Wing Freedom Fatty 2 Review: Unique Design with Fat-Tired E-bike 2023!


The Freedom 2 flagship model features a strong Panasonic battery with a maximum range of 50 miles, a built-in handlebar mounted digital display, cadence sensor, Shimano cassette and shifters, integrated lighting, and Wing’s signature sleek style. The 750 Watt Bafang motor boasts 80Nm of torque.

The Wing Freedom 2 is a pretty decent e-bike that doesn’t cost a fortune. But compared to some other electric bikes in this price range, it doesn’t provide as many luxuries.

Looking for an electric bike that can handle the winter and provide a ton of fun, too?  This fat-tired e-bike includes all kinds of amenities that make it a great pick for commuters with built-in lighting, motion alert, a throttle, full fenders and more. Also it has a 28 mph max speed with a range on a single charge up to 50 miles.

The Wing Freedom 2 is an excellent illustration of how electric bikes are becoming more affordable without sacrificing quality. The Freedom 2 is a stylish vehicle that will get you around in comfort and style for less than $1,500. It might not have all the features of e-bikes that cost $5,000 or even $3,000, but it still has a lot going for it.

To learn more about some of the components and build quality, continue reading to the end of this piece where I’ll address some frequently asked questions and leave you with some further pictures of this fashionable and useful commuter e-bike.

The Wing Freedom Fatty 2 7 speed’s acceleration, top speed, and a tour of all its capabilities are also shown in a video review.

FRAMELightweight Aluminum
TIRESKenda Krusader tires (20 x 4)
CRANKSETCustom, High Polish Alloy 54T
HANDLEBARSHigh polish flat bar
BRAKESMechanical Disc
BATTERY8.8 Ah or 10.4 Ah
RANGEUp to 35/50 miles per charge
WEIGHTApprox. 39 pounds

Wing Freedom Fatty 2: Design and Build Quality

The new Wing Freedom 2 is largely because of the horizontal tube that extends past the handlebars and the seat, which makes them appear nearly identical from a distance. I’m not sure who came up with it first, but it’s a cool look that sets these bikes apart from the majority of others. The long tube also serves a practical purpose by holding the headlight and taillight at opposite ends.

When examined closely, the Freedom 2 isn’t quite as svelte as the VanMoof, but given that the former costs about half as much as the latter, this is to be expected. For instance, even though the Freedom 2’s wires are mostly hidden within the bike’s frame, the handlebars still make them visible.

When riding the Wing Freedom Fatty 2 as a commuting bike while carrying a heavy rucksack on your back, the riding position is excellent and comfortable. Normal or Large frame sizes are available. To quickly determine which one is best for you, choose Regular if your height is between 5’3″ and 5’10”. Choose the Large if you are taller, between 5’10” and 6’4″. Complete information on topics like handlebar height, reach, maximum/minimum seat height, stand-over height, and seat tube length can be found on the Wing Freedom Fatty 2 product page.

As might be expected, the saddle can be adjusted up, down, forward, and back. Since the handlebars may also be moved up and down, most riders should have enough freedom to find a position that is comfortable for them. The ergonomic grip form of the handlebars allows you to rest your palms on them in a very pleasant and secure manner, making them quite comfortable. Lightweight bikes, like this Wing road cycle, offer the benefit of being simple to lift into public transportation or install to a bike rack on your car or garage wall.

Wing Freedom Fatty 2: Motor and Battery

The Freedom 2 is Wing’s least expensive fat electric bike, however it is missing some features available on more expensive Wing models. For instance, the somewhat monochromatic color display on the left handlebar just shows your speed, the amount of pedal help, and how much battery life is left; it is perfectly clear and bright, but it isn’t as big or as colorful as you’ll find on more costly bikes.

Even so, the Freedom 2’s rear hub-mounted 750W Bafang engine had more than enough power to propel us effortlessly through Manhattan’s hills and Central Park’s terrain. The bike also has a 7-speed Shimano shifter to make riding easier, and you can simply switch between the bike’s five levels of assistance.

Actually, I really like this bike. I think my favorite feature is how much it rides and handles like a non-electric bike because it weighs only 39 lbs. The Freedom Fatty 2 maintains its agility when making sharp corners or applying sudden brakes because of its low weight. While not employing the electronic pedal assist motor, the bike also handles quite similarly to a regular bike.

People tend to nod in admiration when you pass them on this classy-looking bike, but it’s also fairly stealthy in that it doesn’t appear to be an electric bike because of its small frame. When riding on the roads, I really enjoy the narrow wheels because they make free-wheeling more efficient. Also, it enables the bike to travel an average of 45 miles between charges. But, there is a drawback to having skinny wheels: they perform poorly over gravel.

A small but potent speaker located underneath the headlight functions as both an alarm to deter would-be burglars and a horn to notify passersby. That’s correct; it has an alarm similar to one in a car. A little key fob that comes with the bike can be used to arm and disarm the alarm, while a third button activates the siren.

That is incredibly loud; when I activated it in my office, my coworkers leapt a short distance. Thankfully, the warning only sounds if the bike is moved or jostled.

The lack of suspension on the bike results in a somewhat jarring ride if you ever venture off the beaten path, such as on short trails. So for this bike, I’d stay in urban and concrete settings. You may use the throttle in addition to riding and cycling with pedal assistance to travel up to 28 mph without even needing to pedal; this is a fantastic feature that I frequently utilize.

The electronic trumpet could be more urgent. It has a more subdued, vague tone that doesn’t demand that you move aside. The horn button, I discovered, was also just a hair too far out of reach for my thumb; I had to move my hand just enough to take an extra beat to get to it.

The disc brakes of the Freedom 2 are mechanical rather than hydraulic, but I found that they were still very responsive when stopping.

You can anticipate traveling between 35 and 60 kilometers on a single charge, depending on the battery you select when you buy the bike 8.8, 10.4 or 14Ah.

My test bike was equipped with Wing’s biggest battery. I rode it 14 miles after fully charging it. I had utilized two to three bars on the battery indicator when the help level was set to 5, which is the maximum. Your mileage will change depending on how much help you use and how frequently you use the accelerator.

The battery in the Freedom 2 locks in place and can only be taken out with a key. The charging port is covered by a little rubber flap.

Wing Freedom Fatty 2: Conclusions

The popularity of fat electric bikes may one day surpass that of traditional bicycles, thanks to products like the Wing Freedom 2. Why not purchase an e-bike with some hill-climbing assistance as the cost of these vehicles drops and the quality remains high? Bike more and drive less; it’s healthy for you and the environment.

The Wing Freedom Fatty 2, which features a better, larger color screen and can sync with an app to tailor your trip, is still our top pick among the finest affordable electric bikes. Moreover, its throttle is a normal feature rather than an add-on. Nonetheless, the Wing Freedom 2 provides a fantastic ride at a reasonable price.

You really can’t go wrong with the Wing Freedom Fatty 2 commuter ebike if you frequently ride in urban areas and are seeking for an ebike that delivers terrific speed, fantastic distance on a single charge, great hill-climbing ability, and a sleek frame.

You do need to put portions of the bike together yourself after ordering it online because it comes in a box, but it’s quite simple to do. The package includes the necessary tools, and it should only take the average individual 30 minutes to complete. All things considered, I believe this bike offers fantastic value for the money because shipping from the Wing store was also quite swift.

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