Narrak S128 Review: What Feelings Did I Get From This E-Bike?


A daily all-rounder or the ideal tool for the mobile home garage? The Narrak S128 can be folded, has large tires, and is reasonably priced. We’ve put the little e-capabilities bike’s to the test in great detail.

The packaging made a good impression in this case as well, just like it did in the tests of the RadMission 1 and the RadRunner Plus. We were able to obtain our copy unscathed and scratch-free because all the pieces are carefully stored and the bike is well pre-assembled. The tastefully painted black pedelec is easy to assemble and takes just a few minutes. The initial impression was commensurately positive, and the e-bike itself leaves a strong, high-quality impression.

Frame Type6061 Aluminum-Alloy Folding Frame
Front ShockMechanical Shock Absorber 80- 95mm Of Travel
Tire20”x4.0 Fat Tire
Gears7-Speed Shimano Drivetrain
Working ModeThrottle & Pedal-assist: 1-5 levels progressively cap top speed
BatteryRemovable anti-theft battery 48V13AH
Total Payload Capacity290 lbs
Folded Size37(L) x 21 (W) x 27.5In(H) N.W:/G.W: 63/73lbs

Narrak S128: Design and Build Quality

Basically, the Narrak S128 leaves me personally a little perplexed as a supporter of more traditional bicycles or e-bikes. I find myself pondering the necessity for an e-bike with 20 x 4-inch wide tires that are both hefty and compact enough to fold. But as I look more closely, I rapidly set my prejudices aside. Actually, there are many applications for the compact and agile Narrak S128.

Some people may not prefer big tires. Even a senior citizen called us “cheap show-offs” when we were out and about in Cologne with the RadRunner Plus. But with this shoe, you won’t have to worry about sand, cobblestones, dirt roads, or railroad tracks. Although it resembles driving a VW Golf with off-road tires, it’s still kind of cool. Additionally, it makes you feel quite secure. Naturally, a noticeable tire noise on the road is a side effect that you must endure. In any event, you typically no longer need to ring the bell on the cycling route in addition to the engine’s beeping.

The folding mechanism is a rather cool “nice to have,” in my opinion. Because if you truly want to reduce weight and space, you’ll likely choose a more athletic folding bike. However, the Narrak S128 also creates a ton of new opportunities for riding the stylish e-bike. Because of its small size, you can not only drop the kids off at daycare while traveling but also tour the neighborhood. The big storage area of mobile homes, which I occasionally observe with jealousy from my little VW bus, accommodates it snugly in any case.

Other features of the e-folding bike exist as well, features you might not initially anticipate. A large luggage rack is mounted at the back, as is customary with Narrak, and there are additional mounts for a basket or a front luggage rack at the front of the headset. The Narrak web store has a ton of accessories for these recordings. As a result, the Narrak S128 may even be transformed into a compact cargo bike. Because of the large and ill-defined target market, the folding fat bike may be a true all-arounder.

Narrak has a strong 7-speed Shimano gear system that is controlled by shifters so you won’t have to be concerned with inclines.

The throttle grip is a really cool feature on all Narrak. This is more of a pushing aid than it is a gas grip in the traditional sense. After using this device, you won’t want to travel without it ever again. Because the engine can be quickly turned on to propel you up to 6 km/h so you can easily continue cycling. This is a terrific stress reliever and a lot of fun, especially at traffic lights or when there are lots of starts and pauses.

The throttle can be used as a booster as well. The final and fifth level of support is instantly made available to you after activation. For instance, you can use the throttle rather than going up or down 4 levels if you are on level 1 and simply need a boost for a short distance.

The throttle grip is not only entertaining, but it also seems reasonable to me. We think the system from Narrak is legal in the US and may be used on the road without further ado, unlike other Chinese constructions that like to provide the throttle grip as an option.

Narrak S128: Motor and Battery

I had numerous opportunities in daily life to get to know the nimble e-bike. It truly moves like a tractor that evolved from a little folding bike. In theory, it combines the benefits of both worlds without creating significant obstacles. Despite the lack of a torque sensor, I appreciate the small design and the precise controls. The Narrak S128 is solid and comfortable. The mechanical disc brakes offer adequate grip, and the gears consistently perform their function.

Due to the cost, a suspension fork is not installed, although the thick tires provide more comfort than usual. I’m slowly approaching the Narrak S128’s upper limit with my 1.80 m height. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest the bike for those above 1.85 m tall due to how small it is. However, it is simple to drive up to this point.

The mechanism for folding is highly stable. The fuses and the hinges are very sturdy. This makes it possible to fold the Narrak S128 up really compactly. It works nicely for storage or transport even if I wouldn’t want to repeat the process frequently.

The little bike actually has a lot to offer in terms of features for only $795. The Narrak S128 has a massive 13 Ah battery installed in addition to the strong luggage rack, mudguards, and full StVZO equipment with brake light. An impressive accomplishment for a folding bike. With a gearbox, the rear-wheel drive is chunky. There will be a lot of power even under a heavy load, but there will also be noticeable engine noise coming from the hub. You will undoubtedly draw attention to yourself with it, as was already mentioned above.

Narrak S128: Conclusions

In general, the Narrak S128 exceeded my expectations in a very favorable way. It is nicely crafted, provides excellent value, and is adaptable. It would work just as well for city parents in their everyday work as it would for the forester who just folds it and throws it onto the pickup to make the final few meters by bike.

The Narrak S128 can be utilized for a variety of purposes and will adapt nicely to practically any circumstance. Your thoughts and dreams have no boundaries, thanks in part to the extensive selection of accessories. For $795, you can purchase a new all-day utility bike from the Narrak store. The RadRunner Plus might be worth a closer study for taller folks who can do without the folding mechanism and desire a suspension fork.

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