Icoma Tatamel: Unique Compact E-Scooter 2023!


The Tatamel e-scooter from Japanese manufacturer Icoma will go into production later this year. The Icoma Tatamel small folding bike is a modernized version of the classic Honda Motocompo from the 1980s. On a full charge, it has a top speed of 40km/h and a range of 36km.

Icoma once again displayed a Tatamel prototype at CES in Las Vegas this year, the largest innovation and technology expo in the world. It is already in a version that is very close to production and is obviously inspired by the current concept of small folding bicycles, adding a pleasing aesthetic with side panels that can be in wood to match the furniture in the workplace.

When the Tatamel Bike might be bought commercially is presently unknown. However, you may currently view the prototype in action in the accompanying Japanese video.

The Tatamel was on display at the just ended CES 2023, and it stole the show. It is inspired by Honda’s initial Motocompo concept from the 1980s. It is designed to be tiny and light, with a focus on short, last-mile travel and inner-city use. It has a low top speed and mileage, as expected, but its compactness is a big advantage.

The Icoma Tatamel contains a 512V 12Ah Lithium iron phosphate battery that can be fully charged in three hours using a wall socket. The electric motor on the e-scooter is 600 Watts with a maximum output of 2kW. Its measurements after folding are 690 x 690 x 260 mm, allowing it to fit in the trunk of compact cars or even beneath the desk at work, as the Japanese have also advocated.

The weight of over 50 kg can be an issue while taking the scooter to work, but fortunately the creators considered this as well – the scooter can be pushed, i.e. it is a suitcase on wheels. It stands one meter tall, 1.23 meters long, and 0.65 meters wide when unfurled.

As an aside, the creators formerly worked for a Japanese company that manufactures toy transformers. It’s a good thing their experiences didn’t go to waste.

The ICOMA Tatamel Bike includes a 600-watt electric motor that is attached to a 6.5-inch diameter rear wheel and a 10-inch diameter front tire. This adds a lot of elegance to the electric motorcycle, which also comes in some eye-catching hues (yellow and black).

The ICOMA Tatamel Bike can attain speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour and has a range of 30 kilometers. At any household outlet, the 12Ah battery may be fully charged in just over three hours. It also has a front LED light, a rear-view mirror, a TFT screen, and a USB interface.

The Tatamel is small enough to fit under your desk at work or in the trunk of your car. When folded, it contains wheels that allow it to be moved without having to lift it. The bike can be fully charged in three hours, allowing it to serve your everyday travel needs equitably. The business plans to sell larger battery packs in the future, which will increase the bike’s range.

The front wheel on the bike is 10 inches in diameter, and the rear wheel is 6.5 inches in diameter. The front wheel is supported by a fork, while the rear wheel is supported by a monoshock. The bike has an aluminum frame with interchangeable 3D-printed panels. The bike weighs 110 pounds and can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

Other characteristics include a comprehensive LED lighting system, front and rear suspension (with coil springs in the latter), the capacity to charge other devices using its battery, and adjustable side panels for signage or advertisements. Icoma claims that since the car (at least in Japan) is legally categorized as a moped, drivers should simply require a regular driver’s license.

Price of Icoma Tatamel

The Icoma e-scooter can also be used as a mobile power pack with USB charging+ and an AC charging slot. The Icoma Tatamel is scheduled to arrive in the United States in April 2023. The bike is now priced at $3,999. Tatamel does not yet have a global release date.



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