Gunai MX02s Review: Is Big Fat E-Bike Always Better Than Compact?


There are a lot of e-bikes available right now, so if you decide to buy one, my dear reader, you’re sure to find one that suits you. One of the options with the most “muscle” is the Gunai MX02S.

Gunai’s bike is made of aluminum alloy and has a lifting capacity of up to 150 kg. This is in line with the size of its motor, which is 1000 Watts and has a top speed of up to 28mph. Gunai has equipped the MX02S with two 26 x 4-inch fat tires that enable it to go almost anywhere. The drive is transmitted to the wheels by a conventional 21-speed disc system.


A 17Ah battery, which requires 6-7 hours to fully charge and provides a range of up to 75 km in assist mode but only 45 km in full electric mode, powers the assistance or fully electric mode.

The gear selector, the “throttle” crank, a 3.5″ screen with the necessary indicators, and a double button for the light and the electronic horn are all located on the steering wheel.

The front and rear disc brakes, which enable the Gunai MX02S to stop swiftly and safely, were also included in the package. The new bike from Gunai is available in black and blue, with a final cost of $1690 and shipping by Amazon.

Materialaluminum alloy
Shift level21 speed
BrakeXOD front and rear hydraulic brake system
Meter screen size and display parametersLCD instrument
Wheel26 x 4.0 inch
Max speed40km/h
Battery capacity17 AH
Recharge mileagePure electric 40 - 45 km,
Pedal-assist 70 - 75 km
Product Weight32kg
Saddle Height81 - 96.5cm
Suitable Height165 - 200cm

Gunai MX02s: Design and Build Quality

When the bike was unboxed, it became clear that the packaging was made primarily of cardboard and recyclable materials, which is an improvement over the usual plastic and zip ties.

The torque sensor upgrade on the MX02s gives riders more control because the motor assists in proportion to the rider’s effort, creating a more natural ride feel. Riders can easily select the amount of assistance they require thanks to the four pedal assist modes that can be adjusted, ranging from eco to turbo. Riders can quickly and easily get moving from a stop or stop pedaling by using the thumb throttle.

There is 80mm of travel in the front suspension fork, and the wheels are 26 inches with 4-inch puncture-resistant tires. A front headlight, rear lights, and blinkers are built into the frame of the MX02s, increasing visibility and safety. It is more adaptable for both daily use and outdoor excursions thanks to the front and rear fenders and the rear rack.

The MX02s has an estimated range of up to 50 miles and weighs 80 pounds. Given its affordable price of $1690, the bike is a great choice for anyone looking for a fat tire electric bike with improved features.

The upright seating position of the MX02s makes it easy for passengers to sit up straight and keep a good posture. An adequate range of gearing is provided while pedaling by the 21-speed drivetrain. The 80mm front suspension fork and 26 x 4 puncture-resistant tires help to smooth out bumps on rough terrain, and the bike handles well at high speeds.

The fenders that are provided are effective at keeping dirt and water off your legs. The MX02s’s versatility is increased by the included rear rack, which qualifies it for regular use. Riders can easily turn the bike into a tough commuter or grocery getter by adding panniers and other accessories.

The Gunai MX02s’s weight can make it challenging to move, particularly if you have to carry it up stairs or lift it onto a bike rack. If necessary, you can remove the battery to make the bike lighter for transport. Investing in a motorcycle hitch rack, which can support a lot more weight than a regular bike rack, is one way to transport the bike.

Gunai MX02s: Motor and Battery

The top speed of the Gunai MX02s electric bike is 28 mph with pedal assistance and 20 mph with the thumb throttle. Its rear hub motor, rated at 1000 watts, produces 1130 watts of peak power. The bike has an integrated 17Ah battery that is built into the frame and charges in 4-5 hours using the provided fast charger.

It has four pedal assist modes, including eco, tour, sport, and turbo, and a color display that shows speed, odometer, and battery percentage. The torque sensor on the MX02s makes it possible for the bike to react to the rider’s effort and offer a more natural riding experience. Hydraulic disc brakes are installed in both the front and rear of the drivetrain, which is an 8-speed transmission with thumb shifters.

The 1000w hub motor in the Gunai MX02s was self-developed and 95 nm of torque. The Gunai MX02s has a range that is 50% longer than other similar bikes thanks to a motor that Gunai independently developed. A 1000w motor is typically sufficient for casual riding and keeping up 28mph recreational pace, but to accommodate commuters or heavier riders, they opted for the 1000w motor, which supports up to 28mph.

A 3.5″ backlit display located on the bars provides information such as trip distance, battery life, PAS mode, and speed. Additionally, the display has a USB port for powering extra devices.

It can be difficult to ride uphill without a battery because of the weight of the bike. Running out of battery shouldn’t be a problem that one encounters frequently because this device does have a large battery.

Although the Gunai MX02s can handle some light off-road riding, it is not made for more technical terrain, so those who intend to use it on extremely difficult trails may not be the best candidates. On most trails, it can hold its own, but if they become particularly rocky and steep, this bike would find it very difficult to maneuver.

The Gunai MX02s has an easily accessible removable integrated battery that fits neatly in the downtube. It is a class 2 electric bike that you can ride up to 28 mph on with both throttle and pedal assistance. It uses a 48V 17Ah, fully integrated Tesla-Grade battery. This battery is UL 2271 Certified, meaning it has been tested to meet internationally recognized safety standards. It can be removed from the bike to be charged off of it. Something Gunai deliberately misrepresented as being one of their offerings.

It takes 6 hours to fully charge a fully discharged battery. The maximum range of Pedal Assist and Throttle Assist on a fully charged battery is 60 miles and 48 miles, respectively.

Gunai MX02s: Conclusions

Generally speaking, the Gunai MX02s electric bike is a remarkable and adaptable choice for both commuting and leisure riding. It is ideal for rides in hilly terrain due to its strong motor and long battery life. The rear rack adds convenience and versatility while the torque sensor and thumb throttle enable a more natural and adaptable riding experience.

The Gunai MX02s is a fantastic option for prospective buyers if they’re looking for an excellent electric bike with a variety of features and capabilities. It is important to keep in mind that because of its size and weight, it might not be appropriate for all bicyclists or living circumstances.

The torque sensor and rear rack are just a couple of the significant upgrades the Gunai MX02s offers over the previous model. The Gunai MX02s is a superior bike in terms of performance and usability compared to the previous model, which was a good bike in and of itself.


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