Electra Loft Go 7D EQ: Ideal Urban Electric Bike 2023!


What secs does the Electra Loft Go 7D EQ electric bike offer to justify its $1,999 price tag as an urban mobility option? Starting with an e-bike makes sense for people who are unsure about buying an electric vehicle. 

Using an e-bike to go to work or run errands is a terrific way to move around. The majority of models offer the fundamental functions of ordinary motorcycles and enhance them in addition to having zero carbon emissions.

The focus of this bike is on hassle-free, pleasant commuting. The comfort is also noticeable right away; whether you’re riding leisurely down a towpath or in bustling town traffic, the mix of that cushy, springy seat and the high, swept-back bars makes it extremely easy to glide along and take in your surroundings.

The rear rack, metal mudguards, metal chain guard, and LED lights are all included in The Loft’s full commuter package. The front Spanninga Brio is dynamo-powered, while the rear Spanninga Pixeo has its own battery.

Electra Loft Go 7D EQ: Design and Appearance

The lightweight construction and vintage styling of the Electra Loft Go 7D EQ are evocative of Electra’s bikes from the 1990s. The bike has a 7-speed derailleur, three degrees of pedal assistance, and wide 700 x 40c tires, making it perfect for everyday city rides. 

While biking, using a different tire size will affect how fast you go. An Electra shop will need to use a service dongle on the bike to the bike to produce a more precise figure to remedy this. 

Interestingly, the 7D EQ e-bike has cargo capacity, which is useful for carrying out tasks like grocery shopping. According to Electra, the combined weight of the rider, the bicycle, and the load is limited to 300 lbs. 

Step-Over and Step-Thru are the two alternatives that are offered. Step-Through comes in small and medium sizes while the Step-Over option is available in medium and large sizes. The former is offered in the hues of Cloud Pink, Stardust, and Matcha Green, while the latter is offered in Black Mercury, Harbor Grey, and Matte Cadet Blue.

On our scales, the bike weighed 15 kg, which was unavoidable considering the hub dynamo, hub gearing, guards, and rack. I didn’t think this was a major deal unless you’re going to be raising it frequently because the enormous seat and handlebars and the extremely upright, aerodynamic riding position already put comfort before speed.

I tested the bike in a very mountainous location and spent the majority of the time in the lower ratios, even on the flat. This bike is definitely more about enjoying the journey than getting there quickly, although I do feel lower gearing would help a lot there.

The Loft handles confidently and predictably while cornering at speed. It moves along nicely on the flat. The weight largely becomes an issue on steep slopes, where a lower overall gearing would reduce some of the effort required to get out of the saddle.

Lack of disk brakes, in my opinion, is another significant omission. Why go for twin pivot brakes rather than disks in situations when weight is less of an issue and inexpensive maintenance is obviously a significant selling point?

On bikes with similar prices, hydraulic disks are common, and mechanical disks are more affordable; cable disks, however, require caution because they can range in quality from excellent to terrible.

Electra Loft Go 7D EQ: Motor and Battery

The rear-hub motor on the e-bike allows it to reach a top speed of 20 mph. Regarding range, the 250Wh battery that powers the 7D EQ provides pedal assistance for up to 40 kilometers. A range extender that provides an additional 40 miles is also offered by Electra merchants.

Electra asserts that the 2-amp charger included with the purchase would enable the e-bike to reach a full battery status in less than four hours. Two hours is all it takes for the bike to charge to 50%. 

Riders should be aware that only trained personnel can change batteries if that becomes required. To aid users in navigating at night, the bike incorporates LED lights on its front and back. 

Bicycles won’t lose any necessary stopping force thanks to the flat-mount disc brakes. Riders can use a button on the handlebar-integrated LED display to monitor the battery level and choose their desired pedal assist.

E-bike manufacturers have started releasing linked services and apps that let riders remotely monitor their vehicles, just like EV manufacturers have done with EVs. The Hyena Rider Assistant app, which is accessible through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, can be connected to the 7D EQ.

Electra Loft Go 7D EQ: Price and Availability

The $1,999 Electra Loft Go 7D EQ electric bike offers a viable alternative for urban transportation. The software allows riders to control power levels, track battery life, and monitor bike speed. A two-year guarantee is offered on the hub motor, wiring, controller, and batteries of Electra’s urban e-bike.

This is a quality town bike that weighs less than similarly priced alternatives and is fully equipped for simple, low-maintenance use. It’s a fantastic option if your hometown is largely flat; if not, the price plus the rather big gearing and subpar brakes may let you down.



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