NIU Mavericks NQi: Kids Electric Scooter 2023!


A new electric scooter has been introduced by the Chinese electric scooter maker NIU. Children who love cars have an exciting and enjoyable option in the NIU Mavericks NQi Children’s Electric Scooter. It is not only made to be strong and long-lasting, but it also has a number of features that make it a fantastic present for children of all ages.

Choose Mavericks Kids Electric Scooter because… In 2015, I was extremely familiar with Mavericks electric bike. To locate a job and ride conveniently once I graduated, I purchased my first Mavericks electric bike in my life, the N1S power version. Once it was established, I purchased additional electric vehicles. I had a playmate, a baby, and I taught her how to ride. A kid-sized version of the vintage model was just introduced by Mavericks as a new electric vehicle. 

NIU Mavericks NQi: Design and Appearance

Its lightweight construction is one of the Mavericks NQi’s most remarkable qualities. The e-frame scooter is built of a high-strength metal and has a PP hard shell on it. This ensures that it can resist use-related wear and tear while also making it simple for kids to grasp and move. It can even support the weight of two youngsters because it weighs only 11 kg and has an 80 kg load capacity.

The vehicle’s dimensions must be 740mm tall, 423mm wide, and 1100mm long for children aged 3 to 8, and it must have balanced training wheels and anti-trap tires to increase riding safety. Angel eyes and daytime running lights must also be the same. Not much; you won’t get lost if you ride at night.

A number of features on the Mavericks NQi electric scooter will keep kids interested and entertained. The device contains external USB and SD card connectors that let kids play their preferred music. Even the ambient lighting is a wonderful method to make the scooter journey more enjoyable and fun.

The Mavericks NQi kids’ electric scooter has several controls on the front, from left to right: forward/reverse, high speed/low speed, start switch.

Children can start an electric scooter with a light step on the foot since the hands are easier to maneuver, the handlebar acceleration does not display, and you can only set the acceleration on the right foot’s location.

The control system of the Mavericks NQi is yet another fantastic aspect. The e-scooter has three gears: one each for moving forward, parking, and reversing. Children may easily learn to operate and navigate the e-scooter because of this. It also features extra safety wheels on both sides, which increases stability while driving and helps prevent accidents.

Anyone who enjoys Mavericks is familiar with its recreation of a vintage appearance. The accessories include traditional motifs. To give Mavericks a soul, follow the instructions to apply the stickers to the body of the electric scooter.

It is a scaled-down but unreduced version. You can also use the taillights on the back. The people behind can ride when the infant is riding at night. On the front, there is a reflective strip as well.

NIU Mavericks NQi: Motor and Battery

A 12V 4.5A lead-acid battery powers the Mavericks NQi, giving it a top speed of 5 km/h and a runtime of 90 minutes or 7.5 kilometers on a single charge. As a result, youngsters may play with the automobile for hours without worrying about the battery dying.

My baby can easily handle obstacles or puddles on the road when riding through doors, even when there is a lot of water on the road and the tires are wet.

My infant has always enjoyed riding the Mavericks N series electric scooter because I do. I’m overjoyed to see the Mavericks NQi kids’ electric scooter in a smaller size. I keep posing while we are moving.

I believed I needed to go down on the ground and get back on my small but powerful horse before riding again. Additionally, I want to test its power performance. I rode down to the earth without experiencing the blowback phenomena. Baby manages to ride down an extremely steep slope with ease. The battery life can reach 10 kilometers when completely charged, and the cruise range is also very amazing, even though the top speed is just 5 kilometers per hour when the ground is stable.

NIU Mavericks NQi: Price and Availability 

The Mavericks NQi is a cost-effective choice for parents, to sum up. The children’s electric scooter is currently available in Jingdong in China for 699 yuan or $103.

It’s a recreation of the vintage with greater internal power, built-in early education music, English, and is also outfitted with USB, SD card, and other interfaces, which may make infants enjoy other knowledge, and the details are good. It is Mavericks’ first children’s electric scooter. The bottom ambient light strip is colorful and playable at the same time. In the evening, it serves as a street light as well. Although 699 yuan is a tad on the costly side, Mavericks’ choice of materials, workmanship, and quality is commendable. Allow the kids to begin their cherries. 


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