Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Impressive 500W and 20Ah E-bike 2024!


Hey everyone, I’m Alessandro from Sardabike, and today I’m thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to our lineup, the Lankeleisi MX600 Pro bike. This bike represents the perfect fusion of versatility and high performance, bridging the gap between a mountain bike and a touring bike. With its advanced technical features, it’s well-suited for tackling a variety of terrains, whether it’s asphalt or dirt roads.

One of the standout features of the MX600 Pro is its advanced electronics, which include a torque sensor and cadence sensor that effectively manage the rear engine. This sophisticated system ensures smooth and efficient power delivery, providing an enhanced riding experience for users.

Now, let’s talk about the impressive autonomy of this bike. On paper, it boasts an incredible range of up to 150 km on a single charge. However, we’ll delve into this in more detail shortly as we explore every aspect of the bike’s specifications.

Stay tuned as we uncover all the details about the Lankeleisi MX600 Pro, from its electronics to its performance capabilities and everything in between. This bike is sure to impress even the most discerning riders, offering a truly exhilarating riding experience.

Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Torque50-60 Nm
Max Speed30-50Km/h
Gears7 Speed
Braking SystemHydraulic Disc Brake (Hydraulic Brake Pad)
Wheel Size27.5”
Power SupplyLithium Battery
Battery Capacity48V20AH
Range per Power31 - 60 km
Single package size:153X30X85 cm
Single gross weight:37.000 kg

Design and Build Quality

The Lankeleisi MX600 Pro boasts an impressive design and build quality, featuring several notable components that enhance both performance and comfort. 

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

Constructed from robust 6061 aluminum alloy, the frame offers durability and stability. The low step-through design facilitates easy mounting and dismounting, enhancing practicality and comfort.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: front light

The attention to detail is evident in the well-executed paintwork and high-quality finishes, comparable to premium bicycles in the market.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The sturdy front fork suspension comes with a locking knob and preload adjustment, providing versatility for different terrain types. The oversized 32mm stanchions ensure stability and rigidity, further enhanced by the inclusion of a through axle in the hub.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: front fork suspension

The seven-speed single-crown transmission features a Shimano Altus gearbox, offering smooth and reliable gear changes. Paired with powerful hydraulic disc brakes equipped with a Power Off sensor and adjustable brake lever, the MX600 Pro ensures precise control and stopping power.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

Two LED lights connected to the battery—white at the front and red at the rear—enhance visibility and safety, with the rear light featuring a stop function activated by pressing the brakes. The lights are conveniently controlled via the remote, which also includes an electronic horn.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: rear light

The aluminum 27.5-inch wheels are fitted with high-quality Maxxis mountain bike tires, providing excellent traction and durability for tackling various terrains.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: 27.5” tires

A robust rear luggage rack with direct attachments to the frame offers practicality for carrying cargo. Additional features include attachments for a bottle cage, plastic mudguards, and a side stand.

The handlebar stem and wide handlebar combination ensures functional geometries, providing excellent control over steering. The large color RCD display conveniently showcases real-time mileage information, while the remote control allows for easy adjustment between the five levels of assistance.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: controls

The MX600 Pro comes with a large, comfortable saddle with a graduated seat tube, ensuring a pleasant riding experience. Flat metal pedals complete the kit, offering stability and efficiency.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

So, the Lankeleisi MX600 Pro impresses with its attention to detail, sturdy construction, and a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance both performance and comfort for riders.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro: Motor and Driving Test

The Lankeleisi MX600 Pro is equipped with a rear engine integrated with a cadence and torque sensor, resulting in smooth and natural pedaling, as well as extended battery life. This combination ensures a responsive and efficient ride, particularly useful for starting from a standstill or tackling uphill terrain. 

