Lankeleisi ES500 has 160mm rotors and disc brakes, and it stops quickly when I need it to. When the bike can travel at 28 MPH, this safety feature is crucial. When riding the Lankeleisi ES500 as a commuter bike while carrying a heavy backpack on your back, the riding position is excellent and comfortable.

Most people should have enough flexibility to find a riding position that is comfortable for them because the saddle can be adjusted up, down, in front and back, as you would expect, and the handlebars can also be adjusted up and down.

Lankeleisi ES500: Motor and Battery

The Lankeleisi ES500 surprises in how well it handles off-road terrain, but it’s not made for particularly difficult terrain. I would advise staying on the roads and easy trails. Surprisingly well, it also travels over gravel.

Check out the powerful Aventon Aventure ebike or the smaller folding alternative, the Sinch, if you’re looking for an Lankeleisi electric bike that can travel almost anywhere!

The motor is considerably quieter than other electric bikes I have reviewed in the past. Make sure to watch the ride test in my video review that I include at the end of this post to learn about noise levels from the perspective of the rider.

The internal removable Lithium-ion 48V, 16Ah battery provides a lot of use.

Depending on the rider’s weight, the terrain, the incline, and the amount of power assist being used, you can typically travel 80 miles on a single charge. Lankeleisi claims that if you only intend to use the throttle, the Lankeleisi ES500 can travel 50 miles on a single charge. Through the lock on the frame, the battery can also be removed. If you want to see a demonstration of how simple it is to take out.

When unlocked, the Lankeleisi ES500 has a top speed of 20 MPH when using the throttle alone and a top speed of 28 MPH with pedal assistance. One of the things I love about the Lankeleisi ES500 is that it doesn’t look like a typical bulky electric bike, as I alluded to earlier. E-bikes are notoriously more appealing to bicycle thieves. Therefore, the less an e-bike looks like an e-bike, the less likely it is that you will become a target when parking your bike in the city.

Lankeleisi ES500: Conclusions

If you have mobility issues and are unable to lift your leg high enough to get over the frame and onto the bike, the Lankeleisi ES500 is also available in a step-over edition, which may be a more popular choice for some.

If you want to generally mount and demount the bike more easily, the step-through version is a better option. Step-through versions of bikes may also be preferred by shorter people, such as many women and young adults with a small build, but that doesn’t mean men can’t ride them, of course!

While the step-through version also comes in two frame sizes, the smaller frame will suit smaller riders better than the larger frame on the step-over version, which is more suited to taller riders. While the step-small through’s frame can accommodate people as short as 4’11”, the step-small over’s frame can accommodate shorter people as short as 5’3″.


Alternatives of Lankeleisi ES500



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