Fiido: What Bikes Should You Expect in 2023?


Electric scooter and bike manufacturer Fiido announced the progression of its strategy by introducing a new family of products for 2023. A new brand strategy that seeks to “establish links throughout the driving system,” as stated by the brand, distinguishes this new generation of products.

A smart ecosystem that connects electric bikes to smartphones, connected watches, and the social and health sectors

Due to two massive crowdfunding campaigns that produced the D11 and Fiido X, two cutting-edge folding electric bikes, the brand gained notoriety in 2020 and 2021. The latter have been quite well-liked by customers, demonstrating that Fiido was aware of the requirements of urban commuters.

The Fiido team continued to concentrate on developing novel experiences for cyclists in 2022 by providing items that are distinct from those already available. In order to increase cycling engagement, Fiido made the decision to create a smart environment that connects electric bikes and scooters with smartphones and smartwatches. Users will be able to communicate with others who share their interests without regard to location or space thanks to this ecosystem that focuses on health. Users will have the ability to steer and manage their bike or scooter, keep tabs on their health, and build a strong social network for themselves.

Urban electric bikes Fiido C21 and C22

The new product range from Fiido stands out for its creativity and capacity to satisfy the requirements of customers of all ages. The C21 and C22 urban electric bikes from Fiido are an illustration of their commitment to provide high-performing and aesthetically pleasing products. They have a sleek, minimalist design and agile performance.

High-performance mountain bikes Titan and M31

On the other hand, the Titan is a cutting-edge two-wheeled SUV that stands out for its cutting-edge design and potent performance.

The M31, Fiido’s first premium EMTB with a mid-drive motor, offers a lot of promising future possibilities.

Fiido Q2 powerful e-scooter 

The company also revealed the arrival of the Q2, an energetic seated electric scooter with two 1200W engines and a detachable 1252.8Wh battery that is intended for congested city streets. Drivers seeking performance are the target audience for this model.

First electric bike with parental controls from Fiido Kids

The Fiido Kidz, a first on the market with a parental control mode, is the brand’s first electric pedal cycle for kids ages 3 to 8.

All of these new products will be up for pre-order starting in March of next year, according to Fiido. Customers can go to the company’s official website to discover more about these cutting-edge products.



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