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: 500W motor

The rear motor, integrated into the hub, offers adjustable power settings. In its Italian version, it is limited to 250W nominal power and provides assistance up to 25 km/h in compliance with regulations. However, for users abroad or on private land, it can be unlocked to deliver 500W continuous power and speeds exceeding 30 km/h. The power rating is not indicated on the engine casing, but users can integrate a special 250W sticker for compliance.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

During testing, the MX600 Pro demonstrated rapid ignition, with assistance from the first pedal stroke, ensuring immediate responsiveness. The torque cadence sensor facilitates smooth acceleration, with assistance available even from a standstill or uphill. The five levels of assistance offer varying speeds, with the maximum speed exceeding 30 km/h when unlocked. 

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The throttle accelerator, although available, is rarely needed due to the seamless integration of the cadence and torque sensor. The bike handles excellently, thanks to features like Maxis tires and a well-designed frame, offering stability and control even on challenging terrain.

Braking configuration can be customized to suit user preference, with the option to reverse hydraulic pipes for a familiar motorcycle-style setup. 

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

The MX600 Pro, equipped with a cadence and torque sensor, demands more physical effort from the rider, providing a more active riding experience while maintaining the pleasure of pedaling. The battery life is impressive, with minimal consumption due to the efficient motor system, offering a range of up to 100 km depending on usage.

In terms of comfort, the front fork may initially feel stiff but can be adjusted for improved comfort. Mudguards effectively protect against dirt, maintaining cleanliness during rides. The bike’s construction is sturdy, with minimal noise or creaking, providing a solid and reliable feel. The saddle offers excellent support, despite lacking suspension, and gear changes are smooth and reliable. While the front crown may not be entirely secure for intense off-road use, it is suitable for its intended purpose.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: on the road or driving test

So, the Lankeleisi MX600 Pro impresses with its combination of performance, comfort, and build quality, offering a compelling option for riders seeking a versatile and reliable electric bike experience.

Battery and Range

To power the electrical system, the Lankeleisi MX600 Pro features a removable battery boasting Samsung cells rated at 48V and 20 amp-hours, providing an impressive total storage capacity of 960 watt-hours (WH). 

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: charging port

This generous capacity ensures extended rides without the need for frequent recharges. The manufacturer claims a remarkable range of up to 150 km on a single charge, although actual mileage may vary depending on factors such as terrain, riding style, and assistance level selected.

The battery is securely locked in place within the frame, utilizing a lock mechanism exclusively for removal purposes. To access the battery, users can unlock it from the lower part of the frame, ensuring easy removal and installation.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Aluminum Alloy frame

Additionally, the frame is equipped with a charging port, allowing convenient recharging without the need to remove the battery. This setup provides practicality and flexibility for riders, enabling them to quickly recharge the battery while it remains secured within the frame.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro: Conclusions

Overall, the Lankeleisi MX600 Pro stands out as a versatile and high-performance electric bike, perfectly suited for a wide range of uses. Its technical features make it ideal for daily commuting in the city, offering convenience and efficiency for work commutes and errands, while also providing the thrill of weekend adventures on trails. Whether you’re seeking a reliable mode of transportation or an exciting recreational ride, the MX600 Pro delivers.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Unboxing and Assembly

One of its notable features is its adaptability, allowing riders to configure it for road use or unlock additional power for off-road enjoyment. This flexibility ensures that riders can tailor their experience to suit their preferences and needs.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Unboxing and Assembly

Moreover, the MX600 Pro is packaged and shipped with care from the European warehouse, ensuring a hassle-free delivery process. While assembly is straightforward, attention to detail is required to ensure proper setup. For those who may need assistance, professional help is recommended.

Lankeleisi MX600 Pro Review: Unboxing and Assembly

For those interested in learning more about the MX600 Pro or considering a purchase, additional information and a purchase link are provided in the video description. Additionally, a discount code is available for potential buyers. Questions and feedback are welcome in the comments section, and viewers are encouraged to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and activate notifications for future updates.

So, the Lankeleisi MX600 Pro offers a compelling blend of performance, versatility, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for electric bike enthusiasts seeking a reliable and enjoyable riding experience. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you in future reviews. Bye!

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