Lankeleisi MG600 Plus Review: Emotional Fat E-Bike With Soul!


I first believed e-bikes were a scam when I first learned about them. Seriously, isn’t that cheating? was my initial reaction. People should move more, not less. But after listening to friends talk about their adventures, their workouts, and their pleasure, I knew I would eventually go on one. As a result, I seized the chance to review the Lankeleisi MG600 Plus e-bike as soon as it presented itself.

Everyone can use electric bikes, which offer several benefits and enable you to travel farther than with conventional bicycles while exerting the least amount of effort. Because people use them to move around conveniently, get exercise, and because they are enjoyable to use, they have become a common sight in large Italian cities.

Although the initial cost is significant, they have various long-term benefits in regular use.

E-bike manufacturer Lankeleisi has been making and selling bicycles and specialized accessories for more than ten years. The business, which is a leader in innovation, now debuts one of its newest flagship models, the MG600 Plus.

Frame6061 aluminum alloy frame
Wheel hub26 x 4.0 fat tire rubber
Variable speedShimano M315-7 finger dial
Motor power48V 1000W
Battery48V 20AH
MileageElectric mode 60 - 70KM Assistance mode 120 - 150KM
Vehicle size198 x 45 x 100 cm
Weight36.9 kg (including battery)

Lankeleisi MG600 Plus: Design and Build Quality

The bike’s frame is made of the aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and is uncomplicated in design. Because of its shape, you can ride upright and keep an eye on your surroundings. Also, when you stop, it is simple to keep your feet flat on the ground. The handlebar can also be lifted or lowered to achieve your optimum riding posture, and the wide, paddling saddle has a quick-release clasp to modify the height.

The ebike’s Fat tires 26″ and 4″ section provide you the ability to simply pedal over any terrain. With these tires, it is able to move effortlessly on both uneven surfaces like city asphalt and soft terrain like sand, snow, and mud.

The MG600 Plus sports a 7-speed Shimano gearbox that was imported from Japan in addition to the pedal assistance, allowing the user to alter the gear being used at will. The aluminum-based mechanism has been rigorously tested and found to be quite durable.

The MG600 Plus has a double front fork with shock absorbers, which makes it even more comfortable to operate on rough terrain or when hitting holes and uneven surfaces, despite the fact that this type of tire absorbs shocks quite well. Moreover, the tires are created to be non-slip and anti-vibration.

LED lights with a long range of illumination are included with the MG600 Plus. You can drive securely at night or in low light thanks to this front and rear lighting system.

In addition to the primary characteristics that define the MG600 Plus model, we also find other intriguing characteristics, which we will briefly discuss in this sentence.

A sizable waterproof color LCD panel with all the information we require is located on the bike’s handlebar.

Your speed, motor power, trip distance, and other information are displayed on the e-simple-to-read bike’s display, which you can also use to choose between riding modes. A backlight is also included for cycling at night. You can set a speed limiter function if you don’t feel comfortable riding at greater speeds or to assist you meet local trail access requirements.

We can dynamically switch the pedal aid mode, turn on or off the lights, and access helpful information while we are still holding the handlebars.

The seat is spacious and comfy, and it has an aerodynamic design. It has been proven to guarantee proper posture during protracted walks and make using this particular ebike model more enjoyable overall.

Lankeleisi MG600 Plus: Motor and Battery

With a 48-volt electric system and a strong 1000 watt motor, the Lankeleisi MG600 Plus eBike easily climbs hills. The Lankeleisi MG600 Plus is a “Class III e-bike” because it includes five levels of pedal assistance that can propel you up to 28 mph while you pedal and a throttle that can propel you up to 20 mph without pedaling. It boasts an easy-to-read backlit LED display that gives you your speed, pedal assist system (PAS) range, trip distance, battery charge, and more. It also comes with a high-capacity battery for extended range trips.

I rode the bike with my family for the first time. I wasn’t going to go mountain biking because I preferred to take in the scenery and the natural surroundings, but I was confident that I could find a bike route near the lake and go for a ride. A bike path that goes beside the lake and offers breathtaking views, is one that my brother-in-law and I discovered. It offered some fantastic challenges, including steep slopes and extensive flat sections, to put this new e-bike to the test.

I must admit that at first, using the pedal assist felt a little choppy. Here’s why: When riding an ebike for the first time, there is an adjustment phase as your brain is retrained to anticipate the bike’s pedal assist function. As I struggled to find a comfortable balance between the various pedal assist settings while shifting gears, tackling hills, and avoiding other cyclists and walkers on the trail, I gave up. All the while, I’m trying to get used to riding at a quicker than average bike pace and to not brake excessively. Not really “as easy as riding a bike.” When you ride an e-bike, you’ll understand what I mean.

My ride with the PAS eventually became smoother as I rode along the picturesque dodging cars, pedestrians, hills, bridges, and turns. I discovered that if I stop pedaling, the pedal assist stops, and I can control the speed better without using my brakes excessively. Simply begin pedaling to activate the pedal assist system (PAS), which allows you to pedal more or increase your speed. The larger tire size also offered me the assurance I needed to manage faster speeds while keeping to the path and negotiating sandy, unpaved portions when necessary.

As I’m starting out, moving forward after coming to a stop, and climbing hills are my two favorite moments to use the PAS. That makes it remarkably simple to do these two actions. When it came to hills, I honestly had no idea what to expect; I had anticipated a minimal level of assistance, but when I really used it, there was an unexpected zippiness that propelled me up the hill as I pedaled. It’s also a ton of fun, did I say that?

You might be surprised at how simple it is to adjust the PAS level. Power controls and PAS up and down buttons are located on the left handlebar. The PAS can be activated, accelerated, or decelerated with a simple tap of the thumb.

I initially worried that the e-brakes bike wouldn’t be able to handle the greater speeds. Fortunately, I found that breaking was simple. Even at faster speeds, I never felt that I wouldn’t be able to stop in time for anything in front of me. Because the Lankeleisi bike had hydraulic disc brakes, I felt confident slowing down and stopping at higher speeds. The fact that braking also includes motor cut-off increased my sense of security.

The battery life, in my opinion, was better than I had anticipated. Although I did not record precise range measurements, the website states that battery life can vary according to your weight, how often you use the PAS, the degree of the hills you climb, and how many stops and starts you make throughout your trip.

The battery is very simple to charge. It charges quickly – completely in just 6-7 hours. The battery is easily removable, you can charge the bike inside whether you live in an apartment, take it to work, or go out for dinner and need to secure the bike outside.

I’m now planning multiple travels with my Lankeleisi electric bike now that my car has a trailer hitch and a bike rack. My husband and I will be riding up and down the coast to the beach, supper, and shopping while we celebrate our anniversary. We intend to travel in the fall to observe the vines’ changing leaves, observe the grape harvest, and enjoy a few sips of wine along the route.

Lankeleisi MG600 Plus: Conclusions

The Lankeleisi MG600 Plus is a little more basic than other bikes in its class, as you’ll observe. It doesn’t come with a rack or lights, but you can add them as accessories, is what I’m saying. This is expected given the affordable pricing.

Also it is the ideal bike, it still has a strong motor, adequate range to get most people to work, and will operate consistently on the road. The MG600 Plus can prove to be a terrific and economical purchase, especially when compared to its rivals. On Lankeleisi’s website, you may learn more about it.

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  1. Mein mg600 kommt nächste Woche, ich will bei Facebook ausführlich berichten um anderen die Möglichkeit zugeben auch ein Lankeleisi mg600 plus zu kaufen gerade in Deutschland ist noch wenig bekannt vom Lankeleisi MG 600 plus.


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