Pedego Avenue Review: Why This E-Bike Won’t Fit Everyone?


Do you not recognize Pedego Avenue? It doesn’t matter; until lately, I was also unaware of the brand, which has its headquarters in Bulgaria. I was even more amazed when I had the opportunity to thoroughly test the Pedego Avenue model.

The brand, which is still in its early stages, is presently present in 22 countries. Pedego Avenue e-bikes can be purchased and tested in Germany from a variety of shops and dealers. In addition, the corporation has a headquarters in Frankfurt.


Pedego Avenue is dedicated to producing high-quality, inexpensive, and long-lasting e-bikes, particularly to improve urban mobility. In our experiment, we wanted to see how this worked in the end.

If you read the Pedego Avenue’s description and data sheet, you’d think the pedelec was one or two price classes higher. For the price, the Pedego Avenue boasts an air suspension fork, Shimano gears, hydraulic disc brakes, a huge color display with remote, and even a smart lock with GPS.

Despite this, I nod appreciatively at the PDF data sheet on my laptop. When the flaming red Pedego emerged from the packing after a quick delivery period, I was ecstatic.

BATTERY48V/10.5AH: 6.4LB; 48V/14AH: 7.8 LB.
PedalSense5 levels of pedal assist

Pedego Avenue: Design and Build Quality

The packaging met my expectations, and the bike arrived in perfect condition. This also gives the overall impression of great quality. Brand components strike my eye all over the bike, including places you wouldn’t expect to see them on a less expensive bike. Almost everything, from the Herrmans grips to the Selle Italia saddle and the Suntour suspension fork to the Shimano hubs, is made by experienced component manufacturers.

However, upon closer investigation, several distinctions between the predecessors become obvious. The neatly integrated display in the stem, the enhanced suspension fork, and, most importantly, the optimized frame geometry stand out.

Many excellent components are insignificant on their own. It all boils down to interaction when it comes to a decent bike. Pedego Avenue can also do well in this category. Without exaggerating, it is never obvious that you are riding a pedelec for less than $2395. From the shifters, which are also from the Deore series and precisely travel through the 7 gears, to the hydraulic disc brakes, I felt entirely at ease on the Pedego Avenue in the test. Using the air system, you can precisely tune the suspension fork to your preferences and weight.

I’m especially impressed by the bike’s reasonable mudguards, baggage rack, and lighting system, which ensures that I can go on tour without worry. As if I wasn’t already gushing about the gear, the light also turns on automatically in the dark because the front light has a sensor.

If the trekking e-bike hasn’t convinced you by this stage in the test, Pedego Avenue will reach deep into the drawer to bring you a bike that will alleviate all of your concerns. 

One person’s happiness is another person’s sadness. Because without a smartphone, you can only manually unlock your bike in a more or less sophisticated manner. By the way, the app-controlled remote works flawlessly. The pairing with the bike also went smoothly, despite the insertion of a security code during the connecting process.

The castle’s unique feature is its modest alarm system. If the bike is locked, an alarm will ring if it is moved or even bumped into. The main alert sounds if Pedego Avenue is not left alone. The theft will then be over with a high degree of certainty. If not, you might still use the app to track your pedelec.

The Pedego Avenue, as one of the first low-cost one-size-fits-all e-mountain bikes, finally provides a comfortable seating posture for riders higher than 1.80 meters. At 1.85 meters tall, I am at ease and believe that there is still more room for growth. Be cautious if you are shorter than 1.80 meters. Actually, the Avenue is rather high.

Our fast-paced gravel and forest path tours are likewise well supported by the tires. The Pedego mountain bike tires are unquestionably ideal for off-road riding and retain proper ground contact. Even though it weighs a few kilograms, the Pedego Avenue is relatively maneuverable because of the mag rim size of 28 inches. Together with the mechanical disc brake, this is a wonderful pairing for somewhat sportier rides on unpaved routes.

Pedego Avenue: Motor and Battery

The torque sensor is also a positive aspect of the Pedego Avenue’s overall kit, which costs $2395. By constantly assessing the force with which you pedal, this provides for a highly natural driving experience. This is especially satisfying because driving with it is far more enjoyable than with less expensive systems. The Bafang rear-wheel drive supports its own power with a maximum torque of 45 Nm, which is also a good price for a rear-wheel drive and more than enough for most applications.

The controller, however, attempts to compensate for this. The motor does not immediately push with full strength, as some entry-level versions do, but rather progressively generates the energy. It starts slowly at first, then quickly accelerates. This becomes a difficulty while going uphill. The Pedego Avenue is not for slow shifters in this situation, as the lower ratios are frequently required to get anywhere at all.

At 14 Ah, the battery is not very enormous, but it is also not particularly little. The range is largely influenced by the conditions and the power you put into the system. I was almost entirely on the high support level in the evening because I had already logged numerous test kilometers in my bones during our test. This means that the Pedego Avenue was able to travel 35 kilometers with 20% of its capacity remaining on various surfaces and a few peaks. However, with more personal work, I believe the system has a range of up to 70-80 km. The battery can be charged by removing it.

Pedego Avenue: Conclusions

The Pedego Avenue has a rather broad range of applications. The adaptable pedelec feels at home in all groups and does them honor, whether as a touring bike, trekking e-bike, commuting bike, urban e-bike, touring bike, or city e-bike. The high-quality e-bike is equally suited to short city trips as it is to long adventures through the woods and meadows.

If you’re searching for a low-cost all-arounder with outstanding quality and construction, the Pedego Avenue is a great choice. The Urban is also available without technological gimmicks for only $2395. Pedego Avenue also provides a wide choice of alternative equipment and frame modifications, including step-through bikes, to meet other needs and requirements. Throughout the test, Pedego impressed us. If you don’t like our red model, the Pedego Avenue is also available in different colors. All bikes are well organized and have quick delivery times in the Pedego online shop.


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