Euphree City Robin X Review: What Makes This E-bike Good 2023?


Even if they don’t have to be pricey, city e-bikes can nevertheless be very comfortable. With its e-bike City Robin X, the young firm Euphree offers exactly this. The Kenda 27.5 x 2.125″ city runabout underwent testing. The City Robin X is also available for $1999 with a discount of $100.

In this Euphree City Robin X review, we put the newest version of the company’s signature commuter bike through its paces in the real world to see how it handles hills, how long the battery will last, and how it rides.

City Robin is no lightweight when it comes to power; it is powered by a Class 3, 500W engine and a 672Wh battery. Its step-through design and upright riding position, however, combine this power with very predictable and pleasant handling that is approachable for riders of all skill levels.

While some manufacturers opt to completely redesign a bike for new model years, Euphree chose a more relaxed approach with their 2022 City Robin. This year’s little adjustments have made a significant difference in how the bike feels.

FRAME6061 Aluminum frame
CHAINKMC Z7 steel chain
TIRESKenda 27.5 x 2.125"
FREEWHEEL7 Speed Shimano
MOTOR500W sustained power, 900W peak power
BATTERY48V, 14 Ah (672 Wh)
RANGE48 to 60 miles
CHARGER48V 3 Amp 4-5 hour charge

Euphree City Robin X: Design and Build Quality

Removed the last screw after unpacking: The Euphree City Robin X makes it that quick. We simply need to tighten a few screws and attach the pedals for our test because the e-bike comes mostly pre-assembled. Sadly, on our unit, the headset and stem were not properly secured. However, after talking with Euphree, it was determined that this wasn’t the case and was most likely a mistake made during assembly.

Our body size is then adjusted, and we wait to see if it fits before continuing. Can we ride the Euphree City Robin X, a 27.5-inch city bike, since we are taller than 1.80 meters? With many other inexpensive e-bikes with unisize frames, we previously encountered the issue that the bikes didn’t fully fit despite having larger wheels.

The Euphree City Robin X, however, proves unequivocally that rider size is not always determined by wheel size. The e-bike City Robin X is still very comfy even at 1.80. We can also adjust the handlebars on the city e-bike so that we may sit comfortably and with an upright posture thanks to the adjustable stem. However, because we had to move the seat post out of the frame a little bit further than was allowed, it is more suited for persons under 1.80 m.

In addition to the strong engine, the City Robin X is largely designed for comfort. You don’t often want to use the full throttle on the inexpensive city e-bike, especially not with your own strength. It is instead calm and stress-free. On the one hand, the upright sitting position and the Wave frame’s low, comfortable entry ensure this. However, there are also the spring components.

The SR Suntour 100 mm suspension fork at the front smooths out road humps. Although the fork’s quality is entry-level, it is still far superior to several low-cost e-bikes. However, our model finds the standpipes to be very simple already.

Unfortunately, the wheels also guarantee the most comfortable ride: Additional comfort is offered by the two-inch wide Kenda 27.5 x 2.125″ tires. Additionally, the saddle is really cozy.

Euphree relies on trusted pals for the brakes and gears. When testing e-bikes from the lower price range, we frequently run into the mechanical disc brakes from Tektro and the 7-speed gears from Shimano. And there’s a good reason for it – they’re effective.

The Tektro brake decelerates as intended after being properly adjusted and run in. Despite the engine’s great power, we feel like we have a good braking system. The gear shift isn’t used very frequently, though. But more out of familiarity than distaste. As is common knowledge, shifting gears becomes more difficult the more powerful the engine is. The Shimano Tourney rear derailleur performs effectively and precisely if the circuit is employed. Nothing to be unhappy about either.

Additionally, Euphree adds a lighting system so you can use the city e-bike immediately. The City Robin X comes equipped with front and rear LEDs that are bright and have been installed as standard. Mudguards and a sturdy luggage rack are also included.

Due to the double struts, the luggage rack provides the option of conveniently hanging a luggage bag on the bike, allowing you to easily go shopping or even commute to work on the e-bike.

Euphree City Robin X: Driving and Battery

The robust drive with 85 Newton meters of torque is instantly noticeable while reading the data sheet. For a rear engine, that is a substantial amount. On less expensive devices, this number is typically 40 or 45. But do you see a distinction?

Definitive! Unknown to us, the motor propels quite forcefully, especially at the greatest level. The high torque will be especially welcome for people who frequently travel over the highlands.

The pedal sensor on this model is primarily to blame for the slightly jerky support. This does not measure how hard you are pedaling, unlike the torque sensor, only that you are pedaling. Therefore, even if you don’t perform anything, it still grants full power at the greatest support level. However, this is better controlled and the initial sensation is more natural at lower amounts.

However, you can feel the “E” on the Euphree City Robin X and hear it both very well. The motor is the loudest one we’ve tested so far, at least when it’s operating at full capacity and you’re not contributing a lot of your own power to the process. In addition, if you lightly pressed the brakes when beginning, the bike may likely vibrate. This is because when the brake levers are pulled, the engine does not stop. Here, you pick it up quickly and avoid that from happening.

Even though the motor appears to have a lot of power, the test’s energy usage felt reasonable to us. The 672 watt-hour battery’s stated range of 80 kilometers, according to Euphree, seems very doable if we drive a little more wisely. It’s great that some manufacturers additionally include settings for the battery that have been proven to work.

Euphree City Robin X: Conclusions

The City Robin X is now priced at $1,999 at the Euphree shop, which puts it just slightly above the absolute lowest price range. Given the cost, the outcome is inconsistent. Particularly in terms of seating posture and comfort when operating a vehicle, smaller drivers unquestionably receive their money’s worth here. The City Robin X successfully implements the general idea of a low entry, stable baggage rack, strong disc brakes, and robust gears. This means that the e-bike, in particular for smaller riders, offers a level of comfort in many locations that doesn’t feel cheap and instead encourages them to cruise leisurely through the city.

But first you have to get used to the engine’s noise. If you don’t mind a loud hum, you can still enjoy the cozy city e-bike without having to spend a lot of money. You’re also surprised by Euphree with a tiny welcome box filled with gumballs and a T-shirt in appreciation of the quick delivery.

The City Robin X is presently available for $1,999, which is the lowest price online. The official Euphree store alone is where the discount code is accepted. Now, the City Robin X has undergone a comprehensive revision. The latest model with hydraulic disc brakes and a full Bafang drive system is also available in the store.

Alternatives of Euphree City Robin X


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