Hipeak Bona Review: Impressions After Long Use!


Possibly the most intriguing ebike upgrade of the year is the Hipeak. Hipeak Bona had a lot riding on the next version because the Hipeak may have even been one of the most widely purchased ebike models. And after testing the Hipeak Bona, we can conclude with certainty that Bona succeeded in enhancing an excellent e-bike. The fact that the starting price remains at $999 is even more astounding.

For a complete written evaluation of the Hipeak Bona, continue reading or watch the full video review down below.

Frame Material‎Aluminum
Motor Power750 W
GearsShimano 7 Gears
Tire Size20"x4" Fat Tire Ebike
Brake Style‎Disc
Battery48V/15Ah E Bike
Max Range of Ebike60 Miles
Recommended Heightd Use4'10"-6'2"
Max Load350 LBS
Suggested UseNeighborhood,Trail,Travel,Snow

Hipeak Bona: Design and Build Quality

All Hipeak Bona ebikes are foldable ebikes, which is one of its distinctive qualities. This is excellent for transporting as well as for storing and moving things about. Bikes are shipped folded and almost completely put together. It makes getting on and riding that much simpler, even though you may want to have a bike shop check over your bike for safety reasons. The Hipeak Bona is 37′′ (L) x 18′′ (W) x 28′′ (H) when folded.

Hipeak Bona also offers support from the US and has a reputation for offering top-notch customer service. Every bicycle includes a one-year warranty.

There are two frame types available for the Hipeak Bona: high step and step-through. We are strong supporters of the step-through design because, in addition to being more accessible, we believe it also looks nicer. Although the color schemes have not changed, the decals have. The high step is available in black, while the step-through is available in white.

Keep in mind that the Hipeak Bona battery is unique to the frame design you’ve chosen. A battery will not fit the high step frame on the Hipeak Bona step thru version because of this. For this reason, if you’re buying two Hipeak ebikes, you might want to think about getting two step-thrus or two high steps. It’s crucial to remember that despite being a folding ebike, this one weighs 62 lbs thanks in part to its sizable battery and engine.

The Hipeak Bona now has a new rear rack that is welded to the frame. Naturally, this boosts the capacity to an astonishing 350 lbs. Hipeak Bona was able to add the Thule Yepp Maxi window thanks to this modification. This makes it simple to attach the child seat. Get the Thule Yepp Maxi and you won’t need any adaptor plates.

There are additional passenger attachments available for purchase, including footpegs, passenger bars, and a rear cushion.

The redesigned 11-28 teeth rear freewheel is one of the Hipeak Bona’s unique characteristics. Simply put, the 11 cogs in the highest gear let the rider exert human effort at higher speeds. By doing this, the issue of “ghost pedaling,” where the rider makes little to no effort when moving at speeds above 20 mph, is resolved.

The ebike’s comfort is increased by the front suspension fork’s 50mm of overall travel. The 20′′ x 4′′ tires, which assist absorb bumps especially at reduced pressure, provide comfort. The 4′′ width strikes a perfect balance between more stable, broader tires with reduced rolling resistance and less stable, skinnier tires.

Shimano’s 7-speed thumb shifter is mounted on the handlebars, while the rear derailleur is the company’s entry-level Tourney model. Visit Hipeak Bona’s website to see the complete list of components.

The Hipeak Bona is well-equipped out of the box, with paint-matched aluminum fenders, integrated front and back lights, and a rear rack. Also, front and back racks are for sale. With the release of the Bona, Hipeak went above and beyond and produced new accessories, such as delivery bags, among others. Check out our complete selection of Hipeak bike accessories if you’re seeking for additional ways to customize your Hipeak Bona bike.

Hipeak Bona: Motor and Battery

The 15 amp controller allows the ebike to peak at 960 watts even if the Hipeak Bona is still rated as a 750 watt motor. To enable faster acceleration, torque has also been increased from 35 to 55 nm.

Maybe you could reach that range if you always operated the bike in ECO mode and at level 1. You wouldn’t be enjoying it much, though. The engine and control system of the Hipeak are impressive. The five-button bar-mounted remote control provides simple access to the system’s functions, and the HD screen is bright and easy to see.

The bike provides several possibilities for power assistance because of its three power modes – ECO, Normal, and Sport – each with five levels. The upright riding position and smooth steering make the bike a comfortable place to be while riding in ECO. As you progress through the settings into Sport and higher levels, the 750 watt motor starts to exhibit its actual capabilities.

The LCD panel that Hipeak Bona utilizes on all of their ebikes is positioned in the middle of the handlebars. It has a straightforward monochrome display that is simple to view outside. The Hipeak Bona handbook contains advanced settings; change any of them at your own peril.

The twist grip throttle, which provides you full power from the motor with a simple twist, is located on the right side of the handlebars. The Hipeak Bona can be overridden to travel up to 30 mph while pedaling, but its top speed with just the throttle is 20 mph. The American definitions of an ebike don’t apply to it at that speed.

The Bona  is available from Hipeak with a 15Ah battery. The larger battery is a smart choice for individuals who anticipate taking longer trips, especially given the cost. A wonderful feature for water resistance is that the batteries are contained inside the frame. On the other hand, bear in mind that you must fold the frame in order to remove the battery if you desire to bring your battery inside to charge.

Despite my reservations, I’ve appreciated the Hipeak. It’s a great ride across town and beyond thanks to its large tires and strong engine. I’ve been able to go between 40 and 60 miles between charges because it has a sufficient range (depending on the terrain and topography).

Because those enormous tyres can withstand anything you can throw at them and provide grip for days, riding off-road is enjoyable. The shoulders’ studded tread bites into the ground well, allowing you to lean over into corners.

But, that enormous front tire can compress and bounce left or right off ridges, pebbles, and ruts, which can cause the steering to jerk. If you go off-road, which I did quite a bit, you need to be on your game.

Hipeak Bona: Conclusions

The Hipeak, in my opinion, has a ton of potential. Especially for this price, the motor, battery, and control system are all outstanding.

Hipeak Bona is renowned for considering the opinions of its clients. They accomplished this with the Bona. With no price change, it is objectively a better eHipeak Bona bike. Certainly a triumph for the bikers. We anticipate that the Hipeak Bona will be just as popular as the previous model. 

The Bona would be significantly lighter and more user-friendly if Hipeak removed the unnecessary rear suspension and suspension fork. It wouldn’t lose a bit of the enjoyment it offers and would be simpler to maintain.

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