DYU FF500 Review: What Should You Know About Folding Fat E-bike?


The DYU FF500 is a lightweight, cost-effective electric fat bike with a range of up to 70 km. It is easy to store because it has a dual battery option, fenders, lights, and even collapsible handlebars. The FF500 is a fully powered electric fat bike with a starting price of $1099 that can travel long distances and, for some people, truly replace a vehicle.

The DYU King750 electric bike, a renowned compact and folding electric bike brand and manufacturer dedicated to reviving urban mobility, is pleased to announce the release of the DYU FF500 electric bike, also known as the DYU Ostrich.


The upcoming DYU FF500 features its practical & strong performance, convenient folding body, and swappable battery design while keeping in mind what riders actually need.

BrakeDual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Wheel diameter20 x 4 inch
Top speed20 mph
Shock absorptionShock absorber fork/seat tube

DYU FF500: Design and Build Quality

The DYU FF500 stands out when compared to other fat bikes because of everything you get for the price and its capabilities. Having said that, the FF500’s design makes it convenient to collapse, but we thought the double seatpost extension was a bit excessive. Although it does not at all affect comfort or rideability, we thought it was a bit excessive and unnecessary.

The DYU frame designs, which frequently have a hinge for collapsing the bike, are characterized by their square downtubes. The DYU FF500 has external batteries, leaving the square downtube hollow with just one internal cable running through it. This can be a little annoying while riding because the cable rattles around on bumps.

DYU 20 x 4-inch fat tires roll smoothly and quietly on the road while supporting the DYU FF500’s load capacity and providing some minor bump damping.

The DYU FF500 is both safe and comfortable. Double power-off brake levers on the left and right quickly stop motor output, and front and rear double hydraulic premium disc brakes are responsive, stable, and increase riding safety. 

With the assistance of a cutting-edge Shimano 7-speed transmission system, fitness mode, pure electric mode, and power-assisted riding mode, you can customize and fully control your riding according to your preferences. 

Whether you prefer to use electricity or more exercise yourself, go uphill or downhill, all needs can be perfectly met with the least amount of effort from both the rider and the motor. Additionally, a 12-magnet dual-Hall speed cadence sensor makes pedaling more convenient and energy-efficient.

There are 180mm disc brakes that have enough stopping power to give riders confidence when riding at higher speeds. The Shimano 7 speed drivetrain on the DYU FF500 provides the right range for cruising the flats and climbing steep hills.

The DYU FF500 is a small fat bike that is 950 x 500 x 800 mm. It has folding handlebars and a low seat height. The handlebars’ quick-adjust stem enables quick adjustments to the handlebars’ reach, roll, and height. About 500 mm long and very well supported, the rear rack provides extra strength when carrying fat . The robust frame design offers numerous options for strap attachment while reducing flex caused by additional weight.

There are numerous FF500 accessories available that attach quickly and easily to the back rack. The Orbitor is great for kids because it acts as a handle rail and extra safety whether they are sitting on a cushion or in a Yepp Maxi Seat. Floorboards, pannier bags, and even a plus-one seat large enough for an adult are additional accessories.

The FF500 stands out for its modularity and collapsibility as well. When switching between riders or if the fat you load on there necessitates changing those positions to have more control, it’s convenient to be able to quickly adjust the seat and handlebars. The FF500 is convenient for storage because of its collapsible handlebars and generally low seat height. In addition to being able to fit it under a 32-inch bench and being 72 inches long, the fat e-bike can be quickly folded down for tighter spaces. However, fat bikes aren’t known for being particularly small.

DYU FF500: Motor and Battery

A Class 1, 2, or 3 electric bike with a 500w rear hub motor and 5 levels of Pedal Assist is called the FF500. On a single battery, it has a range of up to 70 km. Even with a lot of weight on the rear rack, the 500w rear hub’s peak output of 750w provides enough power to climb even the steepest hills. The electric bike can achieve a top speed of 20 mph thanks to its high-speed motor, high torque, and high-efficiency design. 

The DYU FF500 has a speed that is 30% faster than the DYU D series. Professional cyclists typically travel at 25 to 28 mph on flat terrain, so the FF500’s speed is higher than that of the majority of bike riders and will be more than adequate for daily commuting or short trips. The fat tires will make the ride enjoyable even on difficult terrain.

To complement the powerful motor, a removable 14ah large-capacity battery is also installed. Additionally, the dependable 18650 LG lithium battery includes a skilled battery management system (BMS). 52 batteries are used with a new structure consisting of 13 series, and 4 parallel. 

While you’re riding, it conserves energy and continuously improves battery performance for a longer range. In pedal assist mode, it typically transports the rider 34 – 43 miles per charge without any issues. 90% of riders’ daily urban cycling needs are satisfied by this substantial distance. Thereafter, there is no need to worry about the remaining amount of electricity in your bike.

The FF500 boasts that families are very good at juggling life while adamantly supporting expeditions and adventures. The high load capacity and range of up to 70 km make the FF500 a worthy contender for bikepacking, but the fat tires are better suited for the road and don’t provide exceptional off-road traction. When considering long-distance excursions, we advise selecting your routes carefully to maximize your enjoyment.

DYU FF500: Conclusions

Overall, the DYU FF500 is a contender in the market for electric fat bikes right away. When looking for a fat solution, the FF500 shouldn’t be overlooked because it is very affordable and highly capable. 

Getting a fully powered electric fat bike with good component specs and a large load capacity for a price that is affordable for most people has a lot to recommend it. The FF500 is a fantastic option for an electric fat bike, in our opinion. A comfortable ride is produced by the modularity and low center of gravity.


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