NIU KQi3 Max: How Did New Generation of E-Scooters Surprise Me?


Recent electric two-wheelers from the Chinese electric mobility startup NIU have been impressive. The company, best known for its electric compact motorbikes and commuter scooters sold in the United States and Europe, has recently entered the market for lightweight electric vehicles with products like the BQi-C3 Pro electric bicycle. This time, it introduces the KQi3 MAX electric scooter, emphasizing both comfort and performance.

The KQi3 Max standing electric scooter from NIU boasts a 66km long-distance range. The new KQi3 Max standing e-scooter has a lightweight design and a top speed of 24 km/h. Chinese e-mobility firm NIU has an expanding line-up of cutting-edge, creative EVs.

The new NIU e-scooter has a cozy appearance and excellent performance. With these small-wheeled e-scooters, it can be challenging to have a comfortable ride, especially on uneven terrain. NIU claims that the KQi3 Max is well-equipped to provide comfort, nonetheless. It has four riding modes and a 608.4 Wh (13Ah) battery.

Yes, an electric kick-scooter doesn’t typically conjure images of a nice ride. NIU believes that their KQi3 MAX is capable, claiming a range of 65 kilometers (41 miles) on a single charge. 

E-Save, Sport, Pedestrian, and a custom mode are the available riding modes. The top speeds for the E-Save and Sport modes are around 14 km/h and 24 km/h, respectively. The user can customize the riding parameters in the custom mode to fit the trip.

The scooter includes four riding modes: E-Save, which restricts speed to 9 mph; Sport, which increases this to 15 mph; Pedestrian Mode, for walking the scooter in densely congested areas; and Custom, which lets you choose your preferred specifications.

The rear hub motor on the NIU KQi3 MAX has a peak power output of 450 watts, which is impressive in terms of performance. This ensures a maximum climbable gradient of 25 degrees and, as was already noted, a top speed cap of 15 miles per hour. Additionally, the scooter’s floorboard is quite wide, giving you a lot of room for your feet. The floorboard is supported by a strong structure that can support a payload of up to 120 kg and also holds the battery.

The KQi3 MAX scooter is outfitted with modern technology by NIU, a company that values technology highly. For instance, it is compatible with the NIU smartphone app, which lets you lock it from a distance, monitor ride information, or even change the speed, setting, and other characteristics of the electric scooter. Not to mention, there is a two-year warranty included with the scooter. The price of this high-tech electric scooter is currently €899 or roughly $953 USD on Amazon.



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