FIIDO T1 Pro: Why is Updated E-Bike Better 2023?


A utility electric bike with a sizable load capacity is the FIIDO T1 Pro. It is strong, sturdy, compact, comfy, and has a good battery life.

It turns out that equipping a bicycle with an electric motor can accomplish much more than merely extending your riding distance. Furthermore, it enables you to carry more. The goal of every new model of cargo e-bike is to completely replace your car for errands around town. It’s comforting to know that you can do your grocery shopping and run a few errands on an e-bike as well, even though a car will always be your preferred option for longer journeys and inclement weather.

It has a payload capacity of 440 lbs, and can be used on all types of terrain. Similar to autos, the trend of electric bikes started a few years ago, and many manufacturers have been on board with clean micro-mobility since then. Given the rising concern about environmental sustainability, this is a positive development. The Consumer Electronics Show this year saw the debut of numerous innovative goods, including environmentally friendly rideables. Many cutting-edge, lightweight transportation options, including the first electric inline skates in the world and a foldable bike, were on show.

FIIDO T1 Pro: Design

On difficult trails, the hydraulically sprung front fork with lockout function is essential. Additionally, the bike is lockable, allowing you to customize it for the terrain you are riding on at the moment.

A front derailleur with seven speeds from Shimano gives the FIIDO T1 Pro several options for shifting. Speaking of speed, this electric bike has a cruise mode that allows us to keep going at the current rate, and we can exit it at any time by just applying the brakes. The brakes themselves are hydraulic, ensuring efficient, secure, and long-lasting braking.

The Fiido T1 Cargo is, as its name implies, a cargo bike in the end. As a result, it has a payload capacity of 200 kg, which is quite outstanding. 120 of the 200 kilograms are set aside for the rider, while the remaining 80 kg can be used to haul luggage, supplies, or even a tiny passenger. In general, the e-bike is substantial, weighing in at 32 kg.

The T1 Pro is an electric utility bike with a lightweight, durable design that doesn’t sacrifice grace or agility. It has an arched aluminum alloy frame and large 20 x 4-inch CST tires, which offer good traction on city streets and adequate off-road capability.

FIIDO also makes use of solid, one-piece, cast magnesium alloy wheels. Six molded spokes are used on each wheel in place of the typical 36 spokes of a bicycle wheel. This eliminates the need for spoke maintenance and stops the wheel from gradually falling out of alignment.

FIIDO T1 Pro: Power and Battery

A pretty powerful 750W motor with a 66-Nm output is what we find on the performance side of the equation. While I presume there is a detuned version limited to 250W for road-legality in the European market, the bike’s top speed is 30 miles per hour. The battery is a 960-Wh cell with a remarkable 62 mile range rating on a single charge. In its most effective assist mode, range can be increased even further, with Fiido claiming up to 93.2 miles per charge.

There are three riding modes on this electric bike: manual, electric, and pedal assist, the latter of which is excellent for extending battery life and providing four levels of assistance (28 power combinations).

The FIIDO T1 Pro is equipped with everything you require to navigate rocky terrain in good comfort. We may thank its shock-absorbing front fork and tires for this, as well as the extra-wide saddle’s padding and shock-absorbing capabilities due to the suspension system built into its tube.

To ensure that the T1 Pro is sturdy enough to handle the demands of various use scenarios, a steel support structure has been inserted inside the frame. It passed a vibration test that involved 300,000 cycles – three times as many as a typical test.

The FIIDO T1 Pro stands out from the competitors thanks to these small elements, and the best part is that they don’t end there: it also includes mudguards, a big LED headlight, and a removable battery that can be locked with a key to make charging much easier.

Fiido’s T1 presents a compelling case for e-bikes despite the fact that electric cars are frequently promoted as a fantastic way to minimize one’s carbon footprint. Whether a potential customer chooses the T1 or T1 PRO, both models support all-terrain mobility. This implies that owners can go on errands, transport people, or go on off-road excursions. 

The e-bike has a riding range of 63 miles on full-throttle rides and 93 miles on power-assisted outings, making it more than capable of managing errand runs. Additionally, users can extend range and conserve battery life thanks to the availability of pedal-assist mode. Riders can instantly resume driving because to the bike’s ability to charge swiftly. The T1 includes a high-contrast screen with an IP64 rating for water and dust that owners can always access with a quick glance, even in bright sunshine, because Fiido places a priority on safety. The bike’s headlamps are rated IP65 and has an IP54 grade for water and dust resistance.

Price of FIIDO T1 Pro

The new electric bike from Fiido costs $1,599. The type of braking system is the key distinction between the Fiido T1 and T1 Pro when comparing the two models. The T1 comes with disc brakes, but the T1 Pro, which is $100 more expensive, has hydraulic brakes. The front basket, open spanner, and 15-socket wrench are among the bike’s extras. 

In conclusion, the Fiido T1 Pro is a versatile utility e-bike with outstanding features. The T1 is superior to the market-leading Rad Runner in terms of battery, braking, and maintenance because to its monobloc magnesium alloy wheels. If the FIIDO T1 Pro piques your attention, be aware that it comes with a 1-year warranty and a 5-year frame warranty. Free shipping, 24-hour support, and 30-day return policies are also provided.


  1. I watched some videos about the Fiido T1 and I was impressed with the 150 KM range per charge because that is what I was looking for, and then the added 45 KM/H speed was an added plus but it turns out it is all not true. Not one single thing is true about that. It gets even worse and I’ll gladly explain but at this time I have already left WAY too many emails with Fiido without any response to continuing repeating myself but I will say this though. They do not value their warranty and even after they ship you something entirely untrue due to your expectations of what they post, they will rip you off and then just leave you hanging so my advice to anyone looking for a reliable ebike, is DO NOT BUY Fiido!!!


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