Hitway BK6 Review: Advanced Design and Powerful Motor 2023!


An electric bicycle with scooter tires, a chopper vibe, and eye-catching appeal. You may read about the test results here for the small Hitway.

Even in the package, the e-bikes from Hitway are impressive. You can unpack and have the same experience as an e-bike that costs $5,000 for much under $1000. The e-bike is quite securely packaged, and inside is a mostly built bike with a few minor pieces lacking.

Due to the tires and weight, the Hitway BK6 is slightly more difficult to lift out of the box, which we also tested. Nevertheless, assembly is still simple: just take out the padding, attach the handlebars, and then insert the front wheel and mudguard.

With its small wave frame and 20-inch tires, the Hitway BK6 initially appears to be a folding bike. Unfortunately, there is no folding mechanism, and the tires are scooter-wide. Wide but nevertheless narrow and striking.

We have to admit that we have some reservations about how to categorize the car. Is it a commuter bike? Or is it used to move loads, trailers, etc. thanks to its incredibly sturdy luggage rack and pricey-looking frame? Or is it a feature for staff members who work in huge corporations? We’ll find out soon!

Body MaterialCarbon structural steel
G.W64 Lbs
Wheel size20 inches
Cruising range28-35 miles
Max speed15 mph
Max climbing angle25 degrees
Motor48V 350W
Battery48v 10Ah Lithium Battery
Packing Size35.8 x 16.1 x 29.1 inches
Folded Size36.6 x 19.7 x 28.3 inches
Expanded Size69.7 x 20.9 x 47.2 inches

Hitway BK6: Design and Build Quality

How do you sit on the e-bike as a first test? Despite being particularly short, the saddle doesn’t press against or otherwise bother the crotch. more comfortable than anticipated, and the seating arrangement is also very relaxing. The tall BMX handlebars provide an upright stance and excellent peripheral vision.

Even at 1.85 meters tall, you don’t feel like Donkey Kong in a go-kart despite the tiny tires, rather a hybrid of a motorcycle and a scooter. It makes sense that the Hitway BK6 has a passenger package so that a passenger can sit comfortably on the luggage rack.

With the exception of the road noise, the combination of an upright seating position, broad tires, and a stable base with a suspension fork is pleasantly steady and silent. Wide tire tread combined with the motion of the rear-wheel drive results in audible background noise, especially when accelerating suddenly. similar to an e-moped.

There are also many options for outings across the grass and slalom rides on tarmac and gravel. Although it is possible to drive on grass, only careful drivers are advised to do so because of the small tires. Paved routes are ideal for using the Hitway. On tarmac, it appears uncluttered and somewhat regal.

Currently, the manufacturer is charging close to $999 for our Hitway BK6 model. For the price, we really shouldn’t have high expectations.

A suspension fork with less suspension travel first makes us want to grin. However, it ends up being the greatest fork we’ve tested on affordable e-bikes because it absorbs everything without bottoming out under heavy loads. One could believe that this chassis is ideal for a 20-inch screen.

The Hitway BK6’s effective braking capabilities are an additional bonus. A brake cable is used to operate the 180mm-diameter Tektro disc brake instead of hydraulic power transfer. However, it can be dosed perfectly. Given the size of the tires, we can block them if necessary to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of rubber on the asphalt. When braking forcefully, however, the bike maintains its route, which exudes a sense of security.

The Hitway BK6 has seven gears, which make it easier to pedal uphill without pedaling like a sewing machine at full speed. The translation is good. What we enjoy even more is how smoothly, rapidly, and efficiently the Shimano Altus rear derailleur handles gear changes.

Hitway BK6: Motor and Battery

The Hitway’ precise control, though, continues to be our highlight. Via the display, you can choose among five different support levels. So far, business is normal. However, you can also use the integrated throttle grip to control a pushing aid up to 6 km/h, which is not always the case.

Being able to ride about at idle while seated on the e-bike and have the pushing assistance push you is extremely nice. This is even effective on small slopes. The fact that you can also adjust the support level with the throttle grip, though, is the real game-changer.

Regardless of the support level you’re on: Full power is released from the motor with a strong throttle pull. This is particularly advantageous in regular traffic. A lower support is typically the greatest option if you move, like we do, on Saturdays at the best time on the Rhine promenade. You do after all share the area with a variety of bystanders.

You don’t need to modify the support level before navigating the crowd (possibly only using the pushing aid) and finding a clear passage. throttle boost for power. You can accelerate to 25 km/h quite rapidly, but you can easily return to moderate support. This offers security and conserves battery.

In relation to the battery, 14Ah of capacity is incredibly uncommon at this cost. The ample battery helps to ensure that the drive does not give out too soon, especially if you have the Hitway BK6 with its multiple suitcases, luggage bags, and other items for transferring goods.

We rapidly discover that the Hitway BK6 is not only remarkable, but also very enjoyable. Due to the e-outside bike’s appearance, we are frequently contacted on the street and get both positive and negative looks. The latter, though, might possibly be the result of the Hitway BK6’s simple tendency to entice you to exaggerate a little.

Burnouts and visits to the skate park are just a few of the things we want to try on the bike. Everything also functions. Surprisingly, although having specialized equipment, the Hitway BK6 is not restricted to a single use and appears to be highly adaptable. Hitway BK6 will do it whether you mount up to fetch a sandwich or merely want to cruise along the Rhine promenade – perhaps even as a couple with a fox’s tail on the luggage rack.

Hitway BK6: Conclusions

The Hitway BK6 is an interesting e-bike all in all. The unusual appearance should not, however, overshadow the genuine benefits that the e-bike offers. Stability, a strong and durable powertrain, a superb braking system, and unmatched resilience.

Let’s start with the riders that the e-bike is not appropriate for: anyone who wants to blend in as much as possible. Although opinions on the Hitway BK6 vary, it is an eye-catcher. 

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for an inexpensive e-bike that you may use to travel small distances while avoiding traffic and hauling some luggage. The Hitway BK6 transforms into an extremely powerful pack donkey with its numerous equipment configurations.

However, the Hitway BK6 is extremely interesting – even for potential passengers – even if you just want to try something different and you believe that the motor should release the bike from the chains of conventional design. High fun factor and good driving characteristics speak for themselves.

Additionally, we can picture the Hitway being excellent for regular excursions to daycare, for shopping, and for other errands. You may create the ideal e-bike for your needs using its wide selection of accessories.

On the Hitway website, the Hitway BK6 is presently available for $999. For only $799 euros, the e-bike may also be purchased in a slightly modified version without gears. However, in this instance, we only advise choosing flat routes to travel.

The Hitway store also sells extras like the seat, front luggage rack, and center console.

Alternatives of Hitway BK6



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