Pure Advance: What Are Benefits Over Competitors?


The Pure Advance electric scooter from Pure Electric boasts a ground-breaking design. The Pure Advance e-scooter has become a common sight at F1 races, and the business intends to expand beyond F1 to other parts of the world.

At least one electric scooter has been featured in recent Formula One races. Over the F1 weekend, these e-scooters have evolved into the ultimate convenience item. Environmental factors influence the choosing of an e-scooter solution. And Pure Electric CEO Adam Norris believes that because people are over-polluting the environment, man should take the necessary steps to stop the problem. E-scooters’ eco-friendly solutions consequently contribute to environmental preservation.

Pure Advance: Design and Appearance

2019 saw the start of Pure Electric’s experimentation with Pure Air concepts. The business took cues from Chinese low-cost, high-volume models that had been improved over time. Unlike other companies who depended on an unsure market to push their sales, Pure Electric simply improved the design gradually.

They serve to widen the rider’s stance and lower the rider to the ground, greatly enhancing stability. The handlebars also unfold to encourage a wide-shouldered riding posture that is so sturdy, according to its creators, that it can be ridden one-handedly if necessary. They can be folded down for simple, space-saving storage.

Beyond that, the Pure Advance stands out for a variety of other details, including its distinctive, patented steering stabilization system, which automatically repositions the handlebars over bumps, and indicator lights that make use of pulsing LEDs and run from the back of the foot boards to the side to provide a clear marker of the rider’s direction.

These particulars really distinguish the Pure Advance as one of the most carefully designed electric scooters available, both from a consumer and a legal standpoint, as it complies with all of the requirements of European nations where it is permitted to be used. Also, although private e-scooters cannot currently be used on UK public roads, the government laws that will be put in place to legalize them will be modeled on those in place in other European nations.

The Pure Advance flagship model has two fold-up floorboards that position the rider’s feet parallel to the direction of movement and a forward-facing riding position. Control and stability are improved by the e-reduced scooter’s center of gravity. The self-centering steering wheel improves safety. The 9.6Ah Lithium-ion battery of the e-scooter is housed in a lightweight aluminum frame that has IP65 waterproof protection.

The benefits to balance are instantly obvious while standing on those two footboards, which are surprisingly easy to do. In addition to providing confidence, the large tires also help. The motor is strong enough to do everything from pull the vehicle along smoothly to excite the rider without ever endangering a wheelie, and the brakes are easily modulated to provide excellent confidence when slowing down or stopping, even in an emergency.

Just the throttle lever merits criticism because it is difficult to modulate smoothly in its latter regions and is not responsive enough in its early travel. However, it is likely that this is how it was designed in order to offer a safety margin at an early stage.

Pure Advance: Motor and Battery

A 500 Watts electric motor powers the Pure Advance, giving it a top speed of 25 kmph and a range of 40 kilometers. Similar maximum speed as the base model and foldable flex variant, the Pure Advance+ offers a range of 50 kilometers. The series features integrated indicators on the bar ends of the foot pads as well as a 60-lux headlamp, taillight, and both. The Advance e-scooter offers Bluetooth connectivity, three drive modes, and support for its companion app. 

The Flex model, a super-foldable variant of the basic model that incorporates every trick used to convert a Brompton bicycle into an e-scooter, is another option. It is an astounding feat of engineering given how little room it can occupy and how effortlessly it can be moved while still partially unfolded. Although it isn’t feather-light at 16kg, it can be moved over short distances.

It’s the kind of innovation that might really get people thinking about switching to e-mobility as data suggests that 50% of individuals don’t have space for a bike at either their house or place of employment.

Pure Advance: Price and Availability

The Pure Advance e-scooter, which starts at £799, has a number of features to live up to the promise, but none more so than the foot boards that are located on either side of the chassis and battery. By August 2023, Pure Electric wants to move beyond Europe and penetrate the US market. Later this year, Pure Air scooters are also expected to arrive in the Middle East.

First, just a quick reminder that it’s currently against the law to use a private e-scooter on UK public roads. While you can buy one, you can only use it on private property with the owner’s consent.

To make a final judgment, we’d need a thorough evaluation on a surface more like real roads, but based only on the results of this drive, we’d recommend the Pure Advance to anyone with a tight budget.

It would be simple to categorize it as one of the most comprehensive e-scooters we’ve come across, but the team behind it acknowledges they are already working on future enhancements.


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