G-Force T42 Review: 750W Foldable Fat Bike 2023!


An air-equipped compact foldable bike with a fat tire? At $999, the G-Force T42 is already much more budget than the Sinar S7 competitor that we have already examined. It also has a brutish appearance, has CE certification. Learn what the pedelec with the thick tires is ideal for in this report.

The G-Force T42 arrived well-packaged from a EU warehouse, as is customary for direct sellers. Depending on your degree of knowledge, set-up just takes a short while – about 30 minutes. However, removing the bike from the packing and disposing of it all takes about the same amount of time.

Fenders are even included, which is surprising. Unfortunately, I must bring them up in this context because the struts that are provided prevent them from being mounted. The rear fender can only be installed with the tire removed, which requires a significant amount of work, and the front struts are much too short. The G-Force foldable fat bike continued to operate in this manner, so I stopped there. The fenders’ interiors are poorly painted, so they probably wouldn’t have lasted very long anyhow.

Other than that, the e-bike is admirably well constructed and leaves a good impression. The folding hinges are my favorite because of their incredibly sturdy design and sensible safety measures.

Unfortunately, I observed the front axle was damaged during assembly. It rubs as soon as it is opened because it was not stored properly. Anyhow, this needs to be improved so that the ball bearings endure for more than 1000 kilometers.

FRAME MATERIAL6061 Aluminum Alloy
MOTOR750W brushless gear
BATTERY48V 11.2Ah or 16Ah or 20Ah
RANGE60 - 80 miles
TIRES20" x 4.0"

G-Force T42: Design and Build Quality

The thick front tire requires a large suspension fork, which is a real eye-catcher. And I must give them extra credit. The suspension forks in the affordable range are frequently shaky. The hydraulic suspension fork of the G-Force T42, in contrast, performs a great job, doesn’t bottom out, and can be adjusted sensibly.

She quickly gets the hang of the lockout as well. This allows for the simple cushioning of any irritations from daily living on the front fork. Additionally, this is very obvious in the real world.

The G-Force T42 folding electric bike resembles the recently introduced Heybike Mars in terms of appearance and feature specifications. However, there are a few observable distinctions that are unquestionably noteworthy. The G-Force T42 is unlocked right out of the box to begin with. That is usually sufficient for most prospective buyers to make a purchase today.

Otherwise, a Tourney series 7-speed Shimano circuit is installed. The gear ratio is adequate for a folding bike in any scenario. Deceleration is additionally guaranteed by two mechanical disc brakes. After the customary “grinding in,” these are unquestionably useful and provide a respectable performance.

The seat post is what I truly enjoy. Here, an air pump is housed in a really creative manner. Although I prefer to use the compressor or my home floor pump owing to the big volume of tires, it’s cool for emergencies.

As with the G-Force T42, the folding mechanism performs admirably. The safety features hold flawlessly, there are no creaking hinges, and the pedelec can be folded up to fit in the trunk. It is assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds both. However, nothing holds the bike together when it is folded. However, the G-Force T42 is also very hefty when folded because of the broad wheels.

It’s odd to see a folding bike and a fat bike together. But there are benefits to this alternative as well. The rolling noise of the fat tires makes them a little louder and requires more energy, but they also provide a lot of comfort. Because the tires already absorb many road bumps depending on the air pressure.

In any case, you are no longer concerned about tripping risks like train tracks. The bike then demonstrates its strengths on sand or grassy terrain. The G-Force T42 only grunts weary where other e-bikes bury their heads in the sand. I feel about average in terms of size at 1.80 m. However, G-Force Fat bike riders shouldn’t be any taller.

G-Force T42: Motor and Battery

A 750W rear motor powers the G-Force T42. A 960 Wh battery that is built into the frame powers it. This is a sizable capacity because the battery is housed in the frame just behind the folding mechanism.

After the first few laps, I note right away that the engine is, regrettably, a little sluggish in gear. The engine only understands that I am pedaling because of the straightforward pedaling sensor. But not how powerful. The controls also make this clear. because it takes a good revolution for the engine to start, which is very bothersome. In any event, even with the inexpensive systems with pedal sensors, we are not really acclimated to that.

If the drive then chooses to offer help, it gains a lot of power and becomes really enjoyable in inner-city traffic. For the control, there are 3 distinct support levels available. The support levels are ranked at the top speed, as is customary with Chinese e-bikes. Up to 45 km/h is only supported at the “high” level. In any event, the engine’s well-known electro sound can be heard when it is running.

Speaking of which, you may choose between OFF, ECO, MID, and HIGH as distinct driving modes. When the battery runs out or you want to get more exercise, OFF implies you must pedal manually. The three electric aid riding modes are ECO, MID, and HIGH; HIGH requires the least amount of effort to attain the top speed of 45 km/h, but it consumes more energy.

When you are using one of the electric assist riding modes, as soon as you begin pedaling, it feels as though someone is pushing your bike. For individuals who want to travel as quickly as possible without tiring out, the HIGH option is the mode you should always use. It seems so smooth to ride in this setting. It’s unquestionably the best mode to choose during the summer in Melbourne. The advantage is that you can alter this whenever you like while riding.

We appreciate the display’s simplistic appearance on the left handlebar end. There isn’t much information accessible, though. Only the battery level, speed, daily kilometers, and chosen support may be read.

G-Force T42: Conclusions

At G-Force, you get a lot of bike and fun for your money, but overall, some things could have been done better and with more coherence. The Heybike Mars may potentially be appealing to you if the fat tires and suspension fork are not as crucial to you. The G-Force T42 is the best option if you frequently drive erratically in the neighborhood. 

The designs are adaptable, so you don’t have to worry about the height guidelines! Riders can freely alter the saddle bar’s height.

G-Force Bikes offers an all-terrain wheel choice for those of all ages who enjoy going above and beyond. Constructions are made of sturdy materials.

Imagine you have no idea which product will suit you the best. You can acquire the suggested bikes from G-Force Bikes based on a questionnaire that asks about your preferences.

Alternatives of G-Force T42



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