G-Force S10 Review: Fast and Powerful Electric Scooter!


The new G-Force S10 remains the current flagship model. With a new controller, regenerative braking, and an insane amount of power from its dual 800W peak motors, the new G-Force S10, which debuts on March 15, definitely ups the ante.

With that much power, you can accelerate quickly and smoothly, go up a maximum inclination of 25 degrees, and travel up to 30 miles. In the UK, the top speed for all-electric scooters on the road is 15 mph. But, in areas with fewer restrictions, the G-Force S10 may be set to its mode, which increases the speed to 20 mph.


Let’s start our full review, but before that, you can watch the test video below.

Frame6061 aluminum
Hub Motor500W brushless gear motor
Max Speed20MPH
Tires10" x 2.5" tubeless tire
Recommended Rider Heights5'1" ~ 6'4"
Battery48V 12Ah lithium battery
Max Range30 Miles
Weight33 pounds
Total Payload Capacity250 lbs

G-Force S10: Design and Build Quality

The handlebars of the G-Force S10 are slick, tidy, and fashionable as would be anticipated from a custom appearance.

The G-Force S10 is fully IPX5 certified, and the battery is IP67 rated. This implies that you may use it in mild rain, on damp roads, and so on with no trouble at all.

While the width is sufficient to provide decent handling and adequate steering control, they nevertheless have the same, slightly upswept look as those found on earlier versions. This helps you feel safe at all times. You can move calmly while keeping an eye on important information thanks to the smooth thumb throttle and flush central display, which also make a comeback.

Power and regenerative electric braking are given by paddles on each side and there’s also indicators for safer road use. It has quadruple spring suspension, which is crucial for high-speed riding, and 10″ x 2.5″ tubeless tires for a smoother ride.

When it comes to the frame, changes are afoot. The appearance recently improved from a 7 to a 9.

The G-Force S10 is a scooter that is suitable for both novice and expert riders. The control panel on top of the handlebars and the huge display in the center of the handlebars are simple to use. By double clicking, you can turn on and off the power, turn on and off the headlights, and cycle through the three riding modes (Eco, Drive, Sport).

This accomplishes two things: first, it gives the scooter a fresh, metallic look that complements its contemporary appearance. Second, and most crucially, it is anti-corrosive, which reduces the frame’s susceptibility to wear and tear and lengthens the lifespan of the scooter.

With a scooter of this size, the deck is just what you need. There is no possibility of slipping because to the area’s generous size and incredibly sticky rubber coating with geometric inspiration.

Even though it weights 33 pounds, this model is obviously lightweight and does fold down for better storage. Because to customer complaints that the new G-Force is not too heavy to carry upstairs or into public transportation, its not weight has been increased.

The G-Force S10’s load-bearing capacity of 250 lbs, however, is less than that of other scooters in its class like the Mosquito and Horizon, which can each sustain 265 lbs of rider weight. This is one of the minor complaints I have with the G-Force S10. This is unfortunate because it eliminates the S10 as a choice for some bigger riders.

Its carrying requirements are the only aspect of its design that falls short of those of its portable rivals. The handlebars are tilted downward toward the deck when folded because they fold at the base of the stem. Since the stem of the G-Force S10 is parallel to the deck, it is a little heavier to transport than scooters that fold at the neck.

G-Force S10: Motor and Battery

The G-Force S10 is the latest in a proud tradition of excellent-riding G-Force scooters. In fact, we think it offers the best ride quality for less than $900.

The new G-Force S10 can tackle slightly harder terrain, but it excels on well-maintained urban routes where its tires and suspension work together to absorb every shock and vibration.

The G-Force S10 has an automated electric brake on the back tire that activates automatically if you are driving downhill and picking up speed quickly, or if you exceed 30 km/h. You can feel a slight push backwards, but it’s truly for your protection. It may feel weird at first, but after a few rides, it becomes an acquired taste.

Furthering the comparisons, the G-Force S10 performs admirably when measured against other scooters with a similar weight and shape. It falls somewhere in the middle, neither above nor below average, making it an excellent all-arounder.

But, one feature that makes it stand out from the competition is the ability to control the acceleration’s strength through a smartphone app. It has a 8/10 acceleration strength out of the box, but you can turn this up all the way to get the most out of the 500W motor.

If you are a newbie, you should use ECO mode. It moves slowly, at about 12 km/h (7.5 miles/h), and accelerates slowly. If you’re confident in your abilities, you can select D (Drive mode), which is intended to be a regular commuting option and limits your highest speed to roughly 20 km/h (12.5 miles/h). It also restricts acceleration responsiveness to around 80% of its maximum.

Sport Mode is recommended for experienced scooter riders (S). This implies that on a full charge, you’ll be able to accelerate to a top speed of 42 km/h. Personally, I tried D mode once, but it was too slow for me. During my two-week review, I generally used S mode. I believe the majority of users will select and enjoy this specific setting.

But if you dig a little further, you’ll find the true winner. Because the G-Force S10 outperforms the Turboant in the actual world even though the maximum range may be 1 mile short (25 vs 18 miles).

The charging ports are located at the scooter’s base. On its side. It has two charging ports. It will take 3+ hours to fully charge the scooter using dual-port charging. Sadly, it only comes with one charging wire, thus a full charge would take about 7 hours.

Of course, the detachable battery from the Turboant is the joker in the bag. You can get a second battery for $220, which will up your energy capacity to 720Wh, which is 33% more than the G-Force S10’s. You would spend about $800 on this configuration in total, which is $199 less than the G-Force S10. But ultimately, the Turboant X7 Max doesn’t have as good a build or riding quality, so you get what you paid for.

G-Force S10: Conclusions

A long-distance commuter scooter with exceptional performance. I liked the cool LED illumination and the simple controls. The application is fantastic.The huge display is useful for commuting, but the weight of the scooter is suitable for long-distance carrying.

The culmination of all that has gone before is the G-Force S10. This scooter strikes the perfect balance between performance and portability by being lighter.

When you put it all together, you have a set of wheels that are ideal for urbanites with a twinkle in their eye who may need to navigate stairs and public transportation along the route.

The G-Force S10 2022 is a minimalist maestro with universal appeal thanks to its straightforward design, seamless integration of functionality, and sturdy construction. It has enough speed to pique the interest of more daring individuals and a sturdy, lightweight profile to appease those more concerned with convenience, so it has something to offer everyone.


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  1. Hello, i bought the same scooter and its very nice, but i cant find a app to unlock the 100 power of the scooter? wich app do you use for it to unlock the acceleration?

    would be nice if you can help me out 🙂


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