Bugatti Bytech: E-Scooter Accelerates As Emotionally As Car!


At CES 2023, Bugatti debuted the 2023 Bugatti Bytech e-Scooter, which was created in collaboration with Bytech. With its premium style and innovative features, the new model builds on the success of the 2022 launch model and takes it to the next level.

The size of the 2023 model is one of the most important adjustments. The scooter is 10% larger than the previous model, making it more comfortable and stable to ride. The bigger deck also provides greater foot space, making the scooter simpler to handle and manage.

According to the firms, the 2023 scooter is 10% larger than its predecessor and comes with a 36-volt/15.6Ah battery and an electric motor with a peak output of 1,000 watts. According to the business, the battery and engine combination allows the scooter to handle an 18-degree incline, reach a top speed of 22 miles per hour, and go 35 miles on a single charge. 

The 10-inch self-repairing tires are one of the most revolutionary aspects of the 2023 Bugatti e-scooter. These tires include a particular adhesive system that automatically releases when the tire is punctured, assisting in the repair of the puncture and getting you back on the road. This feature can save you the trouble and price of replacing a tire.

The total increased size includes a wider standing deck surface and a 10-inch tire (the previous one was nine inches) with a pneumatic tubeless construction and a built-in glue repair system that patches probable tire punctures.

Passcode protection is now included on the new Bugatti scooter, as is a touchscreen that displays speed, rider mode, battery life, and headlight operations. The scooter includes leather handle grips and is available in three hues, including a new yellow and black design that pays tribute to Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti (supposedly his favorite color combination) and the W16 Mistral roadster, which has a similar color scheme.

In addition, the scooter has leather handlebars with integrated LED turn signal lights. These turn signals may be mirrored on an accompanying MIPS-equipped helmet, giving the rider an extra layer of safety. The e-scooter also includes additional features including passcode protection and a built-in touch display that allows you to change the ride mode and control the lamps. The screen can also display your current speed and battery life.

The Bugatti e-scooter 2023 will be offered in three colors: blue, yellow, and black. The new yellow color scheme pays homage to the Bugatti W16 Mistral, an iconic Bugatti vehicle. The sleek and classy style of the scooter is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Two little LED lights are located at the ends of the leather handles. The turn signals are synced and shown on the accompanying MIPS certified helmet for increased safety and visibility.

Price of Bugatti e-scooter 2023

Now, it is unknown when or how much the 2023 Bugatti Bytech electric scooter will cost. To put things in perspective, the 2022 model cost $1,200 when it was first released, and the new model is projected to cost at least as much, if not more. Bugatti’s reputation for luxury and performance will undoubtedly attract many purchasers prepared to pay a premium for the sleek electric scooter.


